Pkg xen devel - Feb 2011

Monday February 28 2011
2:32PM 0 Processed: tag open `ftbfs-gcc-4.5' reports with `sid' and `wheezy'
3:22AM 3 possible Xen bugs
Saturday February 26 2011
11:37AM 0 Bug#603391: pygrub: unintelligible error messages
Thursday February 24 2011
4:22PM 0 Bug#599520: (no subject)
2:39PM 0 Processed: raise severity of GCC-4.5 build failures in preparation for a GCC defaults change
8:58AM 2 Bug#608988: xen-utils-4.0: please consider supporting remus
Saturday February 19 2011
5:44PM 0 Bug#614101: Debian 6.0 amd64 doesn't boot with Xen on Toshiba u300-13u
Tuesday February 15 2011
2:38PM 0 Bug#613540: xen-utils-common: iptables rules missing for qemu tap interfaces
Monday February 14 2011
1:48PM 0 Bug#587090: The patch is not enough
10:21AM 0 Bug#591456: Still a Debian bug
10:03AM 0 Bug#591456: Appologies
9:32AM 0 Bug#591456: ( fără subiect)
2:53AM 0 Bug#591456: (no subject)
Thursday February 10 2011
7:50AM 0 Bug#591456: Further effects of missing [Re: squeeze: xen 4.0.1-2 + drbd8-utils: block-drbd script does no longer work?!]
Tuesday February 8 2011
2:39PM 0 Bug#596765: xen-utils-4.0: VM create successfully, when remove xmlproc
10:46AM 1 Bug#612403: xen-utils-common: Explain that this package is only needed on the host
Monday February 7 2011
1:34AM 2 Bug#612237: xen-hypervisor-4.0-amd64: Fails to boot after upgrade from lenny
Friday February 4 2011
4:04PM 0 Hi I'd like to share my findings
Thursday February 3 2011
5:37AM 1 Abnormal memory usage of dom0 under Squeeze leading to crash
Wednesday February 2 2011
3:12PM 1 vif-route does not work