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2010 Oct 21
SIP Blacklisting
Hi, Given the recent increase in SIP brute force attacks, I've had a little idea. The standard scripts that block after X attempts work well to prevent you actually being compromised, but once you've been 'found' then the attempts seem to keep coming for quite some time. Older versions of sipvicious don't appear to stop once you start sending un-reachables (or straight
2007 Dec 10
[LLVMdev] ocaml binding question
On Monday 10 December 2007 23:14, Gordon Henriksen wrote: > On 2007-12-10, at 18:04, Sarah Thompson wrote: > >> Is it reasonable for me to hack on this, or would you rather do it > >> yourself? (If the latter, you would be very much in my debt...) > > > > Or the other way around, or something. :) > > :) I'm adding it now. I'd really appreciate JIT
2007 Dec 10
[LLVMdev] ocaml binding question
Hi Jon, On 2007-12-10, at 18:28, Jon Harrop wrote: > On Monday 10 December 2007 23:14, Gordon Henriksen wrote: > >> On 2007-12-10, at 18:04, Sarah Thompson wrote: >> >>>> Is it reasonable for me to hack on this, or would you rather do >>>> it yourself? (If the latter, you would be very much in my debt...) >>> >>> Or the other way
2014 Jul 31
[LLVMdev] Tablegen binary literals
On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 12:31 AM, Tim Northover <t.p.northover at> wrote: > > Yeah, exactly those 2 things. I have them in separate patches, but I > think > > we only get the benefit from sized binary literals if we also allow them > to > > initialize multiple bits in another bits<n> type. > > It also allows type checking for single
2009 Apr 02
Don't forget to use torrents for your downloads!
For those who may forget, usin torrents to download and share the new images will get you faster downloads (if enough folks participate) if you have a "fat" pipe and alleviate the load on the CentOS servers. I have a "chubby" pipe (~ 1.2MB/sec) and got the stuff really quickly earlier today. If your torrent has distributed hash table capability, I suggest that you also
2010 Feb 27
[LLVMdev] another experimental patch for bug 2606
Hey all, Attached you will find an experimental patch which allows me to play with a derived JIT class. With this patch I've alleviated my concerns with forcing cross module behavior for all users of JIT. However this introduces some new semantics, and kind of circumvents the EngineBuilder API. More important though, I have not addressed any concern about using stub functions in eager compilation mode. I don't yet understand t...
2001 Jun 05
Max Mount Count
For some odd reason, I'm getting some off the wall occurances with a ext3 partition. During a normal reboot: /dev/sdb1 has reached maximal mount count, check forced. Is this normal? I thought JFS's were supposed to alleviate this check, or is that just for fs corruption? Here's my sys info: Linux 2.2.19 running Redhat 6.2 EXT3 is only on /dev/sdb1, mounted as
2009 Feb 14
wine on RAM?
Hi, Is there a way to run wine in RAM only using tmpfs? kinda like a portable application running from a flash disk? I have a slow harddisk, and to alleviate the issue, I run Firefox Portable thru wine from RAM. However, I think wine running locally is causing slow downs when a few tabs are open etc. Thanks
2005 Feb 14
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Hi @ll, just a version Question to the gurus, i found SMBLDAP-TOOLS version 0.7 in the Samba sources but today there was an upgrade to smbldap-tools 0.8.7 by IDEALX will the samba team upgrade SMBLDAP-TOOLS in the samba sources too? If not what are the reasons not to do so? - -- Mit freundlichen Gruessen Best Regards Robert Schetterer
2005 Feb 03
Res: Re: Simple LDAP authentication
OK !! What I should configure in smb.conf in order to use pam_ldap ?? Tanks again !! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ruy de Oliveira - Analista de Suporte Mercantil do Brasil S/A Fone: (31) 3489-5960 - Fax: (31) 3489-5001 "Gerald (Jerry) Carter" <> 03/02/2005 14:24 Para:
2005 Jan 24
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 As promised, here's some quick docs on how to use the privilege model included Samba 3.0.11pre2. cheers, jerry ===================================================================== Alleviating the pain of Windows(tm) ------- GnuPG Key
2005 Feb 21
Getting Rosetta Stone language software to work
Hi, I'm trying to run a software package called Rosetta Stone (It's a language training package) Anyway this is the closest match in the AppDB Though my version is The catch of this software in general is that the CD needs to be in the drive for it to work. I got them to send me a version where this isn't true,
2012 Oct 03
LMTP userdb lookup
Is it possible to have separate userdb lookups for LMTP and POP/IMAP?
2017 Feb 01
[PATCH] v2v: Further increase memory allocated to the appliance (RHBZ#1418283).
In commit 08f82f2e3d6975b72340dd59f438862e152a15ef we increased the memory size to 800MB (on x86) so that the semodule command would work. However it has been discovered that another SELinux command takes large amounts of RAM (setfiles during the SELinux relabel step). Therefore increase the memory size again, this time to 2000MB. --- v2v/ | 2 +- v2v/virt-v2v.pod | 2 +- 2
2004 Jan 08
Red Alarms - FXS(Signalling Q)
I am having a problem with Red Alarms on X100P cards. The most frustrating thing is I can not duplicate the alarms, therefore am not sure how to solve it. I have read after searching posts and the web that you can try different signaling methods which may help alleviate the problem. There is fxsks (Which I am currently using), fxsgs, and fxsls While reading the Digium site about these different
2011 Feb 06
Fortran and long integers
Hi all, I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable in Fortran than I can chime in with opinion. I'm the maintainer of the flashClust package that implements fast hierarchical clustering. The fortran code fails when the number of clustered objects is larger than about 46300. My guess is that this is because the code uses the following construct: IOFFSET=J+(I-1)*N-(I*(I+1))/2 where N is
2005 Apr 04
NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED with winbindd authentication
Hi, We're running a print server having the following specifications: Samba 3.0.11 Suse 9.1 Kernel 2.6.5-7.108 kernel A few days back none of the users were able to log onto the print server. The debug 10 logs show the following lines: [2005/03/29 11:21:05, 5] auth/auth.c:check_ntlm_password(271) check_ntlm_password: winbind authentication for user [**user-name**]
2011 Feb 18
Boundaries of R
Hello Everyone, I'm pretty new to R and I'm trying to get some idea of the capabilities of the language. I work with some pretty large data sets and the consensus seems to be that R does not work well with big data. I've started talking to the guys at Revolution, but I need to get some outside opinions of what R can actually handle. At about what size does R start to run into
2016 Mar 21
Question about GlobalOpt
Hi, GlobalOpt may not consider demoting globals to locals in the "main" function when C is used. It used to consider "main" specifically prior to commit r253168 , for both C and C++. Since r253168, the check for the norecurse attribute may prevent "main" from being considered. This happens because the Function Attributes pass will not add the norecurse
2011 Jan 13
[LLVMdev] Circular Deps from CMake build using makefile
[ 73%] Regenerating /Users/samuraicrow/Documents/workspace/llvm-trunk-build/tools/llvm-config/LibDeps.txt.tmp [ 73%] Updating /Users/samuraicrow/Documents/workspace/llvm-trunk-build/tools/llvm-config/LibDeps.txt if necessary... [ 73%] Checking for cyclic dependencies between LLVM libraries. Circular dependency