Gluster users - Oct 2011

Monday October 31 2011
8:47PM 0 openindiana client
6:55PM 2 Is it possible to install Gluster management console using manual install process?
Saturday October 29 2011
10:32PM 0 FBSD
12:25PM 1 2 Nodes Replica, Locks
Friday October 28 2011
9:00PM 1 some nodes mount unwritable /subvolumes/ of glusterfs (3.3b1)
1:50PM 1 Strange problem with distributed-replicated and disk space.
Wednesday October 26 2011
5:28AM 1 Gluster object-storage additional proxy
2:01AM 2 Some questions about theoretical gluster failures.
Tuesday October 25 2011
11:32PM 0 Adding secondary mount point
12:00PM 1 Moving contents of disks/nodes to a new installation of glusterfs?
10:25AM 1 problems with gluster 3.2.4
Monday October 24 2011
8:46AM 1 Confused about Geo Replication..
3:25AM 1 Glusterfs and FS-Cache
Sunday October 23 2011
12:55AM 2 GlusterFS over lessfs/opendedupe
Friday October 21 2011
12:55PM 2 Performance problems with glusterfs
Thursday October 20 2011
10:29PM 1 tons and tons of clients, oh my!
7:00PM 1 FW: Save the Date: Building New File Systems with GlusterFS Translators
3:16PM 1 What is the default root password for Gluster installed using ISO
2:34PM 1 trying to create a 3 brick CIFS NAS server
1:18PM 2 Optimal XFS formatting?
12:41PM 1 Expand replicated bricks to more nodes/change replica count
9:43AM 1 Unable to delete, stop volume
2:49AM 1 Gluster Storage platform crashed how to get the data back?
2:46AM 0 How to rescue from Gluster Storage platform
Wednesday October 19 2011
5:29PM 1 What is the default root password for the Gluster installed using ISO?
3:52PM 0 how to enable "selfheal" on replicated volumes?
12:45PM 1 gluster map/reduce performance..
12:20PM 0 Problem with apache and glusterfs
10:07AM 0 glusterFS
10:02AM 1 Is it possible to install Gluster Object storage on top of Gluster 3.0.5?
Tuesday October 18 2011
3:58PM 0 io-cache translator does not work for multi-bricks
9:14AM 0 unable to remove brick / stop volume in glusterfs 3.2
7:24AM 2 gluster rebalance taking three months
Monday October 17 2011
5:11PM 1 brick out of space, unmounted brick
3:16PM 1 Need help with optimizing GlusterFS for Apache
2:11PM 2 Problems with running long jobs on a replicated volume.
12:59PM 1 Permission denied after upgrade and rebalancing
Wednesday October 12 2011
3:40AM 1 Problem with VM images when one node goes online
Tuesday October 11 2011
8:46PM 2 Relase of 3.3
8:44PM 0 Stable glusterFS version and total back migration
6:54PM 1 rotate nfs.log
8:57AM 1 Problem with VM images when one node goes online (self-healing) on a 2 node replication gluster for VMware datastore
Monday October 10 2011
2:56PM 2 configuration questions & advice
Friday October 7 2011
11:15AM 0 Manual rsync before self-heal to prevent repaired server hanging
9:11AM 0 Stale NFS file handles related to self-heal
7:35AM 1 (3.2.4-1) many "Stopping gluster nfsd running in pid: <pid>" in log
5:10AM 1 Directory listings not working (Khawaja Shams)
1:14AM 0 Question on Client Mount
Thursday October 6 2011
10:01PM 0 Tony Bussieres est absent(e).
9:16AM 1 fuse mount disconnecting...
Wednesday October 5 2011
6:07PM 0 NFS vs. auth.allow
2:54PM 0 NFS auth-allow host list truncated
11:04AM 1 Directory listings not working
Tuesday October 4 2011
8:14PM 2 Gluster on EC2 - how to replace failed EBS volume?
3:23PM 2 Red Hat..
Saturday October 1 2011
11:56PM 1 Problem with Gluster's LATEST RPM Builds
7:56PM 3 Vol full of .*.gfs* after migrate-data
1:55PM 1 Cannot stop/delete/shrink volume: "transport endpoint not connected"