samba - Nov 2013

Saturday November 30 2013
5:31PM 1 Samba4 git pull(11/30/2013) link error on FreeBSD 9.2
10:27AM 0 Enable ldap log
Friday November 29 2013
11:10PM 1 Forcing Samba host to become domain/local master browser?
12:09PM 1 Server is not registered with our KDC
8:44AM 0 [Announce] Samba 3.6.21 Available for Download
1:49AM 1 Samba4 git pull of today (11/28/2013) link error on FreeBSD 9.2 RELEASE
Thursday November 28 2013
9:00PM 1 Issues on Samba4 AD DC GPO's with Sites and Winbind
7:15PM 1 Replicating failing after installing RODC
4:40PM 1 Samba core dump - files with accents
4:17PM 1 Samba4 git pull (11/28/2013) won't compile on FreeBSD 9.2
4:10PM 1 Enabling NIS after samba4 installation
3:00PM 4 Bulk smbcacls calls
2:41PM 0 msktutil with samba4
12:21PM 0 samba-3.6.9, winbind and template homedir
11:21AM 3 Problem with PAM/SSSD/SAMBA4.1.2
8:59AM 1 Failed to find a Unix account
7:50AM 4 SSH - Winbind and Keybased Auth
12:45AM 1 How to properly change my Samba4 domain name?
12:37AM 0 Samba4 git (11/27/2013) won't compile on FreeBSD 9.2 Stable
Wednesday November 27 2013
8:39PM 0 Samba 4 Recursive ACL's
6:09PM 0 Sharing group definitions between some server members and workstations but not with AD
3:41PM 2 [3.6.6] Windows won't let me delete files
10:57AM 2 Samba4 - ACL not applied/followed (worked in samba 3.0.11)
9:18AM 0 [Announce] CTDB 2.5.1 available for download
8:22AM 1 Special Question Samba4 fAutoReversezones
7:42AM 1 Problem migrate samba 3 (based on clearos 5.2) into new samba 4 server
7:24AM 0 stuck on Samba 3.5.x
6:22AM 1 smbpasswd -w for LDAP backend
Tuesday November 26 2013
8:39PM 0 can't join MS Server 2012 domain as DC with 4.1.2
8:34PM 1 vestigial DNS entries
5:53PM 1 How to keep idmapping, when Samba servers becomes part of a Windows AD from a larger organisation.
5:48PM 1 samba permission denied after a kernel build
4:51PM 1 samba4 in AD with multiple domains
4:00PM 1 Zabbix + samba4
3:08PM 1 Upgrading SerNet Samba 4.0 to SerNet Samba 4.1 on CentOS/RHEL?
12:08PM 1 matching id's for ADC and member server
12:05PM 1 Import Schema from OpenLdap
7:26AM 1 Oplock break failed for file
7:22AM 0 samba_dlz: Failed to find our own NTDS
6:42AM 0 Re Samba4 in FreeBSD cannot upgrade dns
6:18AM 0 VFS shadow_copy2 with samba 4.0.9
Monday November 25 2013
8:53PM 0 INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 6
2:02PM 0 Using Samba 3.6.20 as stand-alone server
9:09AM 0 Samba 3.6 or Samba 4
7:31AM 1 Fwd: Samba Error
7:22AM 0 FreeBSD Samba4+DynDNS setup options
5:47AM 2 Samba4 in FreeBSD cannot upgrade dns
4:24AM 0 libtalloc double free error again?
Saturday November 23 2013
10:15AM 1 windows can not see the content of samba shared folder
Friday November 22 2013
8:45PM 0 Samba 4 Ticket Renewal/Expiration
2:48PM 0 File locked at Windows Client halted
10:48AM 2 issue on upgrade samba 3 to samba 4
10:20AM 0 [Announce] Samba 4.1.2 Available for Download
Thursday November 21 2013
6:44AM 2 Samba 4.1 & NAS & openSuse13.1 - wrong disc volume
Wednesday November 20 2013
11:15PM 0 Error using password cached on a samba4 RODC
10:53PM 1 Samba4 and GSSAPI based authentication for OpenSSH
6:21PM 1 No neighbors in 'drs showrepl'
6:11PM 1 Which Samba version?
3:59PM 0 RODC DNS oddness
2:29PM 3 Installing SerNet Samba for Debian
2:23PM 1 Installing SerNet Debian Samba
1:46PM 1 Samba 4 distro and kernel choice
Tuesday November 19 2013
9:33PM 1 Prepopulate *all* users to a samba4 RODC
6:24PM 2 Samba internal DNS strange behavior to ssh client lookup request
2:20PM 2 some samba4 AD questions, after a week of playing around
11:17AM 1 Backup of virtualized Samba4 AD
8:40AM 0 [Announce] Samba 4.0.12 Available for Download
6:53AM 4 Samba 4 DC and member server, rfc3207, winbind, printing, asynchronous I/O - Problems and Fixes
Monday November 18 2013
9:38PM 1 samba4.1 RODC with BIND as DNS backend
6:57PM 1 Samba 4.1 acting as RODC, how to fix TSIG and configure DNS?
5:03PM 1 dns troubles in win2003 dc migration
2:42AM 5 How to keep samba4 dc work fine when windows dc offline?
2:25AM 0 recreate DomainDnsZones record
Saturday November 16 2013
10:20PM 1 Samba internal dns stops work on load
12:30AM 0 Samba as PDC
Friday November 15 2013
7:18PM 0 samba Digest, Vol 131, Issue 16
4:55PM 0 gpo not working
3:34PM 1 samba4 smb.conf directive "dns recursive queries" unkown
3:28PM 0 NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVERS when winbindd under large traffic.
Thursday November 14 2013
7:55PM 1 empty password
6:10PM 1 Segfaults: PANIC: Bad talloc magic value - access after free
4:04PM 1 Samba4+DHCP question
12:14AM 0 Group Policy error 1058 / UNC path to GPO is same as domain name
Wednesday November 13 2013
9:55PM 0 samba Digest, Vol 131, Issue 13
7:54PM 1 can't auth against more then 1 domain
6:54PM 0 More AD DC Questions - GPO Issues
6:36PM 2 DNS error when join domain (Win 7 -> SAMBA 4)
6:19PM 1 ldb-tools problem
2:02PM 0 samba_upgradedns --dns-backend=BIND9_DLZ does not fix hard link issue
1:53PM 0 manually add machines account - Fails at Primary Group
12:20PM 0 big problem with cifs
10:58AM 2 Implementing Samba 4 in multi site environment
Tuesday November 12 2013
9:32PM 2 Patch to Set RFC2307 attributes in samba-tool create user <username> --uid-number=501
2:41PM 3 getting ERROR: failed to setup guest info. But I cannot setup a guest account due to security policies
2:08PM 1 net ads dns update
12:49PM 1 samba4 + ftp
8:54AM 1 static link libsmbclient.a got a lot of error, and how to include "smbtree" feature in program
Monday November 11 2013
9:44PM 0 Error: failed to setup guest info. Samba3x, no guest account can exist on system due to policies
4:05PM 2 "Unwilling to Perform" UNIX Attributes
3:22PM 0 AD and Samba permission
10:33AM 0 [Announce] Samba 4.1.1, 4.0.11 and 3.6.20 Security Releases Available for Download
10:20AM 1 Copy additional LDAP attributes on migration from ldap
9:33AM 1 samba4 | access ldap, what password
7:16AM 1 Users and shares disappeared
Saturday November 9 2013
10:51PM 2 Enumeratings shares on Samba (3/4) servers with vbs
9:32PM 0 Samba4 as DC and Net browsing (nmbd code) !
11:17AM 1 Join Samba4 in a Samba4 AD
8:20AM 1 What's a sensible log level?
1:16AM 2 My samba can't see its own groups! (4.0.9 as solo AD DC)
Friday November 8 2013
1:14PM 1 Homegroups
Thursday November 7 2013
11:36PM 0 Can you combine filters with "net ads search"?
5:41PM 0 keepalive not working?
5:00PM 0 Update Samba 4.0.9 to 4.0.10
5:53AM 1 win7 domain pc to standalone samba server
5:30AM 1 mount.cifs return code = -128
Wednesday November 6 2013
6:11PM 1 Samba 4 replication experiences?
4:55PM 1 VFS for Samba 3 or 4
11:40AM 1 SAMBA running sluggish for Windows XP clients
10:54AM 0 mod_auth_ntlm_winbind SSO
12:07AM 1 Windows ACLs (non samba)
Tuesday November 5 2013
9:02PM 2 Unable to join samba4 to AD as a DC
1:41PM 2 share rights question
12:44PM 2 Winbindd and Domain local groups
11:47AM 1 samba-4.1.0 build failure -help with
9:38AM 2 Samba4, MS CAL and Windows Server as domain member
4:54AM 1 4.1.0 auditing : can't get only wanted vfs operations to log
Monday November 4 2013
11:28PM 1 Windows Compatibility
12:41PM 0 Samba 4 Build Documentation
12:32PM 1 Access denied when associating a driver with a printer
10:15AM 1 Samba 3.0.28 buffer overflow
8:56AM 1 "hide files" does not work
6:02AM 1 is sssd *faster* than samba4's builtin winbind?
3:14AM 1 Running SQL Server xp_logininfo with Samba PDC
2:45AM 1 Can't move Samba Domain Controller to another Site.
Sunday November 3 2013
9:08PM 0 Internal DNS Wildcard
5:49PM 1 LDB modules configuration
12:38PM 0 No OK response ntlm
11:52AM 1 New HowTo about setting up a home share
5:18AM 1 Accessing multiple Active Directory accounts simultaneously from a single Linux server
Saturday November 2 2013
5:19PM 1 Administering samba locally without opening root to the net?
Friday November 1 2013
12:57PM 0 wins replication
12:06PM 3 change user home
10:28AM 1 samba4, with existing krb5 and ldap
10:21AM 2 samba-tool question
2:38AM 1 negative ldap filter on AD