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2013 Aug 30
libvirt-qemu/kvm passthru w/Intel 82598EB
Hi, I am trying to configure two identical systems with the following setup. dom0: Centos 6 OS on Apple Xserve i7 server with PCI cards for 4GB FC (LSI FC949ES) and 10GB Ethernet (Intel 82598EB) dom1: Centos 5 OS with passthru mode of PCI 4GB FC and 10GB Ethernet (ixgbe and mptfc blacklisted in dom0) Everything starts ok, but networking in dom1 using the 10GB interface has extremely high rtt w/ping tests (20-30ms avg). I've tried a few tweaks I've discovered via googling,...
2013 Sep 03
Intel 10Gb network card
...eeBSD operating sys- tem ... The ixgb driver provides support for PCI Gigabit Ethernet adapters based on the Intel 82597EX Ethernet controller chips. The driver supports man for ixgbe says: ... ixgbe - Intel(R) 10Gb Ethernet driver for the FreeBSD operating system ... the Intel 82598EB ... to make things even more confusing, Dell says: DELL INTEL X520 DA2 10GBe DP+SERVER ADAPTER PCIE and finally, there is no man ix ''will the real ix please stand up?'' danny _______________________________________________ mailing list http:/...
2019 Jan 25
10Gbps network interfaces under KVM
Hi all, Anyone knows if exists some plan to support Intel 10Gbps nics like ?for example 82575, 82576, 82580 or 82598EB Ethernet controllers under KVM for virtual guest like it does with e1000 driver? Regards, C. L. Martinez