libvirt users - Nov 2012

Friday November 30 2012
2:25PM 1 Re: [Freeipa-users] libvirt with vnc freeipa
Wednesday November 28 2012
4:51PM 0 error when configuring management access via PolicyKit
9:51AM 2 error: argument unsupported: unable to handle disk requests in snapshot
8:34AM 2 error: unsupported configuration: block I/O throttling not supported with this QEMU binary
Tuesday November 27 2012
9:38AM 0 How to passthru a block device from host to the quest os in kvm?
Monday November 26 2012
10:34AM 1 Block device IO limits
Sunday November 25 2012
11:35AM 0 image transfer incompletely in live migration
10:57AM 1 Live migration with non-shared storage leads to corrupted file system
Thursday November 22 2012
3:01PM 0 how can i get rid of the password for accessing the console in virt-manager ?
Wednesday November 21 2012
11:09AM 1 add disk problems for domain
8:50AM 0 Virtualbox support - documentation
2:54AM 0 Disk/volume hot-add question
Monday November 19 2012
10:53AM 1 how to make the volume's format to qcow2 when creating volume
10:42AM 1 libvir: Domain Config error : internal error malformed uuid element
6:39AM 3 unable to ping from guests in virbr0 to guests in virbr1 network
Friday November 16 2012
9:01PM 2 Failed to build libvirt-1.0.0-1.fc17.src.rpm on a CentOS 6.3 system
11:48AM 0 authentication failed, but why?
Wednesday November 14 2012
8:15AM 1 Handling connection closes in (older) Sys::Virt
Tuesday November 13 2012
9:05PM 1 IPV6 configuration
4:59PM 1 virt-viewer X forwarding through ssh broken since FC17 upgrade?
Monday November 12 2012
10:58AM 1 difference between ` virsh save ` and `virsh snapshot
10:51AM 1 Threads per vCPU and vCPU clock
1:34AM 1 where is libvirt-python document??
Sunday November 11 2012
3:04PM 1 the acl mode of files created by libvirtd
Friday November 9 2012
6:31PM 1 [LXC][Openstack] Clarifications needed on usage of libvirt-lxc for openstack
4:55PM 0 Updating an "interface" device has no effect on network filters
11:31AM 1 A warning about "async message processing ."
Thursday November 8 2012
4:09PM 3 Failed to access console after launching LXC through libvirt
1:11PM 1 OpenStack+libvirt+lxc: lxcContainerGetSubtree:1199 : Failed to read /proc/mounts
Wednesday November 7 2012
9:13PM 1 move VM disk images between storage pools on the same host
5:06PM 2 Virt-io Kernels for older RHEL/CentOS versions
4:53PM 1 Problems when filtering on icmpv6
2:21PM 1 libvirt with lxc: internal error The 'cpuacct', 'devices' & 'memory' cgroups controllers must be mounted
8:22AM 1 NWFilter and IPv6
Tuesday November 6 2012
10:29PM 1 help filtering spam
6:53PM 0 No driver found during virt-install / kickstart
8:01AM 1 Failed to bind socket to '/var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock': Permission denied
6:29AM 1 virt-install kickstart local file
Monday November 5 2012
7:52PM 1 is this mailing list active? i am seeing low activity and am receiving spam
7:03PM 1 re-create disk image file
4:20PM 0 CPU Mode= Host passthrough
3:03AM 0 virsh vol-create-as failing on NFS automount for chmod (dynamic_ownership = 0)
Saturday November 3 2012
12:25AM 1 error: Unable to add port vnet1 to OVS bridge ovsbr: Operation not permitted
Thursday November 1 2012
6:41PM 1 build error on CentOS 5
2:19PM 0 numa topology within domain XML
1:35PM 0 Re: libvirt-users Digest, Vol 34, Issue 35