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2006 Jun 27
TCNG issue - parent class restrictions are not honored
Hi, I''ve been migrating an existing htb-based traffic shaper from a hideous (I''m allowed to call it that - I wrote the damn atrocity myself) tc shell script into a TCNG configuration file, and after a few false starts I think I managed to get the syntax right. However, during tests it looks like some of the tiers aren''t passing their restrictions on to lower levels.
2002 Aug 30
Old linuxbox as BwM
...hese) sharing a wireless link of 800 kbps (kbit in tc grammar) and i''m simulating an external interfase of 256 kbps. The ASCII art is as follows: ____________ e0| |e1 ____ _________ to client --------| Linuxbox |----|HUB |----|Wireless | 800kbps devices | 100MHz16MB | |____| |AP | ) ) ) ) (PC,Hheld) |____________| | |_________| | `------ Wired Network Where e0 and e1 means eth0 and eth1. eth0 works at 256kbps, and eth1 might re...
2005 Jan 23
Shaping traffic with high priority hosts
...+-<->| F/W box |--<-> Internet | +----------+ High priority hosts--+ My eth0 is a normal 100MBps LAN and my Internet connection is a 1Mbps ADSL line. What I want to achieve is to have normal hosts to share a big part of the internet connection (say 700-800KBps) and have my bosses (the High priority hosts) to ''feel'' a snappy internet access WHEN they actually decide to use the internet. The ideal situation will be to slow down all normal hosts'' traffic in order to serve our boss PCs only. First of all what is the best way to li...
2004 Jul 28
Re: Re: HTB 3.13 please help
...with packets marking . this is how i mark outgoing packets iptables -t mangle -A MYSHAPER-OUT -p tcp -s -j MARK --set-mark $ip and this part of my script which is intented to shape upload: dev eth0 { egress { class (<$default>) if 1; htb ( r2q 1 ) { class ( rate 800kbps, ceil 800kbps ) { // $ruter = class ( rate 15kbps, ceil 250kbps ) { sfq( perturb 10secs, quantum 1500Bytes ); } ; fw { class $ruter on (23); //ruter----------------------------------------------------...
2006 Nov 04
Strategy for penalising IPs with too many simultaneous sessions
...suming that the data you are sending is constrained behind you by a 1mbps bottleneck. When an IP has one session detected, their traffic is passed through, and normal rules apply. When an IP has two sessions detected, their combined sent traffic towards the IP is delayed and shaped down to say 800kbps. When an IP has three sessions detected, their combined sent traffic towards the IP is delayed and shaped down to say 600kbps. The starting point of how many sessions can be open before penalising takes effect, the starting point of the curve and the gradient of the curve would obviously be su...
2004 Dec 15
QOS Device?
Here is the situation: A T1 router going into an office which then plugs into the firewall box then into the switch. None of these devices support QOS.. Is there some sort of box/device that I can place between the T1 router and the firewall box which will allow me to prioritize voice traffic on this link? I can't change the T1 router to something that supports QOS because it has
2004 Dec 15
VoIP bad voice quality
Hi, We have Asterisk, running on a P4 box running Suse 9.1, making calls using IAX through SimpleTelecom and Nufone. What we are looking for is toll quality voice. The problem is that voice over calls routed through SimpleTelecom and nNufone occassionally breaks. We also have a digium card and the calls over the digium card using the Zaptel Interface have a very good quality. We
2004 Aug 04
Asterisk QOS working perfect using sveasoft 3.11g
As seen on my post at: This works very well... It does NOT work with stable 4.0! sveasoft will be issuing a bug fix for this (4.1) in the near future. Final Rev of working script w/ asterisk support I'm not going to run alchemy on production machines until it is stablish. Remember to set your