dovecot - Apr 2009

Thursday April 30 2009
10:36PM 0 Installed include files
8:12PM 1 Case sensitive oddity when mail delivered.
4:33PM 4 Disabling users whilst still allowing logins with a 'master password'
4:25PM 3 core dumps disabled?
3:28PM 1 deliver_log_format not working with 1.2.rc3?
9:32AM 2 login_max_processes_count and logs
8:32AM 3 How to call a script when an E-Mail will moved in a folder?
Wednesday April 29 2009
6:52PM 2 Timeout leak with dovecot version dovecot1.2(8985:f43bebab3dac)
6:47PM 3 How do I get my mail from fetchmail into dovecot
1:46PM 3 How do I get my mail from fetchmail into dovecot?
7:25AM 1 Quota/Dict Postgres Trigger
12:36AM 0 Mail statistics
Tuesday April 28 2009
9:35PM 4 questions about compiling Sieve plugin
11:03AM 3 Unexplainable problem with POP3 quotas
7:50AM 1 Error in IMAP command UID: Unknown thread algorithm.
7:12AM 2 Slow connections with POP3 service
3:05AM 3 Virtual plugin - [SERVERBUG] BUG: Unknown internal error
1:21AM 1 Virtual plugin, timeout leaks
12:24AM 3 Virtual mailbox plugin, 4 days of struggling
Monday April 27 2009
4:59PM 0 [Fwd: Re: [Pine-info] "incomplete SecBuffer exceeds maximum buffer size" ?]
4:21PM 2 [PATCH] Clarify rawlog example
3:31PM 3 %d does not expand to domain
3:19PM 1 Links on MainConfig wiki page not working
2:06PM 1 Testing HEAD
Sunday April 26 2009
7:21PM 0 Compiling dovecot-sieve-1.1.6 against dovecot-1.1.14
3:49PM 4 dovecot 1.2 plugin virtual and shared namespace with thunderbird
6:12AM 2 Non-atomic Flags in APPEND
Saturday April 25 2009
10:20PM 2 Dovecot auth user lookup patch for maildrop
6:33PM 3 Log File per Domain
Friday April 24 2009
11:46AM 2 Quota: ldap dict
8:40AM 3 1 Dovecot proxy to 2 real IMAP servers
7:54AM 0 Virtual mailboxes, howto, examples, help? =)
3:39AM 2 uidvalidity file
1:46AM 1 Why not just ignore sieve include error and continue read and execute the rest of sieve rules?
12:04AM 4 Dovecot v2.0 hg tree
Thursday April 23 2009
5:01PM 0 Corrupted Index Cache
5:00PM 3 dovecot 1.2 ubuntu horde
10:20AM 1 changing architecture
8:29AM 1 possible bug in lib-mail source
6:52AM 2 expire tool - individual user/folder?
4:53AM 1 Mailbox is locked?
Wednesday April 22 2009
10:03PM 1 expire-tool
7:23PM 2 overnight clients causing lockfiles to be converted to root-owned messages on debian lenny
Tuesday April 21 2009
4:00PM 4 1.1.13 squat core dump
1:28PM 2 server is not imap4 compatible
6:21AM 2 Incorrect listing of shared mailbox names
Monday April 20 2009
5:20PM 1 Strange behaivour with extended characters
4:28PM 2 Dovecot -> Gmail (via POP Mail Fetcher)
2:32PM 1 [SIEVE: Redirect] Double ">" in forwarded envelop sender address => Gmail syntax error
Saturday April 18 2009
11:27PM 0 dovecot deliver with sieve: Corrupted index cache file (in-memory index).cache: Broken fields for mail UID
7:11PM 0 Released Sieve v0.1.5 and ManageSieve v0.11.4 for Dovecot v1.2.rc3 and ManageSieve v0.10.6 for Dovecot v1.1.14
4:41PM 1 Mail replication
1:00PM 1 Logging to see exactly all IMAP commands?
Friday April 17 2009
10:51PM 2 Sieve "redirect"
8:48PM 3 Shared folders and subscriptions
6:58PM 2 For the record: Postfix+Spamassassin+ClamAV+Dovecot
5:40PM 2 Active Directory LDAP authentication fails after a time
3:14PM 3 Setup Question
1:27PM 2 0 mails available even if mails in mailbox
12:21PM 2 [OT] two-way IMAP synchronization
12:03PM 1 Multiple instances and/or separate certificates per email address
10:37AM 1 UW-IMAP migration to namespaces
8:11AM 2 Quota not being dispayed correctly in 1.2rc2 (with proof)
8:09AM 1 bad maildir location
4:18AM 7 Dovecot broken with newer OpenSSL
2:46AM 2 v1.1.14 and v1.2.rc3 released
Thursday April 16 2009
6:14PM 3 Address Extensions with System Users
10:36AM 0 Dovecot HA through Veritas clustering
Wednesday April 15 2009
11:47PM 2 SELinux and "i_stream_read() failed: Permission denied"
9:33AM 3 Postfix, Dovecot SASL and Entourage smtps authentication fails.
12:39AM 2 Quota for Shared Folders
Monday April 13 2009
7:29PM 1 Suggestion: deliver should honor mail_log_prefix
7:29PM 1 Handling ENFILE
3:33PM 0 How can I skip EOH in headers?
10:18AM 6 FTS Plugin design
Sunday April 12 2009
4:27PM 4 auth-master: Permission denied [sigh]
Saturday April 11 2009
11:12PM 4 Issue with converting users from cyrus
6:43PM 3 help with ldap config
Friday April 10 2009
12:49PM 1 allow_nets and deliver + userdb lookup
6:17AM 2 Dovecot crash
5:06AM 2 Can virtual mailboxes created automatically?
1:49AM 2 uw-imap to dovecot conversion tool
Thursday April 9 2009
6:37PM 2 Panic: file mempool-system.c: line 104
12:29PM 2 About "Status" to the header
10:45AM 1 INBOX lost in virtual namespace
9:37AM 1 dbox problem
8:35AM 1 failed dovecot 1.2rc2 build Solaris 8, gcc 2.95.3
8:05AM 1 Moving IMAP folders to NFS volume.
4:32AM 0 crashed with shared namespace
2:37AM 2 why not install utils (idxview logview ...) with dovecot in bin/sbin dir?
Wednesday April 8 2009
10:31PM 2 Trying nonplaintext mech with LDAP password-hash
7:09PM 4 Indexing of mails to speed up the IMAP SEARCH command
1:47PM 2 dovecot 1.2-rc2 doesn't build on Solaris 10
1:07PM 3 Multiple use of the same LDAP attribute
10:05AM 2 Strange behavior of header_filter_callback
9:46AM 1 Postfix + Dovecot + Sieve + SpamAssassin
Tuesday April 7 2009
9:36PM 2 dovecot doesnt see any emails
9:01PM 3 Segfault in ACL Plugin + user shared folders
6:42PM 2 Global Sieve File
6:01PM 9 deliver vs lda
5:25PM 1 v1.3 plugin locations
3:49PM 2 Getting Error 24 device timeout
3:10PM 1 dovecot SASL + Postfix no IMAP or POP3
3:02PM 3 Upgrade from 0.99.x to 1.1.x
2:10PM 1 Compile and configure Solr plugin
1:53PM 2 Segfault in dovecot 1.2rc2 with quota + public namespace enabled
1:39PM 1 public folders question
1:30PM 0 Modified websieve for use with dovecot
10:36AM 3 sieve rules in MySQL?
8:38AM 2 Is there any more detailed docs about dict configuration
6:32AM 1 Coredump using virtual folder.
4:11AM 0 Script to install dovecot 1.2 plus Managerootsieve to CentOS5.2
Monday April 6 2009
6:08PM 9 Compiling v1.3 on different OSes
4:18PM 1 Dovecot+Sieve
12:35PM 1 virtual domains with SQL auth + ntlm (winbind) auth for one of them...
12:33PM 1 big picture
12:29PM 1 Could sharing a folder with other users cause a loss of emails?
11:42AM 3 Dovecot, LVS and the issues I have with it.
4:08AM 0 conflict name of si_code on NetBSD
Sunday April 5 2009
9:50PM 1 Segfault in Sieve 1.2
11:35AM 2 Prohibit removing INBOX
11:23AM 1 SSL
12:41AM 2 Feature Request: Control over IMP IDLE 'OK Still Here' message timings
Saturday April 4 2009
2:02PM 1 is it possible to recover files from a dovecot.inboxe.cache file?
6:24AM 0 1.2rc2: setacl crash
Friday April 3 2009
11:07PM 0 v1.3.UNSTABLE branch is now available
8:44PM 3 v1.2.rc2 released
7:34PM 3 Adding Sieve Extensions
7:34PM 1 Missing mail_max_userip_connections setting
6:10PM 1 v1.2.rc1 released
10:37AM 1 1.2 beta4, crash with ACL
10:12AM 2 Implementation of editheaders in dovecot
9:25AM 2 decreasing log messages
3:25AM 0 An issue of I login my mail server from webmail client
Thursday April 2 2009
11:28PM 2 Dovecot SASL Postfix
9:08PM 2 Dovecot ACLs
7:03PM 1 Squat memory usage
5:36PM 4 Maildir files with mtime in the future
11:49AM 4 Time moved backwards errors
11:22AM 1 Public mailboxes configuration to receive mails
8:50AM 0 [TroubleShoot]How to know what problem with Dovecot-POP3 configuration?
8:39AM 1 File and group permissions for incoming mails
5:13AM 0 Dovecot in OSCON 2009?
Wednesday April 1 2009
6:20PM 1 ampersand in local-part
4:12PM 1 dbox with non-dovecot LDA
4:09PM 2 Email stress test
9:28AM 4 Quota calculation problem with 1.2 beta 4