rsync - May 2010

Saturday May 29 2010
2:03PM 1 What rsync freeze?
Thursday May 27 2010
3:45PM 1 rsyncd users/passwords in a database (mysql, postgresql)?
Wednesday May 26 2010
10:59PM 3 Simple whole volume copy
4:48PM 4 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7456] New: exclude directory based on presence of a file
11:29AM 11 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7454] New: assertion failed in finish_hard_link()
7:52AM 0 how to efficiently sync files moved between multiple sources?
Tuesday May 25 2010
10:41AM 2 data deduplication
Monday May 24 2010
3:50PM 1 --delete and --files-from
12:04PM 0 rsync 3.0.7 intermittent failures with many large files
Friday May 21 2010
9:45PM 4 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7450] New: When a single file is specified, the exclusion of it in the exclude-from file is ignored
12:31PM 1 rsync failure quoting incorrect directory
Thursday May 20 2010
11:38PM 1 Speeding rsync via externalities like file system choice
2:07PM 1 How to let rsync detect file RENAMEs
2:00PM 3 Where to download the rsync binaries for Windows but NOT the cwrsync version?
7:04AM 1 rsync and the iconv-switch
Wednesday May 19 2010
12:31PM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7438] New: rsync timeouts and stays in state D
10:58AM 1 rrsync with --delete
Tuesday May 18 2010
11:59PM 3 OSX and HFS+ filesystem compression
Monday May 17 2010
4:01AM 2 copy dirs. subdirs, symlink, but not files
Sunday May 16 2010
10:23AM 1 rsync over ssh - existing files are not updated?
Friday May 14 2010
1:50PM 0 Error when pre-xfer script is doing a rsync.
12:51PM 2 command line to backup my documents to external drive
7:54AM 1 skipping and not finding batched updates with extra --link-dest?
Thursday May 13 2010
5:24PM 1 Sync different copies of a filesystem
7:23AM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7426] New: --files-from= broken when run from crontab
6:19AM 4 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7425] New: --files-from= broken when run from crontab
Wednesday May 12 2010
7:30PM 3 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7424] New: -x with sshfs
Saturday May 8 2010
11:39AM 0 Vs: Re: The source and destination cannot both be remote :-(
12:58AM 0 --files-from= broken when run from cron?
Friday May 7 2010
3:43PM 3 The source and destination cannot both be remote :-(
Wednesday May 5 2010
1:52AM 1 Getting transfer error lists
Monday May 3 2010
8:00PM 0 problem with ssh/rsync to minix
3:30PM 1 3.1: bug in --stats
Saturday May 1 2010
4:49PM 1 the meaning of "receiving file list"