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2005 Apr 04
locfit and memory allocation
...a for loop. After 25 or so loops, it gives this error. "Error: cannot allocate vector of size 281250 Kb" Running on linux cluster with a Gb of RAM. Problem never happens on my OS X (less memory). The total data is 130 cols by 5000 rows The first 129 cols are response variables, the 130th is the parameter The function fits a local regression between the 129 variables in the ith row of m[ ] to the 129 variables in 5000 rows after m was fed into 130 different vectors called Var1, .....Var129, and PARAMETER. array <- scan(("DataFile"),nlines=5000) m<-matrix(array...
2006 Jul 30
manova and table of means by factor levels
...and the internet, but to no avail. The closest posting that I have found is: Would someone please help me? Thank you. Matthew M. Harbur University of Minnesota Southwest Research and Outreach Center 23669 130th Street Lamberton, MN 56152 (507) 752-5091 (office) (507) 752-5097 (fax) [[alternative HTML version deleted]]