samba - Jul 2013

Wednesday July 31 2013
4:06PM 1 samba runs only in interactive mode
3:47PM 0 file locking failure
2:34PM 0 Split DNS with Samba4 internal DNS
1:42PM 1 Turnkey Samba 4 Solutions?
1:10PM 10 Problem to demote samba4 dc
12:46PM 1 How to solve: client XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX#55873: update 'XXX/IN' denied ---samba_dlz: cancelling transaction on zone
9:17AM 3 nmbd is not running
8:57AM 0 DNS update shows errors TKEY is unacceptable on joined Samba 4 DC
7:27AM 2 Joining Samba4 as DC--Error Failed to find a writeable DC for domain
4:34AM 1 Printer IP
Tuesday July 30 2013
8:27PM 4 Suggestions testing Samba 4 on same subnet as Standalone Samba 3 Server
7:14PM 1 Intermittent access to Sysvol/Netlogon shares
4:56PM 3 Slow FIND_FIRST2 response
7:26AM 3 SMB throughput inquiry, Jeremy, and James' bow tie
4:57AM 4 samba4 - classicupgrade - problem - passdb.error uncaught exception - Cannot load backend methods for 'ldapsam:ldap://localhost' backend NT_STATUS_CANT_ACCESS_DOMAIN_INFO
Monday July 29 2013
11:57PM 0 Samba4 DNS (bind_dlz) management issue on CentOS
11:36PM 2 Consistent Inter-Samba UID/GID Mappings
9:00PM 13 NT4 clients
12:40PM 0 samba4 on ubuntu precise LTS
10:47AM 10 How to install a replacement PDC?
10:19AM 2 Samba4 - Classicupgrade - pdb_init_ldapsam: WARNING: Could not get domain info, nor add one to the domain
8:12AM 0 Check user's access rights / permissions in CIFS folders (from Linux)
7:58AM 0 Samba server accessible but not browsable from network
12:51AM 0 SAMBA not broadcasting server info
Sunday July 28 2013
4:39PM 10 Windows 8 pro and Samba 4
2:14PM 4 Error running samba-tool dbtool --reset-well-known-acls
Saturday July 27 2013
3:20PM 5 Samba 4 Slow Performance
6:26AM 14 Correct NTP Settings for Samba 4.0.6?
2:06AM 0 Triggering a reread
Friday July 26 2013
1:43PM 3 Error demoting
1:22PM 1 Samba 4 dnsupdate errors
10:26AM 0 DNS and samba
9:17AM 0 Problem in Samba server Replication
Thursday July 25 2013
4:59PM 9 Question on approach to authenticate Linux against Samba4
3:45PM 0 SMB4 ADDC possible attribute corruption
3:07PM 2 AD DC and the Guest account
2:57PM 2 Cleanup CN=Deleted Objects, DC=DomainDnsZones, DC=domain, DC=local
2:40PM 10 "./configure" LDAP checks failing on AIX
2:33PM 1 RODC between samba v4 servers
1:58PM 0 DsGetDomainControllerInfoW fails with level 2008+, works with 2003
1:08PM 0 Shared [home] shows up as printer
11:21AM 1 Win dcpromo and SysVol Replication
9:40AM 0 Re: How to migrate to Samba4 with samba-tool
2:34AM 3 Samba 4 not honoring setgid
Wednesday July 24 2013
10:00PM 1 Samba/Winbind GID/IDs not the same using AD RID
8:46PM 1 WinXP not print - Samba3.6.6
7:00PM 0 nmbd needs restarted after server reboot
6:19PM 8 Does anyone think a mini-Samba server would be useful?
6:09PM 0 Problem with domain address translation in Samba 4 AD.
12:46PM 0 Advice Migrate Samba 3 to Samba 4
12:37PM 0 Samba 4.0.7 sysvolcheck issue
11:50AM 0 Possible classicupgrade problem
9:53AM 1 Samba 4.0.7 PANIC invalid lock_order
7:40AM 0 Where is the tdbsam database?
5:40AM 4 Git- Samba 4.1 Glusterfs 3.4, CentOs 6.4
1:59AM 4 memory consumption with treesize pro and cifs shares
12:47AM 0 Issues launching files from a Command Prompt
Tuesday July 23 2013
11:41PM 1 Error on classic upgrade - valid group
10:01PM 1 Samba4 AD SysVol Replication (HowTo + Script)
8:58PM 4 Cannot join Windows XP Pro to new Samba 4 AD
4:46PM 1 Upgrading samba3 to samba4 on a new server, and running them both at the same time
12:17PM 5 Compiling Samba 4.0.7 - make test results
11:49AM 5 Win 2003 DC Demotion
Monday July 22 2013
9:01PM 3 Samba4 join new DC: No RID Set DN - Failed to add RID Set
8:43PM 2 Errors in parse_share_modes Testing CTDB 2.3 and Samba 4.0.7
6:56PM 47 Winbind troubles
2:06PM 0 AIX, Samba and ADS issue
8:48AM 0 Debian 7.1 "net user add" etc returns exit code 255
7:58AM 2 samba 3.6.16 and kinit
Sunday July 21 2013
6:23AM 0 Mag Gam
5:41AM 13 Can someone explain SMB passwords?
Saturday July 20 2013
7:47AM 1 Local login
Friday July 19 2013
12:43PM 0 Samba4 PDC to Samba4 DC works great, Win2003 PDC to Samba4 DC not so great
12:08PM 1 dns query not giving back all registers
10:17AM 0 Winbind in Samba 4 suite and the template homedir parameter
Thursday July 18 2013
12:46PM 1 Shares on failover IP
8:51AM 4 Building with debug symbols and different optimisation levels
8:32AM 1 Samba4 and classicupgrade and winbind
7:14AM 0 failover shares
Wednesday July 17 2013
6:19PM 1 Does Samba Re-read Changes To smb.conf
6:01PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 127, Issue 17
1:21PM 0 open_sockets_smbd: accept: Protocol error
8:11AM 2 tab key does not complete the package name or list the packages in apt-get command
7:57AM 1 Samba 3.6 issues
6:09AM 1 i can figure out. is it config issue or bug. please help
Tuesday July 16 2013
5:04PM 0 Samba4 migration issues (wbinfo errors and UPNs)
3:38PM 0 samba4 anonymous read-only access to a server share
1:45PM 5 Restore samba4 backup
1:34PM 0 Re: [PLEASE TEST] Samba AD DC winbind hangs and timeouts
Monday July 15 2013
6:18PM 15 New ADC configuration
4:20PM 0 Problem logon on WinXP : returning logon svr \\EASYBOURSE domain EB code 13 token=ffff
12:56PM 0 Re: smbldap-usermod timeout for Terminal Server
10:55AM 0 Forest and Domain DNS Replication with 2003 AD
10:48AM 4 need soms tips for adding samba4 to windows 2008R2 domain
6:33AM 2 Invalid listing, samba 3.6.6
Sunday July 14 2013
7:17PM 5 Classicupgrade "set_nt_acl_no_snum: fset_nt_acl returned NT_STATUS_INVALID_OWNER"
Saturday July 13 2013
1:49PM 4 Win2003 DC fails to detect Samba 4 DC
10:36AM 0 Re: Fwd: RE: samba4 pdc: Import sudoers active directory schema to ldb‏
2:48AM 1 Accessing sysvol results in fatal PANIC: internal error
Friday July 12 2013
7:34PM 10 Administrative users on domain
6:44PM 0 Share configuration between subdomains
2:21PM 3 Samba 4 domain members
12:51PM 4 3.5.6 to 3.6.6: session setup failed
12:43PM 1 no log on servers on ubuntu clients (Samba4)
10:55AM 3 Samba limitation to concurrent open files
7:54AM 2 removing dead samba4 dc
2:47AM 1 Unable to connect to Samba server, but it shows on the network
12:54AM 3 Excessive allocations from RID master
Thursday July 11 2013
7:27PM 0 Ubuntu as Samba Domain Member
7:00PM 0 does winbind have an upper limit of 1410065407 for UID numbers?
6:31PM 2 [Announce] Samba 4.1.0rc1 Available for Download
6:11PM 3 oLschema2ldif segfault
6:04PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 127, Issue 11
5:22PM 0 Re: SUSE Linix 11.2 LDAP to AD
3:52PM 6 What great things can a non-windows user do with Samba
1:47PM 1 Windows 7 Registry Tweaks with Samba4
8:42AM 1 Samba4 KCC
8:35AM 0 [Announce] CTDB 2.3 available for download
8:20AM 0 Wheezy Samba+Winbind+AD+PAM
1:44AM 30 About NAS versus Samba
Wednesday July 10 2013
2:43PM 2 NT_STATUS_TOO_MANY_OPENED_FILES with Samba 4.0.6 and Internal DNS
2:00PM 2 Samba4 - File Share
12:50PM 4 domain RODC fails with default provisioning
6:30AM 2 Sync - sysvol and getfacl
3:30AM 2 Help Samba license
2:43AM 1 Samba license
1:22AM 1 samba 4 userid mapping
Tuesday July 9 2013
12:42PM 2 Samba 4.0.7 DC in Windows 2003R2 AD
Monday July 8 2013
9:34PM 1 Samba4, NTP, and Ubuntu 12.04
6:12PM 1 dcerpc + threads
5:59PM 0 getent passwd works but all wbinfo commands fail
4:54PM 6 Samba 3 member server connected to Samba 4 DC (using nslcd)
3:49PM 10 Centos 6 + Samba 4 + Memeber server of AD 2008
3:01PM 4 samba4 - error during classicupgrade
2:37PM 1 Import samba3 passwords to samba4
Sunday July 7 2013
7:49AM 2 UTF-8 output for wmic
Saturday July 6 2013
1:26PM 5 Fwd: About samba 3.0.28 trust AD
9:24AM 1 if any one knows that about samba 4 and administrative tools if can answer me
Friday July 5 2013
10:03PM 0 uid number from AD out of winbinds upper limit (1410065407)?
10:02PM 0 wbinfo -u showing two machine users including domain users.
5:47PM 0 Samba server does not drop connection after client disconnect
5:25PM 0 Samba Share Issue Folder and files cant created
Thursday July 4 2013
3:51PM 3 Trusted Domains List
2:09PM 3 samba-tool classic upgrade - Next rid problem
1:00PM 1 Configuring pam_smbpass with Solaris
4:50AM 0 Apparent bug remains in v4.0.7 - Hosts allow parameter causing errors and vey slow MS Office document access
Wednesday July 3 2013
11:41PM 0 samba 4 installation failing several troubleshooting steps
6:56PM 5 Removed params 'force security mode' etc. What to use instead?
3:49PM 3 Messed up SIDs: How to change machine SID?
2:07PM 1 Migration from 3.5.6-27 to 3.6.16-31
11:28AM 1 Samba 4 Rhedhat 6 And classicupgrade errors
Tuesday July 2 2013
7:37PM 0 ANNOUNCE: cifs-utils release 6.1 ready for download
6:20PM 0 Large file transfer fails when multiple network drives from different servers are mapped
4:39PM 6 Logon scripts, home directories, and Samba4 AD
2:58PM 0 Incredible slow logon on Samba4 domain
11:23AM 3 Sernet Samba-4 Howto for Centos 6.4
7:58AM 0 [Announce] Samba 4.0.7 Available for Download
5:11AM 11 Samba Domain Rename
1:36AM 0 Problems building new 3.6.16: getting symbols from local sys AND "../lib/replace
Monday July 1 2013
7:19PM 2 R2 2008 Windows Domain Contoller VS Samba
11:34AM 1 What is the difference between lock dir , state dir and cache dir in samba 4
8:27AM 14 file server or member server?
7:05AM 0 Interesting slow Samba read and write problem - GnuCash
6:54AM 0 script on user add
5:18AM 0 Samba + Winbind ID Mapping Issue