Ovirt devel - Jun 2009

Tuesday June 30 2009
7:20PM 0 [PATCH server] permit many-to-many vms / networks relationship
6:32PM 2 [PATCH node] Make all yes/no prompts consistent. rhbz#508778
Monday June 29 2009
6:24PM 2 One more fix
5:52PM 2 Resend of Cloud UI/service patches
5:14PM 0 [PATCH server] Add svc_vm_actions method to VmService.
4:46PM 0 [PATCH server] REVISED Vm state change auditing/accounting
2:40PM 1 [PATCH node] Change DNS setup to match NTP. rhbz#508677
1:49PM 4 [PATCH server] UI for accumulated uptime for VMs.
Friday June 26 2009
4:38PM 0 QMF API for Ovirt
Thursday June 25 2009
9:50PM 0 [PATCH node-image] kdump support
9:49PM 0 [PATCH node] kdump support
8:53PM 0 [PATCH] Extend timeouts on libvirt calls.
8:47PM 2 [PATCH node] Fixes when a removable media is removed. bz#507455
8:46PM 2 [PATCH] Fix dbomatic state changes.
7:57PM 1 [PATCH node] Rerunning network config resets all network config. bz#507393
1:09PM 2 iscsi storage creation
9:56AM 1 error with gssapi
8:35AM 1 node servers show as unavailable after reboot of management server
Wednesday June 24 2009
7:55PM 1 Adding hosts to the hardware pool
6:53PM 0 [PATCH node-image] Add libboost_system to whitelist.
4:38PM 1 [PATCH server] Vm state change auditing/accounting
2:18PM 0 [PATCH server] test vm: increased memory, raw disk image
Tuesday June 23 2009
8:56PM 2 [PATCH server] updated: add postgres permissions requires prior to starting service
8:51PM 1 [PATCH server] add postgres permissions requires prior to starting service
8:00PM 1 [PATCH server] added ovirt-wait4service and invokation in installer to wait for psql/ldap
1:15PM 1 node boot error
Monday June 22 2009
8:52PM 2 Patch series for Cloud Vm Actions
6:23PM 3 [PATCH node] Only allow initial networking to be configured. bz#507393
Saturday June 20 2009
1:57AM 2 [PATCH server] set postgres service to check init script status
Friday June 19 2009
9:29PM 1 [PATCH server] add collapsable sections to vm form
8:30PM 3 ovirt-vnc-proxy init script
5:15PM 0 [PATCH server] add toggable sections to vm form
3:14PM 0 [PATCH server] make postgres wait for starting to complete before creating databases
Thursday June 18 2009
6:00PM 0 Fwd: Re: problem with ovirt-mongrel-rails on rails 2.3
5:54PM 1 problem with ovirt-mongrel-rails on rails 2.3
2:59PM 2 [PATCH node-image] Keep nls_utf8.ko module on node-image
1:56PM 3 [PATCH node] Users can view log files on the node. bz#506289
Tuesday June 16 2009
5:38PM 1 Sasl error: SASL(-1): generic failure: GSSAPI Error: Unspecified GSS failure.
4:25PM 1 [PATCH node] Adds a log viewer option to o-c-setup. bz#506289
3:10PM 1 [PATCH server] Fix errors in controller tests.
9:47AM 1 SSL Library Error: -12271 SSL client cannot verify your certificate
Monday June 15 2009
7:16PM 3 [PATCH node-image] Adds livecd-iso-to-{disk, pxeboot} to the root ISO directory.
9:07AM 1 [PATCH][ovirt-server] restart ipa after installation and before set admin password
Friday June 12 2009
1:10PM 3 [PATCH node] o-c-config will only run when local storage is configured. rhbz#505560
6:09AM 2 only seeing one NIC in network device editor
Thursday June 11 2009
5:44PM 2 [PATCH node] NTP and DNS information are persisted. rhbz#505342
4:03PM 1 [PATCH server] Why passenger not use ?
Wednesday June 10 2009
7:26PM 1 [PATCH] remove rails2.3 deprecated config.action_view.cache_template_extensions
6:42PM 1 ovirt-viewer crash - please help
6:16PM 1 [PATCH server] added ovirt-vnc-proxy sysconfig
6:05PM 1 [PATCH server] small fix to optionparser call to allow port arg to accept an int
5:32PM 1 [PATCH] add cmd line option for server vnc port
Tuesday June 9 2009
5:57PM 0 Announcing oVirt 0.99
5:00AM 1 Problems after installing development git
Monday June 8 2009
8:09PM 2 [PATCH] few minor bugfixes
7:35PM 1 Rebased patch...
6:53PM 2 [PATCH node] o-c-networking checks local storage. bz#504662
5:59PM 1 Follow-on patch
Friday June 5 2009
8:52PM 0 [PATCH server] update postgres for ipv6 support, or db:migrate will fail
4:06PM 0 [PATCH node] Adds a function for checking if storage was configured. bz#504331
3:39PM 1 [PATCH node] Menu now says "Management Network Setup". bz#504321
2:58PM 1 Patch with modified commit message
Thursday June 4 2009
7:52PM 1 [PATCH node] Hostname is now properly persisted between reboots. rhbz#504166
6:45AM 1 FYI, new git "update" script pushed, not yet installed
Wednesday June 3 2009
8:00PM 2 [PATCH server] ovirt server installer autobuild integration
6:45PM 1 [PATCH node] Adds support for a using default storage configuration. bz#503997
5:56PM 1 [PATCH node] Checks if storage is setup before setting the admin password. BZ#509339
Tuesday June 2 2009
3:40PM 0 [PATCH node-image] Removes kvm and kvm-utils.
Monday June 1 2009
4:53PM 0 [PATCH node-image] Add auditd to the list of active services on the node.
4:39PM 0 [PATCH viewer] ovirt viewer autobuild.sh
4:38PM 0 [PATCH server] Fix arguments to factory.
3:35PM 3 [PATCH viewer] few minor bugfixes