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2004 Jan 29
Expire old voice mail messages, et al
I have Asterisk deliver all voice mail to users as email attachments. I found by accident that there is a limit of 99 messages in your INBOX in Asterisk. The 100th attempt to record a voice mail causes the system to play your greeting and then never record the 100th message and silently disconnect the caller. it safe to simply use the UNIX find command to delete any files in the INBOX directory that are older than X days old? I did not know if As...
2008 Jan 22
prototype 1.6 Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater executing old scripts??
Hello , I have a PeriodicalUpdater executing every x seconds and sends a ajax request to update an element. Each time it comes back, the element is getting replaced with some html and and possibly <script>coolFunction()</script>. This seems to work fine when for prototype 1.5. However when I upgraded to prototype 1.6, it seems to execute coolFunction() as many times as the request
2003 Sep 09
I''m back from Europe
Hi all, My two weeks without internet access are over, and I am back home, so I can once again participate in discussions here. It looks like things have been pretty quiet while I was gone, even though we just hit our 100th download! It will take me a few days to recover and catch up, but if you''ve been holding back any questions, feel free to send them to the list now. Thanks, Kevin
2000 Aug 09
Trying to make plot of several time series in same graph
...d I've been looking pretty hard in the V&R and R-intro. 3. In light of difficulty with line styles, I experimented with character options with type='o' and various pch=x. Those pictures looked terrible because the symbols were all too dense. I guess I need something to print every 100th point there? -- Paul E. Johnson email: pauljohn at Dept. of Political Science University of Kansas Office: (785) 864-9086 Lawrence, Kansas 66045 FAX: (785) 864-5700 -.-.-.-.-...
2007 May 13
provider for Macros!
Hi, Was just wondering if there is any provider for Macros like we have pid provider for function calls? Thanks, Neelam -- This message posted from
2006 Mar 02
Xen3: Network becomes unreachable under load
...configuration (with the patches for debian from, which a is xenisied Everything runs fine until we start producing heavy load on the network (e.g. multiple clients access our maxdb database), the dom0 and the domU network becomes unreachable (i.e. only every 100th-200th ping gets through). The dom0 network is a standard xen3 network on a broadcom tg3 eth0. For the domU we are using following script: name ="vm_maxdb" kernel = "/vm_kernel/xen-linux-" ramdisk = "/vm_kernel/xen3-modules-
2008 Oct 31
loglogistic cumulative distribution used by survreg
Dear all, What is the cumulative distribution (with parameterization) used within survreg with respect to the log-logistic distribution? That is, how are the parameters linked to the survivor function? Best regards, Mario [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2009 Feb 23
I have 2 models: mop, has_and_belong_to_many :contacts contact, has_and_belong_to_many :mops when I save my mop Ii have the users coming in a an array: ["9",10"] I am doing this to asscociate each one to a mop: @contacts.each do |contact| @mop.contacts << contact end Contact(#44950470) expected, got String(#20837400) It is giving me the above error. Any ideas?
2004 Apr 26
Yesterday''s adventures (calendar sample; swig)
...rol really doesn''t work. So the sample needs to delete the old calendar control, and create a new one. But when you do that, you need to explain to the sizer what you are trying to do. The end result (not checked in yet) is pretty clean and straightforward. But it''s about the 100th thing I tried! I also did a lot of refactoring and cleanup of the rest of the calendar sample. The other big struggle was trying to expose all the stock objects (like the color wxRED). The fundamental problem is that swig performs its constant initialization at library load time, but those stoc...
2012 Jun 25
puppet freezes on FUTEX_WAKE_PRIVATE
Hi, i just want to ask whether somebody else has this problem of mine and if it can be solved. Many of my ( 30+ ) puppet installation freeze up after some time. The process is waiting for some private futex, but it stays like that forever. This is what strace looks like when the problem occures: [pid 29173] futex(0x3d35ce7a84, FUTEX_WAIT_BITSET_PRIVATE|FUTEX_CLOCK_REALTIME, 43406739,
2008 May 12
Problems on porting swfdec on NXP
...nt on the Flash file. Average files however are handled fine. The number I remember was that running Youtube took around 10MB of memory. - Performance depends a lot on the Flash file in use. If Swfdec has to use software fallbacks when something is not accelerated, your speed drops to roughly 1/100th of what it achieves with accelerated graphics. So if you intend to only run specific Flash files on your device, it makes a lot of sense to spend time tuning them. - Performance of the graphic subsystem is very important. DirectFB drivers should at least accelerate blits for useful output. But ever...
2011 Apr 05
Snmp cpuRawIdle showing double
Posted this to xen-users back in Oct (, but just confirmed that I''m still seeing this behavior on 4.1. Polling the UCE-SNMP-MIB::ssCpuRawIdle counter results in a total that''s double the actual number of cpu''s on the system, so for example: nms ~ # snmpwalk -v 2c -c ''XXX''
2017 Dec 30
building debug version of klibc
...nd install. And it's the first time I started to get segfault from fstype. git kernel from git:// local directory where do i build it is ~/linux-2.6 , my own config. Worked fine for more than 100th times. So, i'm doing "make modules_install && make install" in this directory which doing right about to copy vmlinuz,, kernel config file to /boot and generate initrd there and updating boot loader (grub2) config file.
2015 Jun 23
About Xapian vs ElasticSearch
I was looking for performance comparisons. I just found this link ( <>). This was write on 2010. Could someone comment it ? Is There some truth in what he said? I hate java, and didn?t want to back to java
2020 Apr 09
Parallel transfers with sftp (call for testing / advice)
> Le 9 avr. 2020 ? 00:34, Nico Kadel-Garcia <nkadel at> a ?crit : > > On Wed, Apr 8, 2020 at 11:31 AM Cyril Servant <cyril.servant at> wrote: >> >> Hello, I'd like to share with you an evolution I made on sftp. > > It *sounds* like you should be using rparallelized rsync over xargs. > Partial sftp or scp transfers are almost
2008 Apr 12
Sequence of multiple background process submissions
...batch refresh of all feeds at night. I am doing these also in the b/g. Now, in a loop, if I submit 100 b/g jobs, the jobs get processed sequentially. However, if a web user comes along during this batch job and adds his feed, then the b/g process to serve him gets called only after the 100th batch job has completed. Am I correct in assuming that this is expected behavior? Next, is there a way around this? Can I have 2 threads/processes/ports/etc for Bdrb so that the batch job doesn''t interfere with a live user''s experience. Or any other workaround for thi...
2006 Mar 08
Creating multiple rows with one form
Hello. I''ve been trying this out for the past two days and I can''t seem to get it. I''m going to have a page where you can upload x amount of images at once. Lets say 10 images need to be uploaded, all with a caption. I''d like to have a browse button to choose the file, then the caption. Now, if I put 10 of them in one form, fill them all out and submit, I get
2006 Jun 08
The Agile Book Messageboard?
Hello. Where is there an Agile Messageboard? On the first part of the Depot example, a price field shouldn''t be an integer right? (it should be more of a float since a price has decimals) Dominic Son -- Posted via
2005 Mar 03
[OT] - Why should I answer a Newbie question, therethick!
If you really want to do this the asterisk list is based off of mailman. You can learn all about mailman here: But really, what are the odds that newbs will know to go there first? Are you going to moderate it? Someone has to actually answer the questions you know, if a newb only list is going to exist. Look, don't answer lame questions if you don't want
2017 Dec 30
building debug version of klibc
Hello! Can someone please help me in building debug version of klibc ? I've cloned git:// , but failed to build it with debug info added "-g" to HOSTCFLAGS in Makefile, but $ make -j KLIBCKERNELSRC=`pwd`/../linux-2.6/usr still strips every debug symbol , and i'm failed to change