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2015 Jan 09
Processed (with 2 errors): user, affects 774889, affects 771755, unarchiving 767561 ...
...version '8.0.0-1' No longer marked as fixed in versions 8.0.0-1. > fixed 762969 0.8.0-1 Bug #762969 {Done: Eduard Bloch <edi at>} [apt-cacher-ng] apt-cacher-ng sends incomplete pages or wrong lengths Marked as fixed in versions apt-cacher-ng/0.8.0-1. > notfixed 192969 alsaplayer-gtk/0.99.81-1 Bug #192969 {Done: St?phane Aulery <saulery at>} [alsaplayer-gtk] alsaplayer-gtk: Disabling id3-tags The source alsaplayer-gtk and version 0.99.81-1 do not appear to match any binary packages No longer marked as fixed in versions alsaplayer-gtk/0.99.81-1. > fi...
2007 Mar 19
aoss error (AMD64 OS)
...e preloaded: ignored. ERROR: object '/usr/$LIB/' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored. ERROR: object '/usr/$LIB/' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored. Then notepad loads. I have tested aoss with mplayer and alsaplayer with no errors. My system info: Debian Etch, using Kernel 2.6.18-4-amd64. I have version 0.9.31 of wine. alsa-base version 1.0.13-4. alsa-oss version 1.0.12-1. Sound works in wine using OSS, I just can't run it under aoss to allow sound on multiple programs. Any suggestions? Has anyone else...
2004 Nov 29
CONSOLE/dsp and command line play of wave file
Is there a way to have asterisk setup in ALSA mode (which is working) but also be able to "play file.wav" and hear that also. CONSOLE/dsp is working. If I stop asterisk and "play file.wav" that works. But if asterisk is running I cannot also play a file.wav I am not actually doing them at the same time. Just a couple files here and there to play. But as is I have to stop
2004 Mar 03
Sound Problems with Wine and ALSA
I've been trying to fix this for a couple of weeks now without any luck. I'm hoping someone here can offer some help. I Replaced my mainboard and CPU about a month ago. The new board has on-board sound as did my old mainboard, but the new board uses an Intel8x0 sound chip, the old board had a Yamaha YMFPCI chipset. Because of the difference in sound systems I needed to rebuild the
2011 Aug 19
Pulse audo in 1.3.25+
So I used to use the winepulse patch for wine. (Yes I like pulse). But since 1.3.25+ uses mmdevapi for audio, that patch no longer works. That author points to a wine multimedia git, however, after installing that I have no more sound in any wine application, and the winecfg test audio says audio failed. How do I get this new sound server working in wine? -- Sincerely, MacNean C. Tyrrell