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2011 Jul 13
Sum weights of independent variables across models (AIC)
Hello, I''d like to sum the weights of each independent variable across linear models that have been evaluated using AIC. For example: > library(MuMIn) > data(Cement) > lm1 <- lm(y ~ ., data = Cement) > dd <- dredge(lm1, beta = TRUE, eval = TRUE, rank = "AICc") > get.models(dd, subset = delta <4) There are 5 models...
2005 Dec 28
[Templates] [Noob] templates across controllers?
Fine Rails Hackers: I am trying to decide how to approach a templating concern. I would like to define a standard template for all of my pages (including a basic header, styles, footer) across my five base controllers: desktop, events, financials, and records, account. Is there a top level place to declare a template across the entire application regardless of the controller? I understand how to declare a template within a controller, say desktop (in app/views/layouts/deskt...
2007 Sep 14
Mixing SATA & PATA Drives
I suspect it''s probably not a good idea but I was wondering if someone could clarify the details. I have 4 250G SATA(150) disks and 1 250G PATA(133) disk. Would it cause problems if I created a raidz1 pool across all 5 drives? I know the PATA drive is slower so would it slow the access across the whole pool or just when accessing that disk? Thanks for your input. - Chris
2006 Nov 02
Indexing and searching across multiple locales
Hi - I''m currently investigating support for Ferret and content that spans multiple locales. I am particularly interested in using stemming and fuzzy searches (e.g. with slop factor) across multiple locales. So far I''ve followed the online docs for implementing a Stemming Analyzer, and it is working for English terms just fine. I''ve also written a method to import data from the legacy XML files and save as ActiveRecord objects (using AAF). However, I''m not...
2010 Nov 24
hard links across snapshots/subvolumes are actually a bad idea.
I''ve been thinking about this for a while, from a perspective of how to make it work by allocating i-node numbers from a global pool, but yesterday I realized that offering the feature would be a bad idea because it violates the semantics of file systems. I will be happy to expand on that point if anyone disagrees with it. dln -- "It is merely a matter of persistence." --
2008 Nov 03
Call quality issue across VPN-> POTS vs SIP
...nd an AEX804E to connect to the outside world. Site 2 has an Asterisk Appliance with the 4 FXO / 4 FXS configuration, with the FXS ports currently unused. The PBXes at each site are configured to be essentially independent but with a unified dial plan so that calls can be placed or transferred across the VPN with a SIP trunk connecting the two PBXes, and canreinvite=no is set everywhere. The only other "heavy" consumer of bandwidth across the VPN is a real-time file replication suite that we use for file synchronization. While this is the ultimate issue, I don''t understand th...
2003 Jan 28
has anybody worked with support for the ibutton? i''ve come across keymgr (, but it seems to be dead (or playing possum). i''ve also come across ramblings about integrating ibutton support into openssl, but i dunno how pertinent that is, or even whether the work still exists. i just want to get rid of my passwds...
2006 Feb 15
beginner - multiobject searches
Hi folks, Bit confused by rails and the active record stuff for searching across tables. Say I have a property which has an address and I want to search to provide a form that takes one item and searches across both the address and property tables... how do I go about it? Thanks in advance Marty -- Posted via
2007 Nov 29
Balancing I/O Load
We are seeing some disturbing (probably due to our ignorance) behavior from lustre 1.6.3 right now. We have 8 OSSs with 3 OSTs per OSS (24 physical LUNs). We just created a brand new lustre file system across this configuration using the default mkfs.lustre formatting options. We have this file system mounted across 400 clients. At the moment, we have 63 IOzone threads running on roughly 60 different clients. The balance among the OSSs is terrible and within each OSS, the balance across t...
2006 Aug 17
Migrations for migrating data across databases - is it possible?
Hi All I am trying to understand if I can use migrations to migrate data under the following conditions 1. Across 2 different databases (Oracle/DB2) with same schemas. 2. Across 2 different databases (Oracle/DB2) with different schemas. I am trying to avoid writing DBI/OCI8 scripts. Can somone please shed some light if this is even possible? thanks -daya -------------- next part -------------- A...
2004 Aug 19
NLME: Holding constant the across group correlational structure of the fixed effects in nlme
Hello all. I was wondering if there is a way to hold constant the fixed effects correlation structure across multiple groups? For example, I have two groups and I fit a three parameter logistic growth curve where the fixed effects are free to vary across the groups. I''ll paste in the code as a concrete example: > Result.NLME <- nlme(Score ~ SSlogis(Time, Asym, xmid, scal), +...
2009 Sep 08
Can ZFS simply concatenate LUNs (eg no RAID0)? striped LUNs to my Solaris box. Hence I''d like to simply concat those LUNs without adding another layer of striping. Is this possibile with ZFS? As far as I understood, if I use zpool create myPool lun-1 lun-2 ... lun-n I will get a RAID0 striping where each data block is split across all "n" LUNs. If that''s correct, is there a way to avoid that and get ZFS to write sequentially on the LUNs that are part of myPool? Thanks, Piero -- This message posted from
2006 Jul 16
Calculations across multiple tables
...s.start_at)) / 3600) AS total_client_hours FROM clients, tasks, time_records WHERE tasks.client_id = AND time_records.task_id = GROUP BY client_id, project_id, task_id WITH ROLLUP; -- View this message in context: Sent from the RubyOnRails Users forum at
2006 Mar 24
Where to put array to be shared across models.
Quick question: I have an array of reserved words that I want to share across most of my models so I can do something like this in the models: validates_exclusion_of :username, :in => RESERVED_WORDS, :message => "This username is a reserved word. Please choose another." Here is a sampling of the the array: RESERVED_WORDS = %w( blog blogs forum forums searc...
2010 Feb 26
possible arrangements of across sample ties for runs test
I''m trying to implement the two-sample Wald-Wolfowitz runs test. Daniel (1990) suggests a method to deal with ties across samples. His suggestion is to prepare ordered arrangements, one resulting in the fewest number of runs, and one resulting in the largest number of runs. Then take the mean of these. The code below counts 9 runs for my example data where ''60'' is tied across samples. X <- c(...
2007 May 12
Permissions across servers
Hi all, I have a problem that I stumbled across a solution for on a list while searching for something else but can''t find again. It''s down to permissions propogating from a Samba PDC across member servers. I''m using 3.0.28c which according to the release notes uses the +Domain\group notation for declaring permissi...
2012 Sep 22
Spurious " Renaming not supported across conflicting directory permissions"
Dovecot 2.1.10 Client = Thunderbird. Local disks. mbox format. Attempted to rename a folder, failed with: CANNOT Renaming not supported across conflicting directory permissions I don''t understand why this should happen. o I was renaming within a directory - the attempt was to rename "Domain Names &- SSL Certificates" to "Domain Names". No directory was specified o The reason the directory has g=s...
2012 Aug 01
repeating a function across a data frame
Hello everyone. Like others on this list, I''m new to R, and really not much of a programmer, so please excuse any obtuse questions! I''m trying to repeat a function across all possible combinations of vectors in a data frame. I''d hugely appreciate any advice! Here''s what I''m doing: I have some data: 40 samples, ~460 000 different readings between 1 and 0 for each sample. I would like to make R spit out a matrix of distances between the...
2009 Oct 23
validates_uniqueness_of across multiple rows?
...of several types of objects. I''m doing this with polymorphic associations. I need a way to ensure that a grouping is unique. That is, there should not be two grouping_ids containing the exact same elements. The closest analogy I can think of is a composite primary key. Except, this is across multiple rows (instead of columns) and uses polymorphic association types and ids. Can this be easily done with Rails and ActiveRecord? Thanks, Raj
2008 Feb 19
Moving / Copying files inside server across different shares
Hi guys! when I move a file inside a share (for example, from \\server\myshare\dir1 to \\server\myshare\dir2), Samba manages it in order to make the move inside the server. That is, its very fast because the file never gets downloaded to the client. My problem is that when moving a file across different shares, it gets first downloaded to the client and then copied back to the new location. For example, if I move a file from \\server\myshare1 to \\server\myshare2, it takes 30 minutes, but if it''s moved inside the share it takes seconds. This happened me using Nautilus as client,...