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2008 May 07
Problem installing tseries under FC7 x86_64
I have just installed the 64 bit version of R, using yum. The version is: 2.6.2-1.fc7.1.x86_64. I installed zoo without any major problem and the same with quadprog (a few warnings). However, when I came to install tseries I get the following: install.packages() Warning in install.packages() : argument 'lib' is missing: using
2006 Nov 08
Solving a maximization problem using QUADPROD
...b^T b? # Assume we want to minimize: -(0 5 0) %*% b + 1/2 b^T b # under the constraints: A^T b >= b0 # with b0 = (-8,2,0)^T # and (-4 2 0) # A = (-3 1 -2) # ( 0 0 1) # we can use solve.QP.compact as follows: # library(quadprog) Dmat <- matrix(0,3,3) diag(Dmat) <- 1 dvec <- c(0,5,0) Aind <- rbind(c(2,2,2),c(1,1,2),c(2,2,3)) Amat <- rbind(c(-4,2,-2),c(-3,1,1)) bvec <- c(-8,2,0) solve.QP.compact(Dmat,dvec,Amat,Aind,bvec=bvec) Thanks, Serguei
2008 Jul 10
ĀµTorrent + SSL tracker connections = HTTP Reply 0
...y issue is: whenever i try to connect to a torrent sites tracker via HTTPS instead of HTTP, i get a "HTTP Reply 0" error. this is on both of my computers with 1.6.1 and whatever the newest version of utorrent was as of last week. i can change from https:// to http:// again aind it will announce and grab peers fine. the only problem is, due to a new legislation inside of sweden- people there want all incoming traffic to be encrypted. i am at a loss, a few people have described the problem and so far the ONLY known resolution has been to swap to another linux native bitto...