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2010 Dec 05
Windows ACL's on SAMBA file server
I have a Samba 3.5 server running on Ubuntu 10.10 I''m have it the server on my Windows 2003 Domain but am having trouble setting up the ACL''s. I can set some of my ACL''s for users but it doesn''t alwasy stick and apparently giving a user the modify right automatically gives them Full user rigths. This is probably related but it refuses to let me give any of
2004 Jul 01
DeaRs, I have a doubt about: BIC (Bayesian Information Criterion) SBIC (Schwartz Bayesian Informarion Criterion) SIC (Schwartz Information Criterion) In many references these are know as the same (eg. stepAIC() function) but I just found a SAS8.2 output that show either the BIC and SIC values for a logistic regression.. simillary values but different. 1) question: What are the differences?
2013 Mar 28
Xen Remus DRBD dual primary frozen
Dear all, I have sent this problem earlier but maybe its not detail, here I try to write more detail. I hope anybody can help me to point out the problem. First of all I used Ubuntu 12.04 x64 both for domain0 and domainU with modification to run under xen hypervisor and work with remus. I follow and configured the remus with this notes
2012 Sep 17
arima forecast without the first order of auto-regressor
Hi, I want to predict using airma, but I want to predict using t-2 or t-3, instead of t-1 right now the arima() function doesn''t allow me to do that, it will alwasy return with variable t-1 , what is the way to skip that variable? thanks &regards -- View this message in context:
2010 Feb 07
suse 11.2 domU on lvm: anyone succeded?
Hi all I upgraded my testserver from opensuse 11.1 to 11.2 using zypper based method. All updates went smooth as far as there were no errors during the update process. Rebooting the whole farm the troubles started: not one domU bootet sucessfully, all of them showed the following messages: ... register_blkdev: cannot get major 8 for sd ... Volume group "VGsys" not found before they
2004 Jun 18
Newbie smb.conf question
Excuse my ignorance please, and the simple nature of this questions...but would someone explain to me the difference between the "create mode" and "force create mode" parameters in the smb.conf file? When would "create mode" *not* be forced? Thanks! Matthew
2010 Jan 10
[Bug 1695] New: ssh-add -D does not delete all keys Summary: ssh-add -D does not delete all keys Product: Portable OpenSSH Version: 5.2p1 Platform: All OS/Version: Linux Status: NEW Severity: major Priority: P2 Component: ssh-add AssignedTo: unassigned-bugs at
2005 Jan 23
error preparing a package for lazy loading with R CMD
Dear Lister, I work with R 2.0.1 and Windows XP, and meet a strange trouble trying to make a R package with a make-package.bat file John Fox has kindly provided (see detailed script below). I am working with it since some months with excellent results (I do''nt use compiled C code so far). Just adding a new function in the R directory today, when running make-package and thus
2005 Mar 03
bug in postgresql ''now'' time handling??
line 212 of postgresql_adapter.rb is return if value =~ /^\(''now''::text\)::(date|timestamp)/ i don''t think this will work. in postgresql the field ''now'' is pinned to the SAME TIME for the duration of a transaction. eg. if you do begin transaction; insert into t values(42, ''now''); # sleep one