Btrfs devel - Apr 2012

Monday April 30 2012
11:54PM 0 [PATCH] man: fix btrfs man page formatting
7:37PM 0 Rebased btrfs-next
6:34PM 0 [PATCH] btrfs: add command to zero out superblock
11:44AM 1 Segfault on "btrfs subvolume delete" with kernel 3.3.4
11:11AM 3 re: btrfs: fix race in reada
9:23AM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: remove call to btrfs_header_nritems with no effect
Sunday April 29 2012
3:25PM 0 [PATCH 2/2] Btrfs: flush all the dirty pages if try_to_writeback_inodes_sb_nr() fails
3:25PM 0 [PATCH 1/2] vfs: re-implement writeback_inodes_sb(_nr)_if_idle() and rename them
Saturday April 28 2012
12:27PM 1 [GIT PULL] Btrfs fixes
Friday April 27 2012
3:03PM 1 [PATCH] Btrfs: kill unreachable code in push_node_left
5:31AM 0 btrfs-progs: plea for a new release tarball
2:26AM 1 worker list corruption crash
Thursday April 26 2012
7:30PM 3 Optionally enforced time-based ACLs for BTRFS
6:39AM 4 [RFC PATCH v2] Btrfs: improve space count for files with fragments
2:58AM 7 [PATCH 2/4] Btrfs: fix deadlock on sb->s_umount when doing umount
2:57AM 4 [PATCH 1/4] vfs: introduce try_to_writeback_inodes_sb(_nr)
2:34AM 15 Interpreting Output of "btrfs fi show"
Wednesday April 25 2012
6:22PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs-progs: make btrfs filesystem show <uuid> actually work
4:37PM 1 [PATCH] Fix minor type issues
4:04PM 3 [PATCH] Add missing unlocks on error paths
11:42AM 1 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix repair code for RAID10
6:20AM 0 [PATCH] Fix space checking during fs resize
Tuesday April 24 2012
6:43PM 6 [btrfs-progs] [bug][patch] Leaking file handle in scrub_fs_info()
5:26PM 5 [PATCH] btrfs: allow changing 'thread_pool' size at remount time
3:50PM 1 block_rsv_check EAGAIN vs ENOSPC...
2:10PM 1 mkfs.btrfs on arm
2:02PM 1 [PATCH] Btrfs: swap order of two spinlocks (lockdep complains)
5:11AM 1 [PATCH] Prevent root_list corruption
Monday April 23 2012
7:06PM 3 [PATCH] Btrfs: do not do filemap_write_and_wait_range in fsync
6:42PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: remove useless waiting and extra filemap work
6:34PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: do not start delalloc inodes during sync
5:58PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix compile warnings in extent_io.c
5:53PM 1 Backup of btrfs with metadata?
5:53PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: cache no acl on new inodes
5:33PM 3 [PATCH] Btrfs: complete page writeback before doing ordered extents
1:51PM 0 ENOSPC with more than 6 GB free
3:03AM 5 'filesystem resize max' tries to use devid 1
Saturday April 21 2012
12:53PM 2 bug?
7:50AM 5 btrfs-progs: minor buffer-overrun fixes (v3)
Friday April 20 2012
11:16PM 0 Implementing encryption. Any specs?
9:16PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: end writeback on pages before finishing ordered extents
7:27PM 10 btrfs-progs: minor buffer-overrun fixes (v2)
6:41PM 0 kernel bug in 3.4.0-rc3 after disconnecting/reconnecting drives
5:36PM 10 btrfs-utils: minor buffer-overrun fixes
3:09PM 44 Ceph on btrfs 3.4rc
2:24PM 0 send/receive and clone/clone_range ioctls
8:19AM 5 Problems with nodatacow/nodatasum
6:49AM 2 An issue when mounting the dd-copied partition and the original one together
Thursday April 19 2012
10:26PM 1 btrfs-progs
5:28PM 0 btrfs crash
Wednesday April 18 2012
10:27PM 3 [PATCH v3] btrfs: fix early abort in 'remount'
8:34AM 1 segmentation fault while running btrfsck
8:27AM 3 [PATCH v2] btrfs: don't return EINTR
6:59AM 0 [patch 2/2] Btrfs: cleanup: use consistent lock naming
6:59AM 4 [patch 1/2] Btrfs: double unlock bug in error handling
Tuesday April 17 2012
4:14PM 3 Btrfs in degraded mode
9:23AM 2 Kernel bug in BTRFS (kernel 3.3.0)
Monday April 16 2012
4:13PM 15 [PATCH 00/19 v5] Fix filesystem freezing deadlocks
1:42PM 2 [PATCH] Btrfs: always store the mirror we read the eb from
10:04AM 0 Is this enough for us to have triple-parity RAID?
Sunday April 15 2012
10:46PM 4 [PATCH] btrfs: fix early abort in 'remount'
3:07PM 3 Creating backup snapshots (8 per filesystem) causes No space left on device?
Saturday April 14 2012
4:39PM 12 Errors in rebalancing RAID1 array after disk failure.
12:56PM 10 [PATCH] btrfs: don't return EINTR
11:52AM 0 block rsv returned -28 and btrfs_alloc_free_block backtrace on disk full
9:24AM 1 [PATCH] fs/btrfs/volumes.c: add missing free_fs_devices
Friday April 13 2012
11:06PM 0 Can lgetxattr legally return ENODATA?
3:50PM 6 btrfs mount flags
2:58PM 2 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix regression in scrub path resolving
2:05PM 1 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix max chunk size check in chunk allocator
1:38PM 1 [GIT PULL] Btrfs updates
12:21PM 1 [3.3.1] multiple oopses during rsync backup
11:59AM 1 scrub status causes Oops
10:55AM 4 btr fs unmountable after disk failure
10:28AM 0 [PATCH 2/2] Btrfs: add missing read locks in backref.c
10:28AM 0 [PATCH 1/2] Btrfs: don't call free_extent_buffer twice in iterate_irefs
8:42AM 0 Questions about file extents and alignment
Thursday April 12 2012
9:25PM 4 Btrfs Array Recovery
8:47PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: Make free_ipath() deal gracefully with NULL pointers
3:54PM 22 [PATCH 0/5] btrfs: snapshot deletion via readahead
10:53AM 0 [PATCH v2] Btrfs: change integrity checker to support big blocks
10:36AM 0 [PATCH] mkfs.btrfs on ARM
9:05AM 1 [PATCH RFC] Btrfs: improve space count for files with fragments
8:27AM 2 Details about compression and extents
4:47AM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: check return value of bio_alloc() properly
1:08AM 1 Usage in embedded projects
Wednesday April 11 2012
8:42PM 6 [PATCH] fs: make i_generation a u64
5:25PM 2 [PATCH] Btrfs: inc iversion whenever we modify ctime
3:55PM 0 btrfs-tools error
2:44PM 9 kernel BUG at fs/btrfs/extent_io.c:1890!
2:42PM 0 [PATCH] btrfs_scan_one_dir: avoid use-after-free on error path
Tuesday April 10 2012
7:39PM 13 kernel BUG at fs/btrfs/extent_io.c:3982!
5:15PM 0 Introducing btrfs-next
5:03PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: use commit root when loading free space cache
10:38AM 0 [PATCH] Snapper: Always create .snapshot dir unconditonally
10:37AM 3 Snapper packages for Ubuntu
6:57AM 4 storing metadata on a dedicated device
Monday April 9 2012
10:06PM 1 Large metadata mount messages lost after reboot
7:22PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs-progs: make btrfsck aware of free space inodes
3:53PM 28 Boot speed/mount time regression with 3.4.0-rc2
3:53PM 9 [PATCH] Btrfs: use i_version instead of our own sequence
3:27PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: remove lock assert from get_restripe_target()
3:15PM 0 umount vs delayed allocation potential deadlock...
1:24PM 9 btrfs 3.2.2 -> 3.3.1 upgrade finally ate babies, some advice?
1:18AM 5 snapper for Ubuntu? (WAS: btrfs auto snapshot)
Sunday April 8 2012
11:40PM 4 [PATCH] Revert "Btrfs: increase the global block reserve estimates"
10:43AM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix eof while discarding extents
Friday April 6 2012
3:33PM 3 kernel BUG at extent-tree.c:3162 (get_restripe_target)
6:35AM 0 [PATCH 4/4] Btrfs: fix the comment for find_first_extent_bit
6:35AM 0 [PATCH 3/4 RESEND] Btrfs: fix btrfs_release_extent_buffer_page with the right usage of num_extent_pages
6:35AM 0 [PATCH 2/4 RESEND] Btrfs: cleanup the comment for clear_state_bit in extent_io.c
6:35AM 0 [PATCH 1/4 RESEND] Btrfs: remove the useless assignment to *entry in function tree_insert of file extent_io.c
Thursday April 5 2012
9:40PM 0 bash completion file
8:09PM 24 [PATCH 0/3] btrfs: extended inode refs
Wednesday April 4 2012
8:19PM 9 [PATCH] Btrfs: remove BUG_ON from get_restripe_target
7:46PM 8 [PATCH] Btrfs: allow mount -o remount,compress=no
4:38PM 5 hard links
Tuesday April 3 2012
7:11PM 3 weekend of btrfs findings
6:08AM 0 btrfs sync(2) performance
1:56AM 3 [PATCH] Btrfs: do not mount when we have a sectorsize unequal to PAGE_SIZE
Monday April 2 2012
8:14PM 0 WARNING: at fs/btrfs/extent-tree.c:6170 btrfs_alloc_free_block+0x354/0x360()
6:17PM 0 kernel BUG at /home/apw/COD/linux/fs/btrfs/inode.c:3962!
6:02PM 18 btrfs io errors on 3.4rc1
5:50PM 0 3.4rc1 btrfs IO problem ?
4:31PM 0 [PATCH] btrfs: add missing unlocks to transaction abort paths
1:10PM 3 [btrfs-progs: PATCH 1/2] Makefile: use $(CC) as a compilers instead of $(CC)/gcc
11:28AM 3 [PATCH] Btrfs: do not mount when we have a sectorsize larger than PAGE_SIZE
9:08AM 2 re: btrfs: enhance transaction abort infrastructure
Sunday April 1 2012
3:27PM 19 cross-subvolume cp --reflink
7:15AM 0 [PATCH] btrfs/extent_io.c: fix btrfs_release_extent_buffer_page with the right usage of num_extent_pages
2:13AM 0 [PATCH] btrfs/extent_io.c: remove the useless assignment to entry in tree_insert