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2007 Feb 06
Help - Poor Voice Quality
I'm struggling to get my VOIP installation to be acceptable. I'm looking for advice on what else I can look for. My system: o Teliax VOIP service, voip-ny1 proxy o RCN Cable Internet Service (3Mbps download, 500kbps upload, 6ms average jitter) o 3.2 GHZ P4 Server (runs asterisk, firewall, other stuff) o server lightly loaded o Linux kernel o Shorewall Firewall software with QOS configured for VOIP P1 o Asterisk 1.4.0 o Sipura SPA-2000 o Grandstream GXP-2000 o IAX connection to teliax Outbound voice quality is m...
2013 Aug 30
libvirt-qemu/kvm passthru w/Intel 82598EB
...has extremely high rtt w/ping tests (20-30ms avg). I've tried a few tweaks I've discovered via googling, but nothing seems to help. (run libvirt as root, set privilege mode, etc) For validation, I have the same card in Dell hosts running Centos 6 natively and they get an avg rtt of .06ms or better. Furthemore the Dell will contact the dom1 but the connection has rtt avg times of about 6ms. With the ethernet interface on the motherboard of the Apple Xserve, I will see rtt times of .06ms within the dom1's, so I think this points to a problem with the Intel card passthru usage, p...
2003 Jan 31
AW: AW: PlusV algorithm -> CBR
...the interesting number. The file format itself allows block lengths between 1 and 32768 samples (in powers of two), but this is restricted in Vorbis I to be between 64 and 8192. The encoder has a minimum latency equal to the block length. With a sample rate of 44100Hz, this is between 1.5 and 186ms. Due to block overlapping, the minimum possible latency in the decoder would be 1.5 * max block length. Using only blocks with 64 samples, you have the "worst case" when computing the 33rd sample of each block, for which you need the following block to have been received and decoded....
2004 Apr 10
How to set the jitter buffer
...settings actually really do or a typical range of settings for them. I do roughly understand how a jitter buffer is supposed to work. But can it help against echos heard on the lines or just the 'clicks' - are they jitter? Usually my cross-IAX latency is under about 35ms (commonly only 5-6ms) and SIP latency (I know this doesn't really matter as there's no buffer for SIP) as recorded by 'sip show peers' as about 70ms (but in reality ping I think is about half this). My current setup is : SIP and IAX clients --> my * --> providers via IAX (one 5ms away, one 80ms...
2012 Sep 20
dashboard md5 diff
...9; Here is the error on the dahsboard: Processing FilesController#show (for at 2012-09-20 12:47:02) [GET] Parameters: {"action"=>"show", "controller"=>"files", "file"=>"b7336e9648dd5373bc8a506e85ba67a6"} Completed in 6ms (View: 1, DB: 0) | 500 Internal Server Error [ http://dashboard.vitry.exploit.anticorp/files/show?file=b7336e9648dd5373bc8a506e85ba67a6 ] here is the content of the auth.conf: # cat conf/auth.conf | grep -v ^# path ~ ^/catalog/([^/]+)$ method find allow $1 path...
2008 Feb 01
epoll increasing latency big time
...h EventMachine on Linux. I''ve written something uses EventMachine to proxy HTTP to other processes. On OS X, it works great, adding only about 20% extra latency into the connection when proxying versus connecting to the original backend process directly, so a 5ms connection might now take 6ms. On a Linux deployment, however, that 5ms was going up to 150ms! I noticed that when I removed EventMachine.epoll, everything corrected itself and it worked as quickly as in OS X. So, for now I''ve removed EventMachine.epoll, and all is well. The first question, therefore, is does anyone h...
2010 Mar 25
call not routed
...") in new stack Mar 25 09:48:14 DEBUG[3685] channel.c: Scheduling timer at 160 sample intervals Mar 25 09:48:14 VERBOSE[3685] logger.c: -- Executing NVFaxDetect("Zap/4-1", "6") in new stack Mar 25 09:48:14 DEBUG[3685] app_nv_faxdetect.c: Preparing detect of fax (waitdur=6ms, sildur=1000ms, mindur=100ms, maxdur=-1ms) Mar 25 09:48:14 DEBUG[3685] channel.c: Generator got voice, switching to phase locked mode Mar 25 09:48:14 DEBUG[3685] channel.c: Scheduling timer at 0 sample intervals Mar 25 09:48:14 DEBUG[3685] app_nv_faxdetect.c: Start of voice token! Mar 25 09:48:15 D...
2006 Jul 30
questions about HFSC, VoIP and (dynamic) ingress shaping
Hello, I just found the great howto and started shaping my internet connection. The howto''s last update is a liitle in the past now so I have some questions about how things are done the best way nowadays ;-) To ensure a stable and low latency voip communication I added an HFSC qdisc to device ppp0 (1 Mbit SDSL). There are two classes (by now): One for SIP and RTP and one for the
2010 Mar 04
has anybody made actionmailer work with rails 2.3.5?
Hi, I have wasted few days and I''m not getting anywhere. I was trying to follow tutorial on Rails Guides and this one: . All I need is to be able to send some text, nothing fancy. Why in Rails it has to be so difficult? Why it can''t be so simple as in PHP? Can anybody point me to some good simple
2006 Feb 27
Webrick in production?
Would you bother to setup a fastcgi for a "intranet accessible" application that is like to get < 100 hits a day? David
2003 Mar 31
iax problems
...ass: ACCEPT Timestamp: 00001ms Callno: 00045 DCall: 00032 [] Rx-Frame Retry[N/A] -- Seqno: 01 Type: IAX Subclass: ACK Timestamp: 00014ms Callno: 00045 DCall: 00032 [] Rx-Frame Retry[N/A] -- Seqno: 01 Type: CONTROL Subclass: RINGING Timestamp: 00006ms Callno: 00045 DCall: 00032 [] Tx-Frame Retry[001] -- Seqno: 00 Type: IAX Subclass: NEW Timestamp: 00001ms Callno: 00032 DCall: -00001 [] Tx-Frame Retry[001] -- Seqno: 01 Type: VOICE Subclass: 2 Timestamp: 00014ms Callno: 00032 DCall: -00001 [19...
2006 Mar 30
Enterprise rails app with - about 100 tables
I''ve just started creating a web application with approx. 100 tables. Possibly more. Oracle is the DB. There exists a legacy schema I that i will use some of. So far i have created a small bit of the app, approx 10 tables. Im using webrick on my local machine. The Oracle DB is on its own server. My boss has noticed that its not really that zippy, there is a small delay between
2006 Mar 03
SIP Problem - Asterisk to Provider Gateway
...o was fixed, outgoing not so much. Here is a debug of the SIP session. The ones I'm curious about are the provider OK packets and *'s ACK response. It appears that the SIP provider isn't seeing them. Also, the ACK response time is less than 1ms (with qualify on, the SIP peer quals at 4-6ms). Any assistance would be appreciated. tethereal: 1 0.000000 -> SIP/SDP Request: INVITE sip:2924357@pbx-quantum, with session description 2 0.003542 -> SIP Status: 100 Trying 3 1.214914 -> SIP/SD...
2005 Nov 25
ZFS and memcntl(..., MC_SYNC, ...)
...he future? [As a side-note, you''re probably wondering why we don''t just use O_DSYNC when opening the file, and then just write(2) to it. The reason for this is because it''s very slow on UFS for large buffers - effectively linear with the number of pages crossed, or about 6ms per 8KBytes on an otherwise idle SCSI disk on SPARC. The good news is that this is very fast on ZFS - on the same disk, about 7ms constant for up to 64KBytes, and about 20ms constant for 256KBytes. However this is still a bit slower than the msync(3C) approach on UFS] Thanks in advance. -- Phil...
2011 Feb 01
SSL problems with RoR, MySQL and Apace
Hello All - This is my first post into this forum and somewhat of a newb to RoR so I''m hoping someone can help. I currently have a RoR app that runs on Ubuntu with Apache and Mysql. There are two issues I''m having and they are causing me to bang my head against the wall. First one is RAILS_ENV: If I run ruby script/console it says that my environment is
2008 Jun 30
Rebuild of kernel 2.6.9-67.0.20.EL failure
Hello list. I'm trying to rebuild the kernel, but it fails even without modifications. How did I try it? Created a (non-root) build environment (not a mock ) Installed the kernel.scr.rpm and did a rpmbuild -ba --target=`uname -m` kernel-2.6.spec 2> prep-err.log | tee prep-out.log The build failed at the end: Processing files: kernel-xenU-devel-2.6.9-67.0.20.EL Checking
2009 Jul 23
[PATCH server] changes required for fedora rawhide inclusion.
...*%Y*Ko=pYk9~IH5@4=%gU$ALr7es%)W1=HJv+G+MHA(}g zrhS{vgdI76BBQvld!zXb*4n65#&K07$8(eI53P;AE0avxWQ#UK{APB#crlG_f!~P4 zBJP-l#4J7w9h}W)BR+@EL3{z9i?$acj&nbs2g*EPRhi4@vjxnEC`-9KcrD`#88PaV zRa{xbt}%uwYdKlWE>+g?C7=&iHgb7Eou#x>e0(WmYNlIT#uWWB=zRtqvVt)!Geuj; z6pFcB#WJ+Y)r=8(SQj@_FA(Kra_NgSBj+=6mS&`XK-RD<{WY?dWwO`FI+l_4K6#dA zq`XUx(2U&A$$C`N0_!8w@dkLZ_&IWvX5@cGUZELzUyxU6M)oJ<O`6f{YqEi58E=v| zXvQVqlM^(f`8VVo&1m@@*~l`rSIFx$qs6ym6H~OOD3)F(eU-dLGcrCT_p%J<TjUhY zX!0p}pJuw=ChyXWtdGfiG$ZvrV)uMAhM7y*X`0dWOY#EE$oz;rM>E{-ke{%q)hOEz zRo%iA!j${O*-3dkmUCFu&(lo$thyClpl-KK-v...