rsync - Aug 2007

Friday August 31 2007
11:47PM 2 breakage? when using --ignore-times with --link-dest
11:46PM 1 rsync listening interface
5:52PM 1 Extracting md4 hash info from rsycn
11:12AM 3 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4944] New: Iconv-patch does not convert command-line args
Thursday August 30 2007
10:49PM 2 xattr version generates 'wrong write used in receiver'
9:11PM 1 Milestone release for rsync 3.0.0?
2:45PM 2 Rsync over windows remote desktop
6:01AM 1 CVE-2007-4091
Wednesday August 29 2007
9:47AM 6 RSYNC Hang on client match_sums
Tuesday August 28 2007
4:30PM 1 Sync my website between my host and local server
4:21PM 1 Can files be changed to hard links?
6:17AM 2 moderation?
Monday August 27 2007
10:05PM 0 RSync / Vista / Junction Points issue
10:13AM 3 rsync out of memory at 8 MB although ulimit is 512MB
Saturday August 25 2007
5:46PM 0 Just Wondering
11:58AM 1 rsync --delete issue
11:57AM 2 We're going to miss you!
11:11AM 3 Your Confirmation Required
10:54AM 2 You've Been Added!
Friday August 24 2007
7:22PM 4 Confirm email... (Giant-sized gifts, decor and props)
7:15PM 0 Rsync and VSS
4:22PM 1 Rsync and MS Exchange
12:32PM 0 rsync patch to add Apple keychain support
10:05AM 1 Has anyone experience with rsync out of memory
12:18AM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 2423] Feature Request: Ability to transfer files newer than date or file. (--newer switch).
Thursday August 23 2007
10:18PM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3210] It would be great to add flags to alllow file date as a filter on what is syncd
9:42PM 4 can rsync scan files only with mtime since T?
4:39PM 5 Rsync stops randomly (using vanished files bash script)
2:08PM 0 Word of the Day Subscription Confirmation
Wednesday August 22 2007
9:33PM 4 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4912] New: rsync crashes with a double free or corrupted memory detection in glibc
6:39PM 2 Two Qustions: RSync Server load? Atomic Updates?
9:25AM 1 Rsync will not work with WD network drive!
Tuesday August 21 2007
7:18PM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4907] New: --disable-ipv6 disables -4 option
Monday August 20 2007
11:53PM 0 --backup/--backup-dir filters feature req
10:41PM 1 quoted blank for local files/dirs?
9:25PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4904] New: POOL_INTERN ignored in pool_create()
3:19PM 1 Looking inside device files
11:07AM 1 Using --link-dest= multiple times - performance?
7:31AM 5 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4899] New: When a mounted dir cannot be visited, rsync will halt there and the shell is halted, even "ctrl -c" can't quit it.
Sunday August 19 2007
1:33PM 0 --safe-links feature
Thursday August 16 2007
11:29PM 0 Access Database
Wednesday August 15 2007
7:54PM 1 too many rsync process's?
4:22PM 0 Rsync not deleting files.
4:19AM 1 rsync 3 (cvs) segfault if $RSYNC_CONNECT_PROG is not set
Tuesday August 14 2007
5:02PM 1 Rsync on Mac OS X
4:55AM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4878] New: segfault when i386 client touches x86_64 server (no rsh/ssh) both cvs 3.0.0 today 20070813
Monday August 13 2007
4:26AM 2 Option --numeric-ids not the default?
Sunday August 12 2007
9:51AM 1 [Re: problems with rsync version CVS]
Friday August 10 2007
10:11PM 2 vanished files
12:20PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4873] New: rsync transfers stop when encountering Emacs autosave files with hash signs
12:05PM 1 Frequent errors copying to an SMB share
9:03AM 1 Exit Code
Thursday August 9 2007
5:05PM 0 vanished files are very annoying
4:16PM 7 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4870] New: --link-dest results in errors for some paths containing spaces
Wednesday August 8 2007
10:31PM 1 Filter rule for --remove-sent-files?
Tuesday August 7 2007
8:32PM 0 Hi, I have an issue with rsync, need a patch...
7:52PM 2 `*deleting' itemize output misaligned
3:48PM 1 rsync permissions and directory issues
Sunday August 5 2007
5:33PM 1 Pulling multiple sources from a daemon
11:34AM 1 rsync always gets index.html
Saturday August 4 2007
11:33PM 2 Rewritten rsync man page
11:20PM 1 problems with rsync version CVS
10:06PM 1 Why does --xattrs imply --perms?
12:06PM 1 many small files
Friday August 3 2007
8:24AM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4856] New: Filenames are displayed before successful transfer in verbose mode
1:04AM 4 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4855] New: skipped local filters cause segfault while deleting (-rFR --delete)
Thursday August 2 2007
8:20PM 1 rsync 3.0 for SFU
7:12PM 0 FW: Academic Software Discounts
3:20PM 1 How much file list kept during incremental recursion?
2:37PM 4 Which rsync version?
1:48PM 1 history
9:27AM 1 Option to not update Atime on filesystems not mounted noatime
Wednesday August 1 2007
2:02PM 2 --append option description in manpage confusing
12:54PM 0 [PATCH] prevent negative "time left" values with --progress when file grows
12:31PM 0 [PATCH] look for port number only within host part in rsync:// syntax
11:38AM 0 [PATCH] handle dir entries with zero length(!)