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2009 Jun 01
[Atcom] Asterisk + LAMP on 128MB RAM?
...;m thinking of selling an Asterisk server based on Atcom''s IP02 solid-state unit with one FXO and one FXS ports: By default, this unit based on a 400MHz Blackfin 532 chip only has 64MB RAM and 256MB of NAND flash. Those can be increased to 128MB and 1GB, respectively. Do you think I can install Linux + Asterisk + LAMP (replacing MySQL with Firebird, to avoid license costs) on the default specs, or will it be a bit short? Thank you.
2012 Apr 19
Question about glusterfs quotas on debian wheezy?
...;g0 Brick2: g1:/g1 Brick3: g2:/g2 Options Reconfigured: features.quota-timeout: 0 features.limit-usage: /1Gg:1GB,/10Gg:10GB,/5Gg:5GB,/512Mb:512MB,/dav/256MB:256MB,/dav/1GB:1GB,/dav/5GB:5GB,/dav/10GB:10GB,/cifs/256Mb:256MB,/dav/128mb:128MB,/dav/192mb:192MB,/cifs/192mb:192MB,/cifs/64mb:64MB features.quota: on auth.allow: 194.12.*, === snip === One of nodes, (g0), also mounts m3d volume (mount -t glusterfs) and "exports" it via samba and webdav. I''m using two different di...
2007 Oct 29
zpool question
hello folks, I am running Solaris 10 U3 and I have small problem that I dont know how to fix... I had a pool of two drives: bash-3.00# zpool status pool: mypool state: ONLINE scrub: none requested config: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM mypool ONLINE 0 0 0 emcpower0a ONLINE 0 0 0 emcpower1a ONLINE
2008 Feb 15
understanding dom0 usage memory
...I sum those machines'' processes, I can see between 130 to 200 MB of VSZ, so where''s the memory not being used? If I do sum RSS (resident memory) plus SHR (shared memory) for all process I''ll get somethiing between 80MB to 120MB being used. On a test machine with only 128MB available to dom0 running the same processes I can see around 117MB in use. On other machines without Xen I can sum all process RSS plus SHR and I''ll get almost the same value from `free -m` output. My question is if the xen kernel part do try to allocate memory which I can''t...
1999 Oct 06
R --nsize 2M runs havoc (under linux)
Dear All, I am running R version 0.65.0 under a) Suse-Linux 6.1, and Suse-Linux 6.2, compiler gcc-2.95, CPUs pentium pro 200, 128MB, and pentium II 450, 128MB b) Solaris 5.7, compiler gcc-2.95, cpu SUN sparc, 4000MB When I set --nsize to more than 1M, R's internal storage management runs havoc. gc() indicates the requested sizes, but the overall process size is much too big: Running R with --vsize 10M --nsize 3M will for e...
2013 Jan 21
size units in xen-create-image, and other newbie doubts
...ools and even the partitions.d scripts xen-tools can use and provide a partition template through the --partitions flag. However, the man page refers: size = 2Gb # Disk image size. image = full # Allocate the full disk size immediately. memory = 128Mb # Memory size swap = 128Mb # Swap size These units are plain wrong, as they should be GB and MB. Regardless, are these 128 for --swap MB or MiB? And what about --size? In other news, when specifying --gateway, what's recommended: dom0 or the gw dom0 uses? Or does it depe...
2007 Mar 30
Really small Linux and NAS
I have a really nice, old Libretto 110. Only 64Mb memory. I want to put Linux on it and have a network monitoring system and a traveling NAS. But all of the NASs have seemed to have grown beyond their original 64Mb size (FreeNAS now needs 128Mb). Only thing I have found is: Talking about Unbutu 6.0 and the ''Server'' install that can run in 64Mb and provide NAS. Any pointers?
2001 Nov 06
ext3/kjournald overhead
Hi, I''ve recently installed ext3 on an 800MB RAID5 (software) array. I am running RedHat Linux 7.1 with the Linux kernel 2.4.12-ac3 on a 1GHz Pentium system with 128MB RAM. I am seeing a significant amount of write operation slowdown when running ext3 (and kjournald), as opposed to my old ext2. The problem seems to be associated with the times that kjournald is accessing the disk. At those moments, my CPU utilization peaks, and network transfer is nearly halte...
2009 Jul 05
GUI Front End for OpenLDAP admin (users & groups)
Does there exist a GUI Front End for OpenLDAP admin for CentOS 5 (RHEL 5)? The binary (i386) rpm for directory_adminstrator works just fine with CentOS 4, but does''t install under CentOS 5 and the src RPM does not build (I hacked the spec file and did install the build deps, but it is using an old hack for finding libgnome (/usr/lib/ or something like that). I
2004 Oct 12
Hangs on multiple small files
I am running rsync on win9x (PIII 900, 128MB RAM) between a mapped network drive and a local drive. For small folders on this machine rsync works great, but the folder I am syncronising with has 13GB of data and > 1,000,000 files. Out of about 20 attempts rsync has only succeded once, all other times it just seems to hang. Not much info...
2007 Jan 08
Xen 3.0.4 - Ballooning
Hi, Maybe it''s a dumb question, but I''m actually trying to understand how the memory allocation works within Xen. I try to give 128MB to a domU and see if it increases for example when I "nano" a 500mb file, but the process just get killed when it reachs the 128MB memory limit. How do I configure the guests so they can ask for more memory until a limit is reached ? Thanks a lot for your help. Best regards -- S├ęba...
2005 Jul 14
a comparison of ext3, jfs, and xfs on hardware raid
...ted performance from ext3. Unfortunately I''m stuck with ext3 due to my use of Lustre. So I''m hoping you dear readers will send me some tips for increasing ext3 performance. The system is using an Areca hardware raid controller with 5 7200RPM SATA disks. The RAID controller has 128MB of cache and the disks each have 8MB. The cache is write-back. The system is Linux 2.6.12 on amd64 with 1GB system memory. Using bonnie++ with a 10GB fileset, in MB/s: ext3 jfs xfs Read 112 188 141 Write 97 157 167 Rewrite 51 71 60 These numb...
2006 Dec 08
VMX status report 12757:3f0ca90351e2
...gzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=826 Details: ========================== IA32: + Build&Boot SMP Xen0 without problem + Can bootup SMP XenU with 256 M memory + Can bootup unmodified IA32 SMP 2.6 Linux VMX domain + Can bootup IA32 SMP Linux VMX domain & XenU with different memory size (VMX:64MB,128MB,196MB,256MB,512MB.XenU:256MB) + Can''t bootup four IA32 SMP Linux VMX domain in sequence. + Can boot up IA32 SMP Linux VMX domain with base kernel + xm-test runs well + Can build base kernel 2.6.16 in IA32 SMP Linux VMX domain + Can startX in Dom0 + Network is OK in IA32 SMP VMX domain + Ca...
2009 Feb 05
Questions regarding journal replay
Today, I had to uncleanly shutdown one of our machines due to an error in Durin the boot sequence, the ext4 partition /home experienced a journal replay. /home looks like this: /dev/mapper/volg1-logv1 on /home type ext4 (rw,noexec,nodev,noatime,errors=remount-ro) Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/volg1-logv1 2,4T
2010 Apr 14
brtfs on Solaris? (Re: [osol-discuss] [indiana-discuss] So when are we gonna fork this sucker?)
brtfs could be supported on Opensolaris, too. IMO it could even complement ZFS and spawn some concurrent development between both. ZFS is too high end and works very poorly with less than 2GB while brtfs reportedly works well with 128MB on ARM. Olga On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 5:31 PM, <Casper.Dik at> wrote: > > >>Just a completely different there any plans for btrfs ? >>Will ZFS and btrfs co-exist or there''s a chance that the less used one >>would be dropped? > > W...
2011 Feb 10
Can''t find root when start vm
...4 in a debian squeeze: # uname -a 2.6.32-5-xen-amd64 #1 SMP Wed Jan 12 05:46:49 UTC 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux xen-hypervisor-4.0-amd64 4.0.1-2 The Xen Hypervisor on AMD64 I have created the virtual machine with this command: # xen-create-image --size=2Gb --swap=128Mb --dhcp --dist=stable --dir=/home/xen --hostname=debian My debian.cfg is: kernel = ''/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-5-xen-amd64'' ramdisk = ''/boot/initrd.img-2.6.32-5-xen-amd64'' vcpus = ''1'' memory = ''128&...
2006 Apr 09
Slab memory usage on dom0 increases by 128MB/day
Hello. I''m running Xen 3.0.1 on the following hardware: Dell SC1425 Rack Server 1x Intel Xeon 2.8GHz (64bit on 32bit OS/Xen) Hyper-threading enabled 2GB memory 80+250GB SATA hard drives (sda, sdb) Debian Sarge on dom0. Different Debian versions on virtual servers. This is running as a virtualized web server. It''s hosting four virtual servers. 256MB memory is reserved to
2007 Jan 05
VMX status report 13217:338ceb7b1f09
...gzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=840 Details: ========================== IA32: + Build&Boot SMP Xen0 without problem + Can bootup SMP XenU with 256 M memory + Can bootup unmodified IA32 SMP 2.6 Linux VMX domain + Can bootup IA32 SMP Linux VMX domain & XenU with different memory size (VMX:64MB,128MB,196MB,256MB,512MB.XenU:256MB) + Can boot up IA32 SMP Linux VMX domain with base kernel + xm-test runs well + A selected subset of LTP runs well in IA32 SMP 2.6 Linux VMX domain + Can build base kernel 2.6.16 in IA32 SMP Linux VMX domain + Can startX in Dom0 + Network is OK in IA32 SMP VMX domain +...
2006 Jun 16
VMX status report 10358:73c73fb8875c
...oying VMX with 4G memory may make xend hang on IA-32e IA-32: + Build&Boot UP xen0 without problem + Can bootup unmodified IA-32 2.4/2.6 linux in VMX domain + Can bootup unmodified IA-32 WindowsXP SP1/SP2 in VMX domain + Can bootup VMX & XenU with different memory size (VMX:64MB,128MB,196MB,256MB,512MB.XenU:256MB) + A selected subset of LTP runs well in VMX domain(2.6) + A selected subset of xm-test runs well + Can do kernel build in 2.6.16 SMP guest with default configuration IA-32_PAE: + Build&Boot UP xen0 without problem + Can bootup unmodified IA-32 2.6 linux in VM...
2013 Jun 28
FREEBSD_INSTALL failed with error 19 during booting installer
Hi list, I am trying to install FreeBSD 9.1-Release amd64 on a Supermicro server: SuperStorage Server 6027R-E1R12N with Intel Xeon E5-2640 CPU and 32 GB (4 x 8 ) KVR16R11D4/8HC installed Currently I have only 2 SSD Kingston drives (working in mirror) installed on that server. during booting installer from the ISO CD (amd64), the boot process fails with message: Mounting from