openssh unix dev - May 2011

Monday May 30 2011
8:56PM 1 Fwd: Re: Fwd: cgroup OOM killer loop causes system to lockup (possible fix included) - now pinpointed to openssh-server
8:30PM 0 Fwd: cgroup OOM killer loop causes system to lockup (possible fix included)
Monday May 23 2011
8:00AM 4 Security of OpenSSL ECDSA signatures
Friday May 20 2011
6:14PM 0 Possible error in coding of AllowUsers / AllowGroups in ssh 5.8p2
4:39AM 0 [patch] the memory which is allocated by matchpathcon should be freed after it is useless
Thursday May 19 2011
1:18AM 0 Incorrect IP address in syslog when logging commands in Unix
Wednesday May 18 2011
7:43PM 1 Problem SSHing to HP ILO SSH-2.0-mpSSH_0.1.0 with 5.8p1
3:12PM 2 Might a patch to ssh-agent to allow relaxing of peer euid check be accepted?
2:19AM 1 Bug found in openssh 5.8p1 source
Wednesday May 11 2011
10:19PM 1 ssh command line option processing behaviour
6:29PM 0 more user friendly OpenSSH client error messages?
Tuesday May 10 2011
2:24PM 1 Rationale for an absence of a native file-logging configuration option for OpenSSH-Server
Monday May 9 2011
8:18PM 1 configure: error: *** Can't find recent OpenSSL libcrypto (see config.log for details) ***
4:06PM 3 ssh-agent subprocess parentage
2:21PM 2 backdoor by authorized_keys2 leftovers
Friday May 6 2011
7:59PM 1 hacking attempt
7:14PM 1 [PATCH/trivial] Fix numbering in PROTOCOL.mux
Thursday May 5 2011
2:03AM 0 Incorrect version identifier in 5.8p2 release
Wednesday May 4 2011
10:43PM 0 PATCH: update version to p2 in version.h
7:23PM 1 ssh 'connection reset by peer' problem: updates
Tuesday May 3 2011
8:50PM 1 IPTOS constants
4:45AM 0 heads-up: snapshots now being built using autoconf-2.68
12:50AM 0 Announce: Portable OpenSSH 5.8p2 released
12:48AM 1 Revised: Portable OpenSSH security advisory: portable-keysign-rand-helper.adv
Sunday May 1 2011
4:00AM 0 Deadline submission for the SETIT 2011-TUNISIA-