dovecot - Mar 2008

Monday March 31 2008
9:38PM 1 Outlook cant connect to POP server.
8:10PM 6 DoveCot IMAP and "inconsistent state" messages
7:50PM 1 deliver tries to compile already compiled sieve script
6:30PM 1 Segfault with soft disk quota
4:02PM 1 Setting for deleting old messages from Trash?
11:01AM 0 outlook2007 shows frequent imap disconnect no matterwhat, outlook-idle setting in dovecot.conf
10:56AM 2 Allow_nets + MySQL failing when using range notation
Sunday March 30 2008
3:20PM 2 authentication troubles
8:30AM 1 Flags can be changed in read-only mode
Saturday March 29 2008
7:57PM 2 Expire plugin with Mysql
Friday March 28 2008
8:38PM 2 How to force working of a redirect features in sieve plugin?
6:25PM 2 mbox with sub-folders and messages?
5:50PM 0 Using LDA with postfix and virtual users
2:53PM 3 UID inserted in the middle of mailbox errors
10:40AM 2 Feature request
8:29AM 0 Mailbox to maildir conversion
5:06AM 1 Dovecot Startup error on FreeBSD
Thursday March 27 2008
10:35PM 1 Imap sent folder sometimes dosen't get updated in dovecot-1.1-rc3(+some current hg patches)
6:46PM 2 Proxy Problems
11:51AM 1 pop3 with out LAST command
Wednesday March 26 2008
7:10PM 1 (userdb/ldap) Set home dovecot variable - How?
1:32PM 0 Moving main inbox file from /var/mail to ~/mail
8:33AM 4 outlook2007 shows frequent imap disconnect no matter what outlook-idle setting in dovecot.conf
7:09AM 1 Howto create maildir in lower case while user login via imap/pop3?
Tuesday March 25 2008
2:36PM 0 Problem with MailServer Testing.
12:00PM 0 Pegasus Mail 4.41 OK With Dovecot
8:42AM 0 Email Server testing
8:08AM 3 Manage sieve scripts in squirrelmail
2:47AM 3 public folders fchown error
Monday March 24 2008
10:20PM 2 Changing the order of plugin execution.
5:44PM 1 Authentication: Dovecot -> Vpopmail - > MySQL with one table per domain
2:59AM 4 dovecot dead
Saturday March 22 2008
2:53PM 2 Dovecot and kmail IMAP resources
11:32AM 1 Quotas from Active Directory LDAP
Friday March 21 2008
5:09PM 2 Question about log entry?
2:07AM 1 IMAP creates .userid directory even after pop.
Thursday March 20 2008
8:03PM 2 Is there a way to avoid deletion in a folder?
11:23AM 3 Using IMAP keywords instead of mailboxes for spam with dovecot-antispam
Wednesday March 19 2008
10:11PM 0 Dovecot 1.0.13 ignores auth_krb5_keytab settings
9:15PM 1 Automatic Debian repository now provides source packages
5:43PM 1 Converting from UW-IMAP to dovecot - odd client problems
4:43PM 1 IMAP - multi-simultaneous-user mail store
11:21AM 2 Missing folders after converting from Courier imap to dovecot
8:13AM 2 Dovecot / FreeBSD / Nfs mailstore / Index=memory
12:55AM 2 Rootless installation gets ssl-parameters.dat errors
Tuesday March 18 2008
3:40PM 2 deliver to namespace using "deliver"
3:22PM 3 Invalid quota rule using "backend"
12:48PM 5 xexec and dovecot 1.1
12:12PM 0 [gentoo-announce] [ GLSA 200803-25 ] Dovecot: Multiple vulnerabilities
Monday March 17 2008
10:54PM 2 A tail of joy...
9:52PM 1 Can the LDA deliver email marked as read?
7:49PM 2 sieve header :matches for multiline header
4:38PM 1 problems with postfix->procmail->deliver
1:33AM 1 How LDA deliver mail
Sunday March 16 2008
10:47PM 3 max connects per host?
6:29PM 3 Development news
5:49PM 2 Remote resources in kde-pim
Saturday March 15 2008
11:53PM 1 Fix available for mmap on FreeBSD zfs
4:32PM 2 LDAP
3:09PM 1 Maildir delete folder error
1:30PM 1 current quota in mysql issue
Friday March 14 2008
7:41PM 0 Thanks to all who responded on Blackberry & IMAP
3:02PM 0 Feature request: dovecot -d option to output only/all 'defaults' of current version
2:00PM 1 Hardlinking with Sieve
10:21AM 3 Virtual mailboxes
12:00AM 1 Bug in db-ldap.c with Dovecot1.1rc3
Thursday March 13 2008
4:17PM 2 Help! OT: Blackberry IMAP client suggestions/experience needed
3:57PM 2 CONDSTORE + QRESYNC extensions
1:20PM 0 LDA log_path
12:01PM 2 A message, when moved by multiple clients with same account and same filters, can be duplicated by filters on destination imap folder.
Wednesday March 12 2008
8:20PM 1 interesting note - not sure just how to take care of this one
6:03PM 1 deliver fails - passdb doesn't support lookups?
5:59PM 4 imap sent-mail folder sometimes dosen't get updated when used by more than a mailer at the same time.
3:24PM 4 outlook2003 fails sasl authentication
9:04AM 1 Fileinto to a maildir with sieve
8:49AM 2 Problem with a sieve file
Tuesday March 11 2008
8:32PM 1 Dovecot 1.1: Ignoring Trash/Junk for maildirsize?
6:00PM 1 Debugging sieve-options
12:51PM 2 Who's wrong, atmail or dovecot?
11:07AM 1 Version info in Makefiles after hg update
7:54AM 2 dovecot-1.1.rc3 segmentation fault in fetch_bodystructure
1:09AM 2 IMAP storage - mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir:mbox:~/mail/
12:12AM 1 Cingular/ATT killing my IMAP/POP connections with bad TCP FIN packets?
Monday March 10 2008
11:53PM 3 question about dovecot imap outlook clients
10:10PM 2 Consecutive crashes of serveral imapd processes
9:56PM 1 POP3 Dictionary Attack Causes Complete Dovecot Failure Without Notice
4:17PM 5 Sieve doesnt filter
4:02PM 2 1.0.13: mail_extra_groups alternative syntax?
12:39PM 3 Maildirsize automatically (re)build
8:05AM 2 dovecot 1.1.rc3 assertion failed at index_mailbox_set_recent_uid while deleting message with thunderbird.
Sunday March 9 2008
8:21PM 1 Telephone systems and Dovecot
7:41PM 2 Setting individual SSL/TLS settings with OpenLDAP
11:17AM 0 v1.0.13 and v1.1.rc3 released
11:09AM 0 Security hole #6: Some passdbs allowed users to log in without a valid password
7:50AM 2 1.1r1: auth-worker(default): BUG: PASSV had missing parameters, sig11
Saturday March 8 2008
9:21PM 3 1.1 master auth not expanding static userdb variables
7:00PM 2 Quota problems with IMAP and POP?
6:18PM 1 Quota Problem?
4:26PM 2 suspect valgrind error in mail-index-map.c
2:42PM 2 invoking LDA in .forward
1:48PM 1 (no subject)
11:51AM 2 IPv6-enabled dovecot-1.1rc* does not accept IPv4-connections
11:39AM 1 Automatic Debian repository with packages for Dovecot-1.1 including Sieve and ManageSieve support.
9:27AM 2 dovecotpw
4:10AM 4 v1.1.rc2 released
2:16AM 2 dovecot and ldap config - getting no password in reply
Friday March 7 2008
9:55PM 3 newbie question dovecot and ldap
7:50PM 1 limit numbers of fails logins
6:18PM 1 Can't load private key file
5:35PM 3 User another userdb to sasl
2:45PM 2 Sorting by Sender Name
1:02PM 0 Squat performance
9:30AM 2 Upgrading from to 1.1
6:57AM 4 Sorting a folder (by THREAD) takes a long time
1:59AM 2 Future enhancement of imap: sorting?
12:29AM 2 dovecot overquota and delete message
Thursday March 6 2008
5:59PM 0 Quota exceeded - ignore setting
5:51PM 0 two problems with dovecot and antispam-plugin and qmail/vpopmail
4:24PM 1 dovecot-auth-master Error
4:21PM 4 Wrong message information reported shortly after delivery
2:34PM 2 Not using "." as separator?
2:20PM 2 Squat Indexing
10:18AM 2 Logging Options
7:10AM 1 Can't connect to auth server at /var/run/dovecot//auth-master
2:09AM 1 Checkpassword question
Wednesday March 5 2008
8:17PM 4 messages downloading repeatedly to mozilla/seamonkey pop3 client
8:02PM 3 Maturity of dbox
4:23PM 3 Effects of migration
12:59PM 1 antispam plugin / mailtrain backend: t_pop() leak & killed with signal 6
11:33AM 2 assert() using plugins zlib and antispam together
7:35AM 1 v1.0.12 released
4:42AM 0 dspam+sendmail+virtual users
12:15AM 1 Problem with Thunderbird hang, multiple retry to .Sent/.Draft
Tuesday March 4 2008
11:03PM 0 Mercurial repository
10:37PM 1 multiple namespaces, Mac OS X
10:02PM 1 Multiple SSL certs
7:44PM 1 User Unknown Sendmail Error
4:09PM 2 Building Dovecot with OpenLDAP break PAM LDAP on Solaris
4:02PM 1 auth_debug_passwords only on mismatches?
12:02PM 1 Outlook 2003 marks email for deletion
11:44AM 2 Missing IMAP folders
10:09AM 2 store sieve scripts with maildir
8:42AM 1 deliver dovecot 1.0.9 patched with quota-rewrite-1.0.9.diff
6:37AM 2 v1.0.11 released
6:35AM 4 Security issue #5: mail_extra_groups setting is often used insecurely
Monday March 3 2008
9:19PM 1 odd password issue using ]...[
1:59PM 1 Deliver question
12:03PM 2 dovecot 1.09 quota-rewrite patch for v1.0.
12:35AM 1 dovecot 1.1rc1 deliver linker error without mbox
Sunday March 2 2008
7:54PM 0 ManageSieve v0.10.1 released for Dovecot 1.1.rc1
2:41PM 0 Sieve management without shell access or homedir
Saturday March 1 2008
6:44PM 1 I couldn't see last login time of a mail addres
9:26AM 2 Quota override problem