rsync - Nov 2006

Thursday November 30 2006
2:50PM 1 rsync stuck after correctly sending the file
1:28PM 2 Rsync and DTrace
1:57AM 1 Compressed destination files
Wednesday November 29 2006
8:25AM 2 Two rsync questions
Tuesday November 28 2006
12:56PM 3 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4263] New: Symlinks gets corruped when rsyncd is used to 'put' the symlink.
4:39AM 0 Question about deleting a file from the server via Rsync
Monday November 27 2006
7:26PM 1 Migrate Mac data from G4 to Novell Linux (SuSE) cluster on a SAN
2:17PM 1 rsync - file gathering
Saturday November 25 2006
5:15PM 2 delete option
Friday November 24 2006
11:34PM 0 Compiler warning in rsync with ACLs
Thursday November 23 2006
7:15PM 0 Error while transfering large files
5:28PM 3 questions about extended attributes support across *nix & osx (hfs+) filesys
Tuesday November 21 2006
8:49PM 1 rsync v2.6.9: small patch fixing NORETURN failures
Monday November 20 2006
10:58PM 1 Can't Start Rsync
1:53AM 1 v2.6.9 error code 12 at io.c (1122)
Sunday November 19 2006
6:18PM 0 rsync support of hfs+ (osx) metadata? solution from Apple ... ?
5:01PM 1 rsync support of hfs+ (osx) metadata?
3:29AM 0 Busy file and partial transfer??(2nd Post)
Saturday November 18 2006
10:17PM 1 cannot get fuse-ssh to operate from a batch script - but does from cmd line
Friday November 17 2006
11:26PM 1 mail rsync logs
Thursday November 16 2006
8:48AM 0 rsync-ssh problem
1:01AM 2 efficiently synchronizing source and destination
Wednesday November 15 2006
11:17PM 1 time problem in logs
9:00PM 6 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4232] New: rsync error: timeout in data send/receive (code 30) at io.c(165) [sender=3.0.0cvs]
6:19PM 1 Rsync resource consumption, whilst building a large file list
3:17PM 1 How to process files on the server side after a sync?
Tuesday November 14 2006
11:22PM 1 got an error
7:11PM 0 Get your Website seen locally and globally
6:30PM 0 PRNG is not seeded
Monday November 13 2006
8:33PM 0 how to get 'real' freespace after rsync+hardlinks?
8:56AM 1 non-existing parent directories - continued
1:17AM 2 copy symbolic links as real file during syncing files.
Sunday November 12 2006
11:46AM 1 Superfluous error msgs: "failed to set times ..."
7:53AM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4220] New: --backup causes "stat" failed message when trying to delete a directory
Friday November 10 2006
4:35PM 0 rsync slowness issues with solaris 10
2:26PM 1 Internal error: wrong write used in receiver.
10:30AM 1 rsync 2.6.9 on OS X. files with xattrs don't retain mtime.
2:18AM 1 How Can I Duplicate an Entire Drive?
2:10AM 1 Busy file and partial transfer??
Thursday November 9 2006
7:35PM 1 Integrating Rsync into my own Application
9:08AM 1 sending the same source to several dests
1:10AM 1 Is it okay to rsync the same source to the same dest multiple times?
Wednesday November 8 2006
10:32AM 1 Which rsync is considered modern?
Tuesday November 7 2006
6:49PM 2 ssh catch 22
8:34AM 0 Try yourself in new business. Part time job offer. Earn money and forget about permanent job.
5:12AM 0 Rsync 2.6.9 released
Monday November 6 2006
9:19PM 1 rsync'd files&dirs saved as user:group = "unknown":"unknown", NOT original ownership
8:52PM 0 rsync using proxy server
8:37PM 4 rsync not updating files even with checksum flag
3:29AM 1 Assembly md4 algorithum.
Saturday November 4 2006
11:49PM 1 monthly retention
9:47AM 1 rsync and symbolic links
1:22AM 0 Rsync does not work with existing remote ssh tunnel
Friday November 3 2006
12:07PM 1 unexpected tag -55
Thursday November 2 2006
7:04PM 1 rsync in an ssh tunnel as root
Wednesday November 1 2006
8:58PM 2 Xattr on FreeBSD ... Good Luck ?
2:08PM 1 Building file list takes hours,how to improve performance?
5:00AM 1 How to rsync only specified subdirectories in the source folder?
12:35AM 2 unsuccessful configure with 2.6.8 and acls and extended attributes...