samba - Apr 2013

Tuesday April 30 2013
11:30PM 0 Update DNS Records When Client IP Changes
11:56AM 1 ACL defaults and masks
Monday April 29 2013
11:30PM 1 Global Catalog replication error to win 2008
11:03PM 0 cannot add a linux as member to a PDC with linux
6:37PM 0 SAMBA 3.6.6 PDC domain not available / no challenge sent to client
6:28PM 0 samba4: get sysvol from windows domain controller
4:52PM 3 error / How to generate a keytab for a new service (apache) with SAMBA4?
11:00AM 2 Samba 3 dynamically enable or disable share
8:44AM 3 [Announce] Samba 3.6.14 Available for Download
5:10AM 0 spawning many smbd processes
Sunday April 28 2013
9:54PM 1 Migrate from MS-AD to Samba4
8:51PM 6 Hostname and kerberos
6:47PM 1 AD client can't connect to share after winbind cache expires [Samba 3.4.12 on Gentoo]
9:57AM 2 Joining samba4 as a DC to Windows Server 2012 active directory
1:50AM 1 [samba4] Users can't change password from the server
Saturday April 27 2013
3:28PM 0 Samba-VirusFilter 0.1.4 released
12:31PM 1 samba 4 classicupgrade w7 clients errors
10:49AM 1 Dynamic dns updat­es fail for (most) xp, vi­sta and win7 clients
Friday April 26 2013
3:33PM 1 (no subject)
1:37PM 0 hide unwriteable files and windows xp
1:23PM 1 Fedora 18/ Windows 7 setup issues
1:04AM 1 List Samba 4 shares using server's IP AND Kerberos authentication
Thursday April 25 2013
2:58PM 1 nmbd broken in Centos 6.4
1:38PM 1 SSL certificate in SAMBA4 LDAP?
1:11PM 2 Samba4 and idmap backend (ad/rid)
8:47AM 2 Samba4: W2k c­lients cannot set / sync ­time with samba4 AD DC
7:47AM 1 Samba4: W2k clients cannot set / sync time with samba4 AD DC
7:21AM 1 Samba4 : Join as an AD domain member
5:02AM 1 Basic question
Wednesday April 24 2013
7:12PM 0 S4.0.4 Internal DNS problem: WERR_DNS_ERROR_DS_UNAVAILABLE after PDC being offline permanently.....
11:48AM 0 "database or networkerror" message by access using a backend at a samba share
9:45AM 2 Changing group name via samba-tool and other
12:31AM 4 WARNING to those running Samba on OpenIndiana or other Illumos based systems with > 16 groups
Tuesday April 23 2013
9:49PM 1 Strange DNS results
4:31PM 0 SAMBA 4.0.5 - AD/DC part of an existing AD
3:05PM 1 samba 3 acting as a samba 4 bdc
11:32AM 1 Error + Syncing problems
7:05AM 0 DNS questions
2:07AM 1 tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_PIPE_BROKEN
Monday April 22 2013
9:45PM 2 Breaking up user homes by letter
6:43PM 1 New Windows 8 RSAT and "OU=Domain Controllers" support?
5:33PM 2 Applying head to wall to figure out permissions issues.
3:30PM 0 One of our users cannot connect to Samba-shares
12:47PM 0 samba4 backup script
12:07PM 0 Samba4: W2k clients cannot perform dynamic updates (TSIG failure)
9:53AM 0 Exceeding 200 client connections - samba 3.5.4 and squid‏
7:36AM 0 dynamic dns for Linux clients
1:20AM 1 migrate samba3 to samba4
Sunday April 21 2013
7:52AM 1 Can't ping on the samba server with it's name
Saturday April 20 2013
6:30PM 1 NT MD4 password encryption question
2:30PM 0 Internal DNS
Friday April 19 2013
7:54PM 1 Winbind and User Private Groups
2:06AM 1 ldbsearch/kerberos issue
Thursday April 18 2013
7:13PM 0 Samba3 print server in a Samba4 domain
5:53PM 0 Bad password when using "map untrusted to domain"
2:46PM 0 How to work with GPO
2:34PM 1 Strange behavior when using 'hosts allow' parameter
4:30AM 1 Can't join domain as additional domain controller
4:08AM 0 SWAT2 shows not all AD groups.
Wednesday April 17 2013
7:32PM 0 Exceeding 200 client connections - samba 3.5.4 and squid
6:46PM 1 Freebsd 3.5->4 New Server Profile Paths Lost
4:51PM 1 samba4 Seize Roles
4:27PM 0 SaMBa 4 - dbcheck
3:32PM 2 Rsyncing Samba4 Roaming Profiles between servers
3:28PM 1 samba4 internal dns update
2:24PM 1 Samba4: force user issue
1:13PM 3 Migration Samba to AD
8:53AM 0 Samba 3.6.13 - System freeze CIFS VFS
3:49AM 2 Can we update idmap documentation for 3.6?
3:46AM 1 user both missing and present
Tuesday April 16 2013
11:36PM 1 migrating from samba3+openldap+autofs to samba4 AD DC?
7:03PM 0 Printer errors in log
7:01PM 0 Samba + Winbind ADS on Win2012 AD with Native 2003 domain forest level
2:48PM 1 Static entries NOT working (Debian, Ubuntu)
1:58PM 1 winbind problem
11:46AM 0 Fine locally but not on LAN
Monday April 15 2013
11:30PM 2 python scripting samba
9:12PM 3 Winbind strip domain from username?
2:23AM 2 file share necessary?
Sunday April 14 2013
8:34PM 3 Sysvol replication
8:29AM 1 sssd getent problem with Samba 4.0
12:08AM 10 [samba4] crash of winbind after "ls -l /usr/local/samba/var/locks/sysvol"
Saturday April 13 2013
11:38PM 4 Problems attaching Windows server as secondary DC.
6:45PM 0 Samba ads member
4:49PM 1 samba4 rfc2307 practice and confuse
2:39PM 0 Provision
1:58PM 0 Samba share on a network shared with other people is randomly accessible
4:16AM 0 samba4 internal dns on reboot
12:26AM 1 Dynamic dns updates fail for (most) xp, vista and win7 clients
12:11AM 2 tests failing on Debian Squeeze
Friday April 12 2013
9:23PM 0 Weirdness with cifs.idmap
4:01PM 1 krb5cc cache upon login. Possible?
3:40PM 1 Some Clarification?
2:40PM 0 AD groups mapped to wrong GIDs
9:34AM 0 Printing defaults and registry.tdb
5:34AM 0 net rpc share allowedusers fails half the time?
12:39AM 1 Moving a computer from a down domain to a new domain
Thursday April 11 2013
9:30PM 1 Version?
8:43PM 0 Changing server IP related questions
5:44PM 2 Weird, sudden 3.4 problem.
5:29PM 0 Is there a guide to "fsck" a samba3 passdb.tdb?
5:22PM 1 Internal LDAP explanation
4:27PM 1 Samba4 Does cifs need a keytab for the multiuser option?
3:41PM 2 Samba-tool modify users info?
11:10AM 3 Samba4 AD DC using s3fs an OpenIndiana/Illumos/Solaris
5:18AM 1 Pruning embedded samba 3.6 installation
2:26AM 1 Samba crash (while logging in as administrator?)
2:22AM 2 Dynamic DNS updates not working with BIND DLZ
Wednesday April 10 2013
10:46PM 1 Winbind using 100% CPU
3:24AM 1 samba_dnsupdate?
Tuesday April 9 2013
11:34PM 5 Internal DNS not running
9:38PM 1 Passwording a simple anonymous share
7:23PM 0 Failed to start CTDB first time after install
5:22PM 0 classic upgrade sort of succeeds but really fails - Advice?
5:00PM 2 Anonymous Samba share across subnets (without WINS?)
3:01PM 2 NTP doesnt work for Win2000 clients + Samba 4.0.4 (see tcpdump)
1:08PM 0 SaMBa and Active Directory Functional Level
9:13AM 0 [Announce] Samba 4.0.5 Available for Download
8:09AM 1 (D)DNS Updates with GNU/Linux clients in a samba 4 AD environment (BIND_DLZ)
4:42AM 3 The network path was not found.
12:09AM 1 Wrong local DNS responses from samba4
Monday April 8 2013
8:03PM 1 Doubt create user samba via DSA.msc
4:32PM 0 DDNS / DHCPd && Internal DNS or BIND_DLZ
8:20AM 0 samba3.5- problem with domain member client logon
4:13AM 0 Files Received by Samba v3.5.8 Time (atime) Incorrect
2:09AM 0 SaMBa 4 - Problem with replication
Sunday April 7 2013
1:28PM 0 Samba 4.0.4 : Unable to map unix gid group
1:06PM 0 failed to make ipc connection: NT_STATUS_INTERNAL_DB_CORRUPTION
12:18PM 1 [samba4] Print all dns records of the samba4 internal DNS server
Saturday April 6 2013
1:54AM 1 Samba4 member of an another « Samba4 » domain
Friday April 5 2013
11:25PM 0 Struggling with Samba + AD member config (winbind auth failing) :(
7:47PM 2 ClassicUpgrade => EpicFail
1:37PM 2 S4 file server : access to large file > 1 GB
1:16AM 2 Python UCS2 vs UCS4 issue on latest git: ImportError: ....undefined symbol: PyUnicodeUCS2_Decode (NOT SOLVED)
Thursday April 4 2013
6:48PM 0 wbinfo,, user missing from AD group
5:33PM 1 determining Samba version
2:45PM 2 getent group and net ads user info differs
2:26PM 1 Samba 4 Packaging Issues
1:42PM 1 member server and groups
12:14PM 0 Removing and recreating DNS from scratch.
8:23AM 1 sernet samba4 appliance
7:30AM 1 classicupgrade from LDAP - failed to find Unix account for machine account
5:48AM 0 Python UCS2 vs UCS4 issue on latest git: ImportError: ....undefined symbol: PyUnicodeUCS2_Decode [SOLVED]
Wednesday April 3 2013
6:30PM 0 decheck
4:51PM 1 SaMBa 4 - password complexity
4:37PM 1 SaMBa 4 - migrate users
4:06PM 3 Samba4 fails to work following upgrade - library version errors
3:52PM 0 /var/samba/locks/smb_krb5/krb5.conf.DOM
12:51PM 0 Change SOA DNS servers
12:27PM 1 Samba Upgrade 3.0.33 to 3.6.13.
8:39AM 2 LDAP_Migration_to_Samba
6:34AM 1 Ask For Help About SMB3
3:56AM 0 A bug in smbmount command!!!!!!
Tuesday April 2 2013
4:49PM 1 SaMBa 4 - DC to new domain
1:28PM 1 Untrusted domains with security=ads
8:28AM 4 Samba4 migration
3:01AM 1 Need Methods Around Anonymous LDAP Binding for User Auth
Monday April 1 2013
8:18PM 1 Samba on Windows?
5:38PM 0 Custom nsupdate command
12:36AM 3 SAMBA4: pdbedit not changing SID