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2004 Jul 07
tutorial for Julian Anastasov''s patches
I''m sure that I had found (and printed out ...) a really good tutorial that explain how to use Julian Anastasov''s routing patch, but I can''t seem to find it now. Any pointers? -- ****************************************************************** Glen W. Mabey ***********************************************************...
2007 Feb 19
"dst cache overflow" messages and crash
Hi, I regularly have errors (kernel: dst cache overflow) and crash of a firewall under Linux 2.6.17 and the route patch from Julian Anastasov. With rtstat I see that the route cache size increases regularly without never decreasing. I have this parameters: fw:/proc/sys/net/ipv4/route# grep . * error_burst:1250 error_cost:250 gc_elasticity:15 gc_interval:60 gc_min_interval:0 gc_min_interval_ms:500 gc_thresh:4096 gc_t...
2005 Jan 03
load balancing and DNAT
Does anyone know if load balancing and DNAT work well together? I know that load balancing and NAT do not, but what about a simple port forward? I can''t apply Julian Anastasov''s patches, because they don''t work with PPTP patches. :/ Anyhow, a simple: iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport xxx -j DNAT --to yyy:xxx iptables -I FORWARD -i eth0 -d yyy -p tcp --dport xxx -o eth1 -j ACCEPT does not seem to work. _________________________...
2007 Jun 25
Using Julian Anastasov''s ''routes'' patches on 2.4 kernel in conjunction with IPSec
Hello, I use Julian Anastasov ''routes'' (to be more specific: static_routes, alt_routes and nf_reroute) patches on a 2.4.32 kernel. On the same host I run IPSec. I have discovered after a few hours of networking problems that, when IPSec is enabled on that patched kernel, inspecting packets with tcpdump whil...
2003 Mar 04
ip rule nat
when doing somehitng like ip rule add fwmark 3 nat table ppp0 prio 1 (the idea is that packets that match the fwmark 3 change their source address to first apply the nat and then routes to table ppp0 right? in such case the, nat, why may be nat not being applyed? cause it doesnt work at goes to that interface but does not nat the src address of the package.
2007 Oct 01
Problem with Julian Anastasov''s routing patches
Hello, I wanted to try some multipath setup with Julian''s patches, and when rebooting on the newly patched kernel, without any multipath routes (only one interface up and one default gateway), my SSH connections to the server freeze after a few seconds. I tried with and without bridges (I sometimes have a bridge between a tap device and my eth0) with the same results. When I close
2005 Feb 16
Load Balancer setting for Public Servers
Hello, I have finished setting up the load balancer with IPROUTE ... also patch the kernel to support DGD and now it''s working fine with the valuable guide at LARTC website, Julian Anastasov, and the kind people in this mailing list. Now I would like to launch a web server and a ftp server to the public but I''m stuck into a problem and really need your help. Currently internal users can access internet and loadbalancing feature is working well, but users in external network c...
2001 Nov 26
RTNETLINK answers: File exists
Can someone tell me what concept I''m missing here. The setup is simple. I have two default routes after ifup operations. I use "ip route del" to remove one, but then decide to add it back. The attempt is refused. Why? # ip route ls dev eth1 proto kernel scope link src dev eth2 proto kernel scope link src
2004 May 12
Multipath Connection problem on RH-8.0
Dear List. I try to build multipath connection w/ load balance to internet with two different gateway; My system is RH-8.0 with iproute-2.4.7-7.90.1.rpm and Kernel-2.4.26 (patching with Julian A. patch),and follow guide from, The problem is; when i try to connect to Internet form gateway machine it;s success , but only
2002 Aug 20
uplink with multiple lines
...e default gateway pointing to it, so I don''t believe the modems are the problem. Two of the modems _do_ have private IP addresses (192.168.x.1) - could that be confusing the kernel? If so, do I need to get public IP addresses for those modems? Do I HAVE to create a patched kernel (ala Anastasov)? May I post the script I used to try this out? Thanks, folks! Calvin Dodge Certified Linux Bigot (tm) _______________________________________________ LARTC mailing list /
2004 Aug 20
trouble with nexthop when I try to load balance
...with change like this: rtnh->rtnh_ifindex = 0; + rtnh->rtnh_flags = 0; + rtnh->rtnh_hops = 0; rta->rta_len += rtnh->rtnh_len; I fixed the file, but get the same error "Invalid argument". I don''t know why it fails. I have a 2.4.20 kernel with Julian Anastasov''s patches. iproute2 version ss010824. I really need the solution to this issue. Please help me :( Thanks in advance _______________________________________________ LARTC mailing list / HOWTO: http:&...
2005 Jan 08
problems with 2.4.28 + Julian''s patch
With 2.4.28 and Julian Anastasov''s patch, I get the following when I attempt to build my kernel. Any ideas? Thanks! gcc -D__KERNEL__ -I/usr/src/linux/include -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Wno-trigraphs -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-common -fomit...
2001 Dec 13
tc: u32 match in nexthdr not working?
Hello, it seems, that filtering on nexthdr (TCP/UDP) content, especially src or dst port, is not working. The following has no effect on 2.4.16 or older (even 2.2) kernels: # tc filter add dev eth0 parent ffff: protocol ip prio 50 u32 match tcp dst 3128 0xffff police rate 40kbit burst 10k drop flowid :1 Even if # tc filter ls dev eth0 parent ffff: filter protocol ip pref 50 u32 filter
2007 Jan 22
routing patches seem to break output nat
Hi We have applied the routing patches from To 2.6.15 this seems to have broken our output natting. Has anyone else experienced this or any advice on how to fix. Is this working on the newer kernel i.e. 2.6.19 ? Any help would be appreciated. -- Tim Haak email: cel: 0837787100 First love is only a little foolishness and a
2003 Mar 20
Routing/forwarding/shaping problems in v2.2.x (Long - sorry)
Greetings from a newbie! (Well, to this list anyway) I''m having a problem and I hope someone here might be able to help... I am strongly expecting an answer along the lines of "upgrade to v2.4.x", but I would REALLY preffer to avoid that for now... The setup: "Home brewed" v2.2.24 (will patch to v2.2.25 later today) with the DS8 patch applied. Currently
2004 Jan 08
Multihome- routes patch problem
Hi all iam trying to setup Dual gate using Julian patch DGD, but when i try tp patch to my kernel with fedora iam getting the following eroor can some one suggest me what is wrong or i need a latest patch for fedora [root@linux-2.4.22-1.2115.nptl]# patch -p1 < /root/update/update/routes-2.4.20-9.diff patching file include/linux/netfilter_ipv4/ip_nat.h patching
2006 Mar 29
Re: Load-banancing. two ip''s from one isp - solution
hi for those who was fallowing this topic I can say that IP_ROUTE_MULTIPATH_CACHED must be disabled! After few tests I''m quite sure that this was cousing my problems. Now I''m using 2.5.15 kernel without patch of Julian Anastasov and load-balancing is working. lartc split-access how to and now both are working fine Now I will try to use fwmark based routing and propably I will write with next problem soon :P Pozdrawiam Szymon Mroofka
2007 Aug 21
Rout looping through local host.
...cing and upstream router facing. I want the ""router in context 1 to effectively (for the sake of discussion) do basic MASQUERADing for the equipment behind it. This router will have one static IP facing the LAN and one dynamic IP facing its upstream provider. I have followed Julian Anastasov''s directions ( and applied his Send-to-Self patch ( to a stock 2.6.22 kernel and I am able to ping the IP address assigned to eth2 from eth1 with out any problems. H...
2004 Jun 29
Dual home gateway problem with redirect page
Dear Lists, I have problem regarding multipath connection to internet behind NAT. I use 2.4.26 kernel in RH-9.0 with Julian Anastasov patch, and version iproute2-ss020116 (Fedora RPM package). Dual homing and dead gateway detection work fine as we expected, the problem is , everytime we hit site that have redirect page address (URL no absolute), it''s doesn''t reply. (ex: <http://www.mild...
2000 Oct 11
RE: CBQ and load balancing -> solved
Hi there, I got the solution for my problem, and thought may at someday somebody could use it. Julian Anastasov and some people from the LVS mailing list helped me with it. --- Subject: Re: LVS and CBQ Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 22:53:01 +0000 (GMT) From: Julian Anastasov <> To: joern maier <> CC: ""...