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2007 Jan 05
[LLVMdev] constant pool in large functions
Hi Lauro, This is a very tricky problem to resolve. Basically you need a pass just before code emission to find the proper locations for each constant pool. That means you need: 1. Exact size of each instruction. This can be added with a custom instrinfo that specify instruction length for each target instruction. 2. Probably some kind of constantpool pseudo instruction. The pass can then
2007 Jan 05
[LLVMdev] constant pool in large functions
I'm facing a problem with constant pool in large functions. The LLVM prints constant pool at the beginning of functions. In large functions loads can be far from constant pool. GCC resolves this situations by spreading constants throughtout functions. A C test and the code generated by LLVM and GCC are attached. As you can see in the following error the ldr is too far from constant: $
2010 Nov 09
IDriver crash on install
...tdll (0x0405eb48) 18 0x7bc78265 in ntdll (+0x68264) (0x0405f398) 19 0xf7654cb2 start_thread+0xd1() in (0x0405f498) 0x7e593868 ready_media+0x2e8 in msi: movzwl 0x0(%edx,%eax,1),%ecx Modules: Module Address Debug info Name (109 modules) PE 3f0000- 3f8000 Deferred objpscnv PE 400000- 4d4000 Export idriver PE 3810000- 3844000 Deferred iusercnv PE 39d0000- 3a3d000 Deferred isrt PE 3c70000- 3cf8000 Deferred _isres PE 3e10000- 3e43000 Deferred...