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2011 May 17
poor rsync performance with specific Linux kernel version? very slow rsync performance when using it as a backup tool for our server virtualisation "Proxmox VE" ( I have searched for our issue and posted at the Proxmox forums ( but no results so I hope to ask the question here properly: Trying to rsync an 8 GB testfile (dd if=/dev/zero of=/var/lib/vz/testfile_MDO bs=1024k count=8192 conv=fdatasync) on quite a high-end system (Supermi...
2011 Apr 26
6 and iptables
Hey everyone, I have a question about I run multiple bridges attached on dummy interfaces, which allow me to put guests in seperate subnets (routed through the dom0). As you might expect I already have quite extensive iptables scripts to accomidate this kind of routing. I was just hoping someone on this list can confirm, that I understand what the iptables lines in