Gluster users - Sep 2014

Tuesday September 30 2014
5:04PM 0 geo-replication 3.5.2 not working on Ubuntu 12.0.4 - transport.address-family not specified
3:21PM 0 Reminder: No Weekly GlusterFS Community meeting tomorrow
1:13PM 0 Cancelled: Gluster Community Bug triage meeting (October 7, 2014)
7:38AM 0 REMINDER: Gluster Bug Triage meeting later today (12:00 UTC)
Monday September 29 2014
1:54PM 0 bonding question
7:28AM 0 Warning messages in client logs
Friday September 26 2014
11:15PM 0 geo-replication fails on CentOS 6.5, gluster v 3.5.2
Thursday September 25 2014
5:38PM 0 heal-failed on 3.5.2
2:23PM 0 Ubuntu upgrade broke Gluster
10:15AM 0 [3.6.0] New Defects reported by Coverity Scan for GlusterFS
7:46AM 0 glusterfs-3.6.0beta2 released
6:53AM 0 Bricks as BTRFS
6:43AM 0 cannot write file when gluster 3.6 client mount volume of gluster 3.3
Wednesday September 24 2014
11:35AM 0 Reminder: Weekly GlusterFS Community Meeting in 25 minutes
9:55AM 0 CentOS 7: Gluster Test Framework testcases failure
6:55AM 0 Re: [ovirt-users] Raid-5 like gluster method?
Tuesday September 23 2014
8:05PM 0 Problem setting up geo-replication: gsyncd using incorrect slave hostname
3:26PM 0 Migrating data from a failing filesystem
2:36PM 0 Lots of these in my brick logs.
1:44PM 0 WORM seems to be broken.
9:57AM 0 REMINDER: Gluster Bug Triage meeting starting in approx. 2 hours from now
7:39AM 0 Unable to run Gluster Test Framework on CentOS 7
2:58AM 0 some questions about configure glusterfs
Monday September 22 2014
7:43PM 0 To GlusterFS or not...
2:04PM 0 Re: glusterfs replica volume self heal lots of small file very very slow?how to improve? why slow?
Sunday September 21 2014
6:35PM 0 glusterfs-3.6.0beta1 released
12:24PM 0 Gluster = RAID 10 over the network?
Friday September 19 2014
1:40PM 0 client-rpc-fops.c ... a lot of errors ...
1:04PM 0 Disaster scenarios
12:51PM 0 Bricks vs LVM
9:01AM 0 Fwd: Re: logfiles get flooded by warnings
8:26AM 0 logfiles get flooded by warnings
2:47AM 0 IRC question?
Thursday September 18 2014
12:12PM 0 GlusterFest Test Week
11:59AM 0 hi, how can i stop/start a brick?
5:22AM 0 glusterfs replica volume self heal lots of small file very very slow!how to improve? why slow?
Wednesday September 17 2014
12:25PM 0 Mirroring in GlusterFS
11:14AM 0 Reminder: Weekly GlusterFS Community Meeting in 45 minutes
Tuesday September 16 2014
8:41PM 0 Is it safe to resize the capacity of a mountpoint being used by a brick?
6:41PM 0 How do I temporarily take a brick out of service and then put it back later?
4:51PM 0 Issue with tar, ls and rsync on 10G volume
9:54AM 0 Quota issue on GlusterFS 3.5.2-1
7:52AM 0 Need help: Mount -t glusterfs hangs
6:56AM 0 INFO: task "####" blocked for more than 120 seconds.
5:31AM 0 glusterfs replica volume self heal lots of small file very very slow!!why?how to improve?
1:50AM 0 Are the libgfapi interfaces supportted asynchronous calls?
Monday September 15 2014
7:25PM 0 Cancelled: Gluster Community Bug triage meeting
4:41PM 0 Can not change brick with replace-brick.
4:20PM 0 confused with heal output
3:18PM 0 Use geo-replication without passwordless ssh login
6:22AM 0 calamari for gluster
Saturday September 13 2014
1:32PM 0 Geo-replication upgrade to 3.5.2
Friday September 12 2014
1:20PM 0 questions on volume options
8:43AM 0 Fwd: [ovirt-users] ovirt35 - deep dive - Monitoring (UI plugin) Dashboard (Integrated with Nagios monitoring)
6:13AM 0 Who's who ?
5:44AM 0 error when using mount point as a brick directory.
Thursday September 11 2014
7:39AM 0 remote operation failed: Operation not permitted
7:36AM 0 Fwd: New Defects reported by Coverity Scan for GlusterFS
Wednesday September 10 2014
3:05PM 0 server X:Y has not responded in the last 42 seconds, disconnecting
1:13PM 0 3.5 replication to local filesystem?
11:00AM 0 Reminder: Weekly GlusterFS Community Meeting in 1 hour
7:27AM 0 Questions about gluster reblance
3:02AM 0 Dead directory after other node is rebooted
Tuesday September 9 2014
11:12PM 0 Gluster pool help
3:20PM 0 Recommended volume settings for 10G VMWare Datastore
1:08PM 0 Minutes of todays Bug Triage Meeting
11:56AM 0 REMINDER: Bug triage meeting starting in 5 minutes
8:23AM 0 glusterfs replica volume self heal lots of small file very very slow!!why?
Monday September 8 2014
8:24PM 0 Split brain that is not split brain
7:32PM 0 Re: Gluster-users Digest, Vol 77, Issue 2
5:32PM 0 glusterfs-3.4.6beta1 released
2:44PM 0 peer has no files
2:27PM 0 distributed files disappearing
Sunday September 7 2014
11:03PM 0 IOPS and CPU cycles, what is the relationship between the two?
Friday September 5 2014
6:22PM 0 split-brain on glusterfs running with quorum on server and client
6:11PM 0 file corruption on Gluster 3.5.1 and Ubuntu 14.04
10:21AM 0 Proposal for GlusterD-2.0
8:15AM 0 glusterfs replica volume self heal dir very slow!!why?
Thursday September 4 2014
10:18PM 0 Gluster appears to be connecting to its peers, but filesystem remains unchanged on the other peer.
3:48PM 0 once upgraded is there a way to roll back?
2:01AM 0 Glusterfs the same file but data size is different between server and client
Wednesday September 3 2014
11:56PM 0 Slow Read/Write Speeds | Fuse Error
3:34PM 0 noob: web server + file server
2:48PM 0 Feedback and future plans for glusterfsiostat
1:38PM 0 new packages for debian in repository
1:11PM 0 Disbalanced load
12:07PM 0 Compilation of GlusterFS from src
11:30AM 0 Reminder: Weekly GlusterFS Community Meeting in 30 minutes
Tuesday September 2 2014
7:24PM 0 Partition table
4:38PM 0 Error message: getxattr failed on <somefile>: user.virtfs.rdev (No data available)
1:25PM 0 Meeting minutes from todays Bug triage meeting
9:17AM 0 Regarding the write performance in replica 1 volume in 1Gbps Ethernet, get about 50MB/s while writing single file.
3:49AM 0 complete f......p thanks to glusterfs...applause, you crashed weeks of work
Monday September 1 2014
5:39PM 0 Expanding Volumes and Geo-replication