dovecot - Nov 2012

Friday November 30 2012
10:34PM 2 Redelivery of mdbox messages to pass through sieve
4:20PM 0 Newbie Basic ACL issue
10:22AM 1 Maildir conversion
8:30AM 1 2.1.12 - Pigeonhole 0.3.3 build failed: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lssl -lcrypto
7:01AM 1 v2.1.12 released
6:03AM 1 mdbox corruption
5:32AM 1 Tcpflow capture
Thursday November 29 2012
2:57PM 1 cmd-vacation.c:4:17: fatal error: lib.h: No such file or directory && ./configure: line 11410: -lssl: command not found
12:01PM 1 Maildir hardlinks with sieve
11:02AM 1 Problem with mail_location and INDEX location
9:00AM 1 Missing quotes in dovecot-config causes pigeonhole to failed.
6:44AM 1 v2.1.11 released
1:58AM 0 Umask of Homedir
Wednesday November 28 2012
4:54PM 1 corrupt mdbox, force-resync segfaults
2:18PM 0 problems with quota and clients
12:12PM 4 Shutting down my Dovecot server?
9:38AM 2 backtrace from postgres dict
8:57AM 2 Any chance to access read-only mdboxes?
Tuesday November 27 2012
1:32PM 1 IMAP over SSL
12:53PM 1 Cannot STORE \Seen flag on some mails
8:53AM 6 v2.1.11 soon
6:48AM 1 Dovecot IMAP/POP3 auto creating maildir
Monday November 26 2012
6:58PM 4 sieve + dkim
5:31PM 3 Vacation messages come from POSTMASTER, not user
4:07PM 1 lmtp_rcpt_check_quota working somewhere?
2:24PM 2 IMAP proxy - can it detect parodying to itself?
6:41AM 2 Missing Messages on IOS device
Saturday November 24 2012
2:49AM 2 SSL certificates
Friday November 23 2012
11:13AM 2 dovecot trying to update my sieve directory
7:46AM 2 Default fallback behaviour
Thursday November 22 2012
3:06PM 1 Plugin help, number of messages in mailbox
8:46AM 3 imap_acl and osx 10.7
Wednesday November 21 2012
5:34PM 1 Filesystem quotas
2:58PM 0 XMLRPC anyone?
2:23PM 1 Autocreate No namespace for Problem
1:05PM 1 Dovecot director doveadm with switch "-A" error
10:15AM 1 Proxy to join two accounts
Tuesday November 20 2012
8:56PM 1 v2.1.10: Director director_servers order issue
7:10PM 2 Need help for configure sieve
3:54PM 2 doveadm fails with passdb authentication binds (dovecot 2.0.16)
12:55AM 1 FYI: News about Mark Crispin
Monday November 19 2012
3:49PM 2 Unsuscribe
2:17PM 2 Dovecot sieve with postfix.
2:02PM 1 fs_flush_file_handle_cache_dir: rmdir(/var/mail) AGAIN
1:48PM 1 Data Store Synchronization
12:06PM 0 upgrade 1.0.15 -> 2.1.7: MBOX index compatibility and performance
Sunday November 18 2012
7:12PM 0 advices for a new installation
2:54PM 4 panic fts_solr for bad attachment
1:32PM 3 users mail folders have to be subscribed
12:23AM 6 ACL and SSL
Saturday November 17 2012
10:31PM 0 couple questions about dovecot
4:23PM 2 Different Mechanism for POP3
Friday November 16 2012
8:47PM 3 dovecot: lda(root): Fatal: Invalid user settings. Refer to server log for more information.
3:24PM 2 Is there any Documentation or Howto/Guide for Dovecot Replication or do i have to wait for dovecot 2.2.x?
2:12PM 2 Initial status notification not received
10:11AM 1 shared mailboxes and indexes
9:33AM 4 Folder layout after Cyrus to Dovecot migration
3:27AM 1 whoson plugin for 2.0
Thursday November 15 2012
3:19PM 1 Change errors to spanish
2:20PM 0 emails are not displayed
4:55AM 1 Quotas 2.1clarification
Wednesday November 14 2012
10:29AM 2 Dovecot 2.1.10
10:03AM 2 auth attempts errors
Tuesday November 13 2012
2:57PM 1 sieve-extprograms strips Return-Path headers
2:44PM 5 IPhone wont delete IMAP messages from dovecot mailbox
1:22PM 0 Problem importing messages with lazy_expunged configured
1:09PM 0 older gcc don't know --as-needed
10:35AM 2 multiple users to same e-mail account with ldap authentication
5:09AM 5 Dovecot newbie (migrating from qmail)
Monday November 12 2012
11:33AM 3 Commercial features in Dovecot future: Object storage, archive
9:49AM 1 Invalid Managesieve commands are counted twice
9:40AM 1 Help me with IMAP config
9:10AM 1 dovecot lost mail! Cause?
Saturday November 10 2012
8:34PM 1 User iteration with static userdb
4:46PM 1 Sieve users script problem.
10:44AM 4 imap-login hanging when firewall blocks ssl handshaking
Friday November 9 2012
3:11PM 1 doveadm quota get -A via doveadm-proxy director with LDAP
1:24PM 1 Sieve puts incoming message into inbox on any problem with submission_host
9:11AM 0 quota recalc does not work
5:37AM 1 Is there a hook for a plugin to do some transient operation on the mail body ...
12:49AM 1 memory allocation issues
Thursday November 8 2012
9:21PM 3 Mails don't get deleted after POP3
8:03PM 0 IP/SSL configuration
2:51PM 1 Hardlink with Maildir a brief help
2:45PM 1 IMAP session state inconsistent
8:29AM 2 cannot update mailbox - unable to lock for exclusive access
7:48AM 3 pop3 exim4 dovecot
Wednesday November 7 2012
1:01PM 1 Solr 4.0 - lucene - FTS
9:13AM 3 Dovecot ok for port 110, but not for SSL (beginner asking)
8:25AM 1 acl and subfolder
Tuesday November 6 2012
11:51AM 2 doveadm import doesn't work
11:08AM 1 Auth USER lookup failed
9:38AM 1 LDAP congestion
7:59AM 6 sieve
5:09AM 3 Android ICS stock client and IMAP Capability issue.
Monday November 5 2012
11:19PM 1 Security precautions for remote clients
Sunday November 4 2012
8:34PM 5 Quota
Saturday November 3 2012
9:45AM 3 LMTP benefit vs LDA
9:18AM 1 dovecot default service
Friday November 2 2012
11:51PM 2 sessionid in logout line
3:55PM 1 Feature request: add information to error message: client doesn't have lookup permissions for this user: userdb reply doesn't contain uid (change userdb socket permissions)
Thursday November 1 2012
8:28PM 2 "starting" dovecot
3:20PM 1 dovecot dimensioning
2:38PM 1 No manpage for "doveadm fts" command
1:08PM 1 Indexing problems
10:27AM 1 2.2.alpha1 (626a9df21e62): LMTP Core Dump
2:42AM 1 Modifying mailbox GUIDs?