rsync - Dec 2007

Sunday December 30 2007
7:01PM 1 bi monthly based Mail/News backup scheme
10:46AM 4 How to avoid loosing rsync temp/partial files
Saturday December 29 2007
10:55AM 5 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5167] New: The size of the transferred part of a file exceeds 2 Gb.
12:11AM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5166] New: -o -g options don't work right or I've misread the man pages
Friday December 28 2007
11:37PM 1 problems using --ignore-existing and filter rules
6:21PM 2 hang with rsync 3.0.0pre7 doing local copy
4:37PM 1 Odd behavior with --detect-renamed
3:53PM 1 Migrating Rsync Disk
Thursday December 27 2007
10:53PM 1 app works when copied with tar, not with rsync
Wednesday December 26 2007
10:24PM 6 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5162] New: using iconv with pre7 chops last special character in filenames
4:04PM 0 Help with debugging on AIX, HP-UX, or Irix?
Tuesday December 25 2007
1:55PM 2 rsyncd.conf exclude/include questions ??
Monday December 24 2007
12:05PM 0 issue with reverse resolving
Sunday December 23 2007
4:03AM 1 rsync du (was rsync delete)
Saturday December 22 2007
4:34PM 1 Help with complicated heirarchy exclude syntax
Wednesday December 19 2007
10:11AM 1 multiple rsyncd daemons: init script
2:36AM 1 3.0.0pre7 compiler warning on ia64
Tuesday December 18 2007
3:52PM 2 Is cp then mv the default?
8:00AM 0 rsync error
Monday December 17 2007
6:40PM 1 RSYNC without password
4:58PM 0 Workaround for ACL and file attributes
1:28AM 1 iconv and daemon mode
12:17AM 4 Rsync 3.0.0pre7 released
Sunday December 16 2007
10:57PM 1 Daemon exclude fix [Re: CVS update: rsyncweb]
3:53PM 1 Change destination root?
Saturday December 15 2007
6:44PM 3 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5147] New: Read-only files that have changed xattrs fail to allow xattr changes
2:01AM 2 --link-dest
Friday December 14 2007
11:25PM 2 what is the right exit code for some vanished files?
5:35PM 0 Rsync lets user corrupt dest by applying non-inplace batch in inplace mode
4:43PM 0 rsync dead loop (almost) forever in read_timeout() if remote host down
3:19PM 1 logical volumes alignment
1:25PM 0 nfs4 acl support to be implemented
Thursday December 13 2007
6:34PM 0 [RFE] unmappable uids
12:17PM 2 Rsync rsync: writefd_unbuffered failed to write ?
2:45AM 3 rsync 3.00pre6 segfault in add_dirs_to_tree
Wednesday December 12 2007
2:13PM 1 Question about --copy-unsafe-links
1:29PM 1 problems with rsync 2.6.9 and large files (up to 20GB)
9:46AM 1 Problem with filenames with commas in them
Tuesday December 11 2007
8:37PM 0 Problem with rsync over ssh
5:11PM 0 memory leak in print_rsync_version
2:15PM 3 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5136] New: Clean Install - Compile Issues - 3.0.0pre6 - Debian / FreeBSD
Monday December 10 2007
10:38PM 1 What is happening here - rsync can't copy where cp can, Input/Output errors
1:59PM 1 Different results depending on the user launching rsync
Friday December 7 2007
8:41PM 1 exit code for vanished files in 2.6.9
5:35PM 3 Permission issue while using rsync.
5:01PM 0 pre-exec quit executing
4:26PM 1 default options in --server mode
10:04AM 1 small issue in rsunc 3.0.0 pre6
Thursday December 6 2007
9:30PM 1 Delete files using no recursion
9:39AM 12 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5124] New: Lessons to learn from other tools, better use of resources, speed gains
Tuesday December 4 2007
8:59PM 4 remote logging non-daemon mode
7:25PM 0 RSync and large amounts of data
Monday December 3 2007
7:20AM 0 Help needed
5:49AM 1 Rsync help needed
1:13AM 4 RSYNC
Sunday December 2 2007
8:47PM 3 rsync hangs when accessing through SSH (Leopard OS X)
8:08PM 1 error in rsync protocol data stream
6:59PM 1 Tiger compatibility
2:44PM 2 Bidirectional rsync with "trash" support
4:45AM 3 creation date and OSX
Saturday December 1 2007
8:45PM 1 rsync --delete problems
6:27PM 0 rsync-3.0.0pre6 configure painness