dovecot - May 2012

Thursday May 31 2012
1:58PM 1 inet_listener imaps { port = 0 } question
Wednesday May 30 2012
3:45PM 2 Strange Dovecot 2.0.20 auth chokes and cores
7:00AM 0 Dovecot-lda - 100% cpu
Tuesday May 29 2012
8:57PM 1 i can't make DOTS before mailbox names
7:24PM 1 v2.1.7 released
2:09PM 1 Different SSL requirements for connections on different ports?
1:59PM 1 (no subject)
1:18PM 4 per-mailbox message limits
10:23AM 2 interesting stats pattern
Monday May 28 2012
1:50PM 3 Dovecot 2.1 mbox + maildir
Sunday May 27 2012
12:16AM 0 Checkpassword Perl LDAP Implementation
Saturday May 26 2012
1:30PM 1 Crash on force-resync if / is given as mailbox name
12:51PM 1 I can't logon to the mail server using an NIS user account
Friday May 25 2012
10:12PM 1 Released Pigeonhole v0.3.1 for Dovecot v2.1.6
4:52PM 1 Bug report - crash on group lookup
Thursday May 24 2012
3:50PM 1 Time stamp or expire_stamp not updating to DATABASE table expires in mysql
3:28PM 1 AUTH PLAIN fails while AUTH LOGIN succeeds with Exim -> Dovecot SASL auth
10:17AM 1 dsync migration with preserving pop3 uidl
Wednesday May 23 2012
4:01PM 2 Dovecot auth process delays exiting if LDAPS passdb used
8:21AM 1 Running sieve manually
Tuesday May 22 2012
8:09PM 1 sieve
7:44PM 1 fts_lucene crashing
Monday May 21 2012
2:17PM 1 Failed build with lucene plugin
11:17AM 0 per user compression level and mailbox format
8:48AM 1 Active Directory : searches in root tree
Sunday May 20 2012
12:07PM 1 GETQUOTAROOT under roundcube
11:19AM 6 Berkeley DB with Dovecot
11:12AM 1 Dovecot 2 fails after correct login
9:33AM 1 Convert from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8?
Saturday May 19 2012
6:41PM 1 Maildir - Need script to delete old unread messages
5:19PM 2 dovecot fts_lucene indexes not being updated
Friday May 18 2012
9:44PM 1 Best way to change index location on mdbox
4:57PM 1 Override old e-mails with new e-mails after exceeding Maildir size limit
12:31PM 1 Public mailboxes
12:28PM 0 Public maiboxes
Thursday May 17 2012
3:47PM 2 BEWARE: This list is being harvested for leads
3:22PM 6 High level of pop3 popping causing server to become unresponsive
1:38PM 1 BEWARE: This list is being harvested for leads
12:58PM 1 Migration between namespaces breaks outlook on mac's
10:11AM 1 Valid config for lda_mailbox_autosubscribe with dovecot 1.2?
Wednesday May 16 2012
9:20PM 2 Error in dovecot 2.0.13: "Too many levels of symbolic links"
8:39PM 1 wrong search results with fts_solr
4:36PM 1 Only method=PLAIN
1:20PM 1 How to make Dovecot verbous
10:11AM 0 server with only shared mailboxes ?
7:52AM 2 Getting Postfix Admin's DB to work with Postfix's/Dovecot's MySQL DB
6:59AM 1 Very High Load on Dovecot 2 and Errors in mail.err.
Tuesday May 15 2012
6:57PM 1 plugin: Don't allow deleting the last instance of a mail
1:08PM 1 [PATCH] dovecot-lda with expire plugin segfaults if dict failed
11:31AM 1 Authentication with AD and quick mbox question
10:23AM 2 Maildir filename has wrong S value
Monday May 14 2012
4:17PM 1 [Plugin dev] First-time-only cache lock failure
3:56PM 6 Can we know when a user read our email?
5:39AM 1 dovecot report W value error and Corrupted index cache file
Sunday May 13 2012
10:34PM 1 managesieve problem
9:40PM 1 userdb namespace settings bug
4:43PM 1 TLS X.509 CRLs
11:21AM 2 doveadm not working
10:31AM 1 dovecot-2.1.6: why are loglines longer and longer
7:55AM 0 Non void function static int services_verify_systemd(struct service_list *service_list) doesn't return value at the end
1:34AM 1 Crash in settings parser (assertion failed: (src_count == ccount))
12:07AM 2 Dovecot usage values differ from actual disk usage
Saturday May 12 2012
8:50AM 2 Quota, message is never send?
Friday May 11 2012
3:06PM 2 multi-instance doveadm user -m woes
2:33PM 1 namespace from snapshots
1:29PM 1 ..::MBOX ISSUE::..
6:41AM 4 index IO patterns
5:02AM 2 dovecot wants to access my music directory
Thursday May 10 2012
9:13PM 2 Postfix Query
6:43PM 1 Log files
4:42PM 2 Converting Dovecot.conf file from Dovecot 1.x to Dovecot 2.x (Dovecot configured with work with MySQL and Postfix)
3:40PM 2 Request for help with dovecot.conf file: configured to work with MySQL and Postfix.
2:37PM 3 /var/run/dovecot folder gets deleted on server reboot? ubuntu 10.10
9:03AM 2 Thunderbird log-in --->Authentication failed - password in uppercase in log files
12:38AM 2 dovecot/auth killed with signal 6
Wednesday May 9 2012
1:17PM 2 mailbox_check_mismatching_separators
6:49AM 1 Client got empty email from dovecot
2:17AM 1 IMAP NOTIFY extension
Tuesday May 8 2012
6:55PM 1 Director and backend on the same server
6:17PM 2 Thunderbird STARTTLS error
5:36PM 1 lmtp_save_to_detail_mailbox not working?
1:34PM 0 [+]: Exim / Dovecot and AUTH LOGIN
1:22PM 1 Exim / Dovecot and AUTH LOGIN
8:59AM 1 Enforcing Dovecot Quotas
7:16AM 1 mixed MBOX and Maildir format ?
1:11AM 2 dovecot smtp authentication with sendmail
Monday May 7 2012
8:40PM 1 Panic in index-sync.c: line 25 on dovecot-1.2.17
8:21PM 2 Upgrading known problems (2.0 to 2.1) ?
7:21PM 1 Proxying for some users and having the rest local?
5:44AM 0 v2.1.6 released
3:34AM 2 Shared namespace
2:43AM 1 This binary should probably be called with process group set to (vmail) instead of (userid)
12:53AM 1 Authentication process holding open filehandles
Sunday May 6 2012
10:15PM 1 dsync with virtual users
6:18PM 1 courier to dovecot
Saturday May 5 2012
7:06PM 4 IMAP STARTTLS Problem
4:29PM 1 Corrupted mdbox file
7:12AM 1 HG 3d8a25a4394d Patch breaks UserDB Lookups
Friday May 4 2012
1:48PM 1 smtp -auth with using clear text password
9:43AM 1 doveadm mailbox: rc=0 on error
9:20AM 2 Strange behaviour for sieve_before
Thursday May 3 2012
11:43PM 1 non-ascii password
Wednesday May 2 2012
9:54PM 1 Sieve script does not run in dovecot 2.0 on squeeze
5:27PM 1 mdbox corruption
1:41PM 2 Dovecot for POP3S proxying
Tuesday May 1 2012
8:33AM 1 dovecot, ldap and multiple auth_bind_userdn
2:28AM 1 dovecot sasl with postfix: SASL LOGIN authentication failed: Connection lost to authentication server
12:21AM 4 Shared INBOX change in v2.1.6?