dovecot - Dec 2013

Monday December 30 2013
11:44PM 0 How to add dovecot plugin?
4:34PM 0 Warning: fscking index file /.../dovecot.index
1:29PM 0 dovecot 2.2.10 - imap: Error: Can't load plugin imap_stats_plugin:
Sunday December 29 2013
10:03PM 0 how to separate virtual delivery and authentication?
Saturday December 28 2013
1:05PM 0 pop3 rate limit
Friday December 27 2013
9:19PM 0 Using DSync to convert from maildir to m/sdbox during migration of mail to new server
8:41PM 0 Dovecot 'Submission' service?
6:42PM 0 Migrating from Maildir to dbox+SIS... sdbox or mdbox?
6:32PM 0 Enabling SIS (single instance storage)
2:33PM 0 Question about mailformat migration
1:41PM 0 Server Migration Attempt - new messages DELETED after secondary rsyncs
12:04PM 0 obox_fs and Dropbox, someone uses it?
10:08AM 0 German Umlauts in folder name and sieve
5:04AM 0 Sieve's spamtest always returns 0
Thursday December 26 2013
2:34PM 0 Question re: indexes
1:40PM 0 mail_location, user 'home', questions
10:23AM 0 tests with metadata module
9:04AM 0 Dovecot quota with MySQL - username issue
Wednesday December 25 2013
7:16AM 0 LMTP with virtual and system users
3:16AM 0 SHA512-CRYPT scheme fails password verification
Tuesday December 24 2013
5:02PM 0 Thunderbird message cache out of sync after repetitive rsyncs...
4:43PM 0 dovecot-postfix stack imap_client_workarounds
1:15PM 0 Sieve is not getting the propper RCPT from the LMTP daemon
10:25AM 0 Patch for Dovecot's quota policy daemon
Monday December 23 2013
4:40PM 0 panic with 2.2.10 and GETMETADATA
3:39PM 0 Sieve Addon in thunderbird is not showing Vacation in action list
3:07PM 0 Is the users password available from a mail_filter?
11:30AM 0 [help]how to config the dovecot authentication by the other servers
2:26AM 0 auth: Error: net_accept() failed: Too many open files
Sunday December 22 2013
10:46PM 0 move mailbox to LAYOUT=fs
9:07PM 0 TLS SNI with Dovecot
7:54PM 0 Dovecot proxying with LDAP - an example?
3:43PM 0 'unknown user' using dovecot LDA
3:13PM 0 Duplicated (but only for unread) messages after second rsync pass...
Saturday December 21 2013
9:24PM 0 New server missing auth-worker entries in logs
3:49PM 0 Eliminate legacy INBOX namespace - how?
6:52AM 0 Ignoring mount points for secondary dovecot instance does not seem to work
Friday December 20 2013
9:53PM 0 Thank you!
1:53PM 0 [dovecot-2.2.5] Duplicates in mdbox
3:07AM 0 v2.2.10 released
Thursday December 19 2013
3:07PM 0 zlib plugin question
12:36PM 0 problem with password in a changing scenario
10:23AM 0 Horde + dovecot metadata support
8:54AM 0 Does quota-status respect quota_grace?
7:59AM 0 int/ext mailserver
5:20AM 0 mirror to download dovecot
Wednesday December 18 2013
10:26AM 0 External auth
Tuesday December 17 2013
12:48PM 1 Dovecot proxy and Postfix SASL
9:54AM 0 reproducible dsync backup panic (dovecot 2.2.7)
Monday December 16 2013
9:46PM 0 Errors in log file
7:36PM 16 configure lmtp to deliver to email addresses case insensitively
10:51AM 7 connection Dovecot to samba4
Sunday December 15 2013
9:53AM 1 Is mail deleted when mail-filter fails?
Saturday December 14 2013
10:45PM 11 Postfix + Dovecot & mail-stack-delivery Outlook Problem
6:05PM 1 Possible pigeonhole dealing with negative numerical values
4:23PM 0 imap2json
3:27PM 0 search gives variable/different results
3:19PM 3 mail-filter always results in corrupted indexes
10:37AM 3 Turn of mount point adding?
Friday December 13 2013
3:49PM 0 Mailbox with .broken files
2:37PM 9 Accessing plain text password from memory
1:07AM 4 File descriptor leak in sieve-extprograms
Thursday December 12 2013
11:50AM 2 what's wrong with this config file?
11:47AM 3 Size detection/replair does not work with zlib
11:05AM 0 auth failures
10:37AM 1 Panic: file buffer.c: assertion failed: (used_size <= buf->alloc)
10:36AM 1 ot: tracking messages- luser troubleshooting
10:26AM 0 Dovecot as caching proxy
9:17AM 7 warning from managesieve
8:12AM 1 error with xz compression
8:10AM 7 Dovecot 2.1.7 crash (with core dumped)
5:46AM 0 multiple passdbs and auth sockets
4:10AM 0 Selectively allow non-SSL connections based on userdb
Wednesday December 11 2013
5:16PM 0 [Dovecot 2.2.9] mail-filter plugin don't load
4:52PM 6 managesieve error with dovecot
4:14PM 1 Plugin development - ostream and index cache size
1:18PM 1 restricted dovecot conf
Tuesday December 10 2013
9:59PM 2 "Select Inbox" drops connection. IMAP troubleshooting help available?
6:09PM 0 Re: Index issue? - SOLVED
3:38PM 0 dsync verbosity, summary of transfer
2:15PM 10 OT: Large corporate email systems - Exchange vs open source *nix based
11:42AM 2 Index issue?
11:09AM 1 Problem with INDEXes and deleting shared folders
9:09AM 0 Panic: file acl-cache.c
12:08AM 2 undoing a zlib test
Monday December 9 2013
11:44PM 6 Dovecot+LDAP lda problem
3:16PM 0 Dovecot - solr - user unknown
10:26AM 0 Use Replication plugin to do a backup (one-direction sync)
Sunday December 8 2013
3:26PM 0 dsync-local crashes due to assertion failures
11:20AM 2 Expire plugin - empty expires table
Saturday December 7 2013
11:59AM 2 pigeonhole openssl s_client
4:35AM 1 No Dovecot 2.2.9 on OpenBSD 5.4 amd64
4:22AM 3 base_dir= problems
4:12AM 1 Easy migration from Dovecot 1.2.16 ppc maildir to 2.1.17 amd64 mdbox
3:11AM 6 dovecot-imapd eating 100% cpu every once in a while
Friday December 6 2013
7:35PM 3 SQL as a storage backend
6:21PM 1 Authentification Dovecot + Samba4
2:14PM 0 UIDL and namespaces after qmail-pop3d and BincIMAP
1:33PM 2 bug report: doveadm assertion failure "mail_index_map_lookup_seq_range"
11:57AM 0 SOLR quick and dirty how to - needs review/testing
11:01AM 0 Active Directory LDAP userdb and dovecot
10:28AM 3 Design details of high performance dovecot cluster
5:51AM 1 imap crash 2.2.9 hg
1:32AM 2 delete message with specified id
Thursday December 5 2013
9:55PM 8 zlib config questions
9:51PM 1 Expire plugin and databases
8:18PM 11 Dsync error: Couldn't drop privileges: getgrnam
12:17PM 1 Syslog debug messages
12:27AM 0 Postfix & Dovecot Sieve Advice
Wednesday December 4 2013
6:52PM 3 Dovecot readable compressed mail archive
5:02PM 5 Question regarding quotas (is this a bug or intended behavior) ?
2:35PM 6 Ubuntu packages and broken link in docs
8:09AM 4 letters local filter duplicated
8:04AM 5 file descriptor errors
4:43AM 1 Multi-master Replication?
Tuesday December 3 2013
9:33PM 1 Panic in indexer-worker
3:29PM 2 Different settings for SSL/non-SSL protocols
2:01PM 7 Complete migration from Cyrus on remote server
1:07PM 2 Possible managesieve bug.
12:55PM 5 disconnecting (disconnected by server)
9:18AM 1 Error in imap_address_arg_append
Monday December 2 2013
8:25PM 1 dovecot.index-Errors with multiple IMAP client access in Dovecot 2.2
5:47PM 9 backup mdbox best strategy
3:56PM 5 Dove LDA vs Exim LDA
1:41PM 3 imap-login hangs after receiving revoked SSL certificate
12:04PM 0 "[CANNOT] Mailbox GUIDs are not permanent without index files" when trying to delete folder
11:00AM 2 FTS solr issue with second private namespace
2:13AM 0 doveadm table formatter: hidden titles may cause misaligned headers