freebsd stable - Aug 2013

Saturday August 31 2013
7:49PM 2 Stiil a regression with jails/IPv6/pf?
Friday August 30 2013
7:36PM 11 Lost CAM Access to DVD Writer
3:31PM 5 Some PR never seen to delete
Thursday August 29 2013
9:35PM 10 gmirror crash writing to disk? Or is it su+j crash?
9:09PM 4 OVH KS-2G Random Reboots [FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE-p6]
1:32PM 23 9.2-RC3 - suspend/resume causes slow system performance
9:15AM 11 Why are cardbus drivers cbb(4) and pccard(4) still included in GENERIC?
8:27AM 9 Boot problem if a ZFS log device is missing
Wednesday August 28 2013
2:20PM 2 9-STABLE panic on intensive fork
1:10PM 4 State of Unicode collation support in FreeBSD?
5:17AM 0 9-STABLE amd64 / VirtualBox Testcases
Tuesday August 27 2013
6:03PM 3 can't build ^/releng/9.2 from ^/releng/9.1
12:41PM 20 Suggest changing dirhash defaults for FreeBSD 9.2.
12:39PM 3 make buildworld fails 9.2 PRERELEASE to RC3
10:58AM 3 virtualbox crashes r254557
4:51AM 0 Vos nouveaux tarifs "panneaux Akilux" et impression brochures
Monday August 26 2013
8:01PM 4 9-STABLE, clang, and virtualbox
7:07PM 3 RELENG_9 build error
1:56PM 2 Stack overflow with kernel r254683
1:56PM 8 another? NFS deadlock on 9.2-PRERELEASE
1:13PM 1 9.2-RC3 Now Available
7:06AM 3 if_em, legacy nic and GbE saturation
Sunday August 25 2013
7:41PM 0 [panic] vm_page_unwire: page 0xfffffe02377e42a0's wire count is zero
2:19PM 2 Re: patch to improve AES-NI performance
Friday August 23 2013
5:20PM 0 [releng_8 tinderbox] failure on powerpc/powerpc
5:20PM 0 [releng_8 tinderbox] failure on sparc64/sparc64
5:07PM 0 [releng_8 tinderbox] failure on amd64/amd64
5:01PM 0 [releng_8 tinderbox] failure on ia64/ia64
4:47PM 0 [releng_8 tinderbox] failure on i386/i386
4:45PM 0 [releng_8 tinderbox] failure on i386/pc98
4:31PM 0 [releng_8 tinderbox] failure on arm/arm
4:30PM 0 [releng_8 tinderbox] failure on mips/mips
Thursday August 22 2013
9:09AM 3 [releng_9 tinderbox] failure on powerpc64/powerpc
7:40AM 2 ZFS pool with 4k sector size
7:25AM 3 [releng_9 tinderbox] failure on mips/mips
5:18AM 3 [releng_9 tinderbox] failure on arm/arm
Wednesday August 21 2013
2:49PM 4 Re: [CFT] VMware vmxnet3 ethernet driver
1:02PM 3 Properties list for zfs in FreeBSD
Sunday August 18 2013
5:14PM 7 wpi fatal firmware error with country de
11:28AM 0 Invitation: CONTACT MY SECRETARY FOR YOUR COMPENSATION! @ Sun Aug 18, 2013 7:30am - 8:30am (
10:07AM 5 Update to 9.2-PRERELEASE, what is this?
Saturday August 17 2013
8:23PM 4 [releng_9 tinderbox] failure on powerpc/powerpc
7:58PM 4 [releng_9 tinderbox] failure on sparc64/sparc64
7:13PM 4 [releng_9 tinderbox] failure on ia64/ia64
5:17PM 4 [releng_9 tinderbox] failure on i386/i386
5:15PM 4 [releng_9 tinderbox] failure on i386/pc98
12:11PM 16 [ATH] 9.2-PRERELEASE and wlan0 device disconnection
2:17AM 2 9.2-RC2 Now Available
Friday August 16 2013
1:34PM 12 FBSD 9.2 RC crashes running as virtualbox host
Thursday August 15 2013
5:24PM 1 Behavior of jexec
12:52PM 0 Fashion Access - A fashion event in Hong Kong you can’t afford to miss
Wednesday August 14 2013
6:55PM 3 9.2-RC1, nfe, auto_linklocal : ioctl(SIOCGIFINFO_IN6): Invalid argument
1:10PM 9 makefs Sparse Files: NetBSD CLI Compatibility
11:49AM 0 9.2-beta, [zpool] iostat fibbing?
Tuesday August 13 2013
10:16AM 2 9.2-BETA2 panics
8:40AM 0 9.2-RC1 laptop lid cover problem
Monday August 12 2013
9:19PM 0 [SOLVED] how to remove usb-storage devices without CAM errors
2:51PM 0 Geom mirror regression in 9.2-RC1
1:38PM 0 9.2-RC1 rc.firewall workstation type and myservices
12:34PM 6 Installer on serial-console-only-embedded system
12:27PM 2 FeeBSD 9.2-RC1 sendmail alisases.db missing
Sunday August 11 2013
5:31PM 30 Change in loader or kernel: won't boot with kfreebsd in grub2
Saturday August 10 2013
5:18PM 1 Failure to build stable/9 (r253683) from head - WCHAR_MIN redefined
12:31PM 2 VTNET + pf + TSO performance
Friday August 9 2013
8:28AM 6 missing /boot/menusets.4th
Thursday August 8 2013
3:21PM 0 URTW driver and AHDEMO mode
3:56AM 3 how to remove usb-storage devices without CAM errors
Wednesday August 7 2013
5:28PM 3 Some missong patches in 9.2-RC2
4:26PM 15 ZFS in jails 9.2-RC1 permission denied
4:04PM 1 FreeBSD 9.2-RC1 i386 frozen to death
3:59PM 0 Enabling pf in 9-STABLE guest on KVM triggers abrt crash report
2:18PM 4 FreeBSD9.2-RC1 bootonly network installation fetch error (snapshots vs releases)
1:09PM 6 [releng_9 tinderbox] failure on amd64/amd64
Tuesday August 6 2013
2:56PM 2 wireless networking probelm with WEP
1:45PM 11 FreeBSD-Update + Sendmail
11:10AM 9 Sendmail-8.14.7 doesn't work with MS DNS in IPv4 network
Monday August 5 2013
9:15PM 9 unexpected idprio 31 behavior on 9.2-BETA2 and 9.2-RC1
5:36PM 3 9.2-RC1 sparc install via network problems
11:11AM 0 FreeBSD 9.2-RC1 now available
Sunday August 4 2013
7:27PM 1 boot2 FreeBSD 9.2-RC1 r253913M
4:46PM 0 root umask and building ports
3:36PM 0 binary upgrade from 9.1 to 9.2
6:34AM 3 NFS locking between 8.3-STABLE (jan 2013) and 9.2-BETA2 -- Firefox SQLite locking issue
Friday August 2 2013
11:26PM 0 add 'show mbuf' to ddb in stable/9
6:44PM 2 AAC regression in 9.2-BETA
Thursday August 1 2013
3:31PM 10 Please remove Perl from ports
3:11PM 1 FreeBSD 9.1 won't boot with a graid error
2:47PM 4 Listen queue overflow
1:22PM 3 Re: i386/179112: 9.1 installer panics with a kmem_malloc() failure on i386 embedded systems
1:20PM 0 Re: i386/179112: commit references a PR
9:36AM 4 GEOM RAID devd events