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2011 Jul 15
how to order each element according to alphabet
Hi there, I have a large amino acid csv file like this: input.txt: P,LV,Q,Z P,VL,Q,Z P,ML,QL,Z There is a problem with this file, since LV and VL are in fact the same thing. How do I order each element according to alphabetical order so that the desired output would look like: output.txt: P,LV,Q,Z P,LV,Q,Z P,LM,LQ,Z -- View this message in context: Sent from the R help mailing list archive at
2008 Mar 28
How to loadby by alphabetical order, not mtime
Hi, I''m writing my requirements in rspec, however, I can not figure out a way to execute all specs according to alphabetical order, not by last modified time. According to the documentation, it seems like the default is by alphabetical order, I just can not get that to work. In the unit tests with the rspec package, seems like only mtime was tested. Can anyone tell me how to run specs by name order ? spec spec/...
2013 Aug 08
[Bug 10074] New: rsync reorders --from-files alphabetically Summary: rsync reorders --from-files alphabetically Product: rsync Version: 3.0.6 Platform: All OS/Version: All Status: NEW Severity: enhancement Priority: P5 Component: core AssignedTo: ReportedBy:
2011 Jan 11
Alphabetic labels on multi-plot graphics
...t(seq(from=1,to=2*pi,length=100), sin(t*seq(from=1,to=2*pi,length=100)), type="l") title(main=paste("(", lbl[t], ")", sep="")) } without having to use an object like ''lbl''? More generally: is it possible to iteratively (as in a loop) add alphabetic titles to multi-plot graphics when the range over which ''t'' above varies is of an arbitrary length? It is important that ann=FALSE, because I don''t want the axes labels. Thanks in advance, and best regards. Eduardo Horta
2006 May 20
Alphabetically sorted list pages + dynamic forms
Hey everyone, I''m new to RoR - how can I get my database content filtered by alphabet? Eg, on my php site now I use this format: How can I get this kind of functionality out of ruby? Also, how could I go about making a multiple select box of authors, then depending on how many you chose, the next page of the
2007 Jul 14
change default alphabetic order for bwplot
when producing boxplot from bwplot, I have five groups: Nitrogen, Duration, Pressure, A, Z. I wish the graphical display is according to the original order. But the R-function bwplot seems to automatically adjust the groups according to the alphabetic oder and thus creat a graph for A, Duration, Nitrogen, Pressure and Z. How can I specify the original order in bwplot? This also happens to the older function boxplot. [[alternative HTML version deleted]] ______________________________________________ mailing list https...
2007 Nov 04
Enabling interpretation of desktop.ini and alphabetical sorting when icons are grouped by type
...ot;Customize" tab in the properties window). It is interpreted OK on local folders or on Windows Server 2003 shares, just not on Samba shares. Further more, on Samba shares when I have the icons grouped by type (not just ordered, in the Windows XP groups), Windows won''t put them into alphabetical order until I press F5 to refresh - this is again, only on Samba shares... With a Windows Server 2003 it works fine... How can I fix this? I found all theses problems on a Debian Etch AMD64 machine (I use the Debian package, so samba_3.0.24-6etch4_amd64) Sorry for my english not very perfect....
2010 Aug 27
Sorting groups in bwplot chart
...all, I am just curious how to sort the groups in a categorical box plot chart bwplot here is the example: d<-data.frame(sample(rep(,20), 100), runif(100,1,10)); colnames(d) <- c("Month", "Value"); bwplot(d$Month ~ d$Value); as you can see Months are not sorted alphabetically. Does anybody know ho to sort those on the chart level? Thank you Jan [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2008 May 19
Sort matrix with duplicate row names alphabetically by rowname
Hi, I''ve a matrix that contains 4 replicates of each rowname. (4 a''s, 4 b''s, 4 c''s in no particular order) Like this: # c 32 a 1 b 4 c 87 c 34 b 54 a 23 a 12 b 9 a 3 b 87 c 43 There are a couple of more columns but I''m using the above as an example I need to sort it so that the same rownames appear together in alpahbetical order. Like this:
2013 Oct 30
ggplot2 question: keeping the order as in the input data
...rst column of ''myplotdata'' is called "att.levels" and contains strings; the second column is called "WTP" and contains numeric values. Notice - I use ''coord.flip()'' The command aes(x=att_levels, y=WTP), if I understand correctly, sorts things alphabetically based on the column ''att_levels''. Question 1: How can I reverse the order for x in the plot (also alphabetically but in the opposite direction)? Question 2: How can I just have exactly the same order as in the object ''myplotdata''? Thanks a lot! ggplot(myplo...
2011 Jul 25
Arel quiz: complex queries with associations
...b with some seed data if anyone wants to try it in the console: git clone git:// sample_app cd sample_app bundle install rake db:migrate rake db:seed rails c I can create simple queries like this: list all people''s names alphabetically > Person.order(:name) how many people speak french? > Person.joins(:language).where(:languages => {:code => ''fr''}).count How many German people are in the data set? > Person.where(:language_id => 2).order(:name).count Create a list of t...
2002 Oct 10
tcng version 8z
... is on SourceForge, Besides a bunch of bug fixes, this release also contains a greatly improved version of the comtc utility that copies comments from the tcng source to tcc''s "tc" output. There are a few infrastructure changes to make comtc work smoothly: - tcc''s -E option is now called -Wexperror or -Wexppostopt,
2006 Jan 09
Large select list, speed issues
...ttp-equiv="Content-Type"> </head> <body bgcolor="#ffffff" text="#000000"> <font size="-1"><font face="Verdana">I have a piece of code in my page to generate a drop-down listing all of the company''s projects in alphabetical order.<br> <br> <%= select_tag name=''project_name'',options_from_collection_for_select(Project.find(:all, :conditions => "status not containing ''dead''", :order => ''project_name''), "id", "project_nam...
2008 Apr 15
a question of alphabetical order
Hi all, In Spanish vowels with accent like ?, ?, ... doesn''t affect to the alphabetical order of vector of strings. I mean, a or ? don''t matter for establishing the alphabetical order. Nevertheless, while working with R order, here is what I get. Given a file transport.txt medio#variable avi?n#34 barco#33 bicicleta#3 ?ngulo#37 cami?n#54 coche#23 tren#67 > toPlot &l...
2005 Dec 26
resorting a dataset
...t the resulting array "t" by name? Where if I want to render this collection in a view, I could render it sorted by the students name, rather than their test score. The key point is that I am taking only 2 of the 3 records based on their test score and then sorting the returned students alphabetically rather than by test score. I''ve tried things like and other variations. I also thought that I could loop through t and push data to a new array and sort that, but it doesn''t seem very clean. My example is more complicated but that is the gist. Thanks. Steve Odom...
2006 May 12
Logical organization of controllers
I find that many of my controllers have a dozen or more methods and that it can take a few moments to orient myself when I open a controller I haven''t looked at in a while. Does anyone have suggestions for organizing methods in a controller (alphabetical, by function, etc) to increase readability and scanability? -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2011 Sep 10
Bash completion file(s) for samba utils...
I was wondering if anyone already had completion files for samba utils like ''net'' wbinfo...etc... I can never remember all the params, I keep wanting to hit <tab> to autocomplete for options like I can on many other sys utils. So I started looking at examples of existing completion files and started cobbling one together... if no one else has some (which would be
2012 Nov 28
default gate via tinc
Hi, I have two tinc nodes which announce default gate to internet. How does tinc select which node is prefered when I route to the tinc device and not a special ip? tinc 1.0.16 ALBI...
2006 Apr 27
Prototype based tabs and field validation. Enjoy!
Thought I''d try and contribute to the growing prototype ecosystem. tabs: field validation: Both real easy and clean to use. Hope y''all can use them somehow. Cheers -- Andrew
2004 Jul 13
Hi Friends, I am very new to this list. We are using wine for some of the application from migrating our desktop from Windows to Linux. We find it really very useful. Here I am facing one problem. We are able to run Internet Explorer on Linux using wine without any problem and infact it is running great except one problem. In Combobox(ListBox) when we try to select any item using any