Btrfs devel - Oct 2011

Monday October 31 2011
8:40AM 1 New integration branch for btrfs-progs
Sunday October 30 2011
9:44PM 2 [RFC] [PROGS] Regression tests
Saturday October 29 2011
8:40PM 0 Ack!
8:38PM 0 (unknown)
8:37PM 0 help
1:58PM 12 Find RAID level, Change RAID level.
4:35AM 4 Re: Patches for BTRFS (mail-server slow down in 3.0 and more)
Friday October 28 2011
8:36PM 4 Unable to mount btrfs partition
6:01PM 0 [PATCH] btrfs: Avoid creating new file in append-only dir when open(2) return error
4:43PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: don't try to touch sb->s_bdev
11:06AM 0 Hi
Thursday October 27 2011
7:20PM 3 btrfs fi defrag -c
3:27PM 7 Btrfs progs git repo on
3:22PM 7 Unable to mount (or, why not to work late at night).
10:53AM 2 Re: ceph on btrfs [was Re: ceph on non-btrfs file systems]
9:36AM 0 lseek hanging
4:37AM 3 [PATCH 0/3] btrfs-progs: fix btrfs man page
Wednesday October 26 2011
10:30PM 0 Where's the superblock allocation?
5:51PM 2 btrfs-tools source code
8:12AM 1 Re: ceph on btrfs [was Re: ceph on non-btrfs file systems]
Tuesday October 25 2011
4:48AM 6 linux v3.1 with btrfs-work: oops when deleting files
1:02AM 76 [patch 00/66] [pull] Error handling patchset v5
Monday October 24 2011
9:51PM 1 [PULL] Btrfs error handling v4
8:59PM 0 subvolume delete freezes
5:06PM 27 ceph on btrfs [was Re: ceph on non-btrfs file systems]
3:23PM 0 Re: Chrome brings whole system down
Sunday October 23 2011
7:42PM 12 Snapshot rollback
6:50PM 2 Subvolume level allocation policy
7:45AM 10 how stable are snapshots at the block level?
Saturday October 22 2011
8:23PM 7 Kernel BUG unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference
9:52AM 3 system hangs after deleting bad file
7:05AM 0 bad tree block start
Friday October 21 2011
5:36PM 0 Avoid error message during a scan of a static /dev directory
4:31PM 4 snapshots changed behavior
11:02AM 2 How to know the origin of a snapshot
Thursday October 20 2011
11:38PM 3 [PATCH 1/3] Add the snappy-c compressor to lib
9:39PM 3 BTRFS thinks that a device is mounted
1:31PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: use the global reserve when truncating the free space cache inode
9:25AM 1 [PATCH] Btrfs: add a missing block_rsv reset
Wednesday October 19 2011
9:24PM 1 [RFC] aptitude & BTRFS slowness
9:06PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: close all bdevs on mount failure
2:33PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: don't flush the cache inode before writing it
Tuesday October 18 2011
8:04PM 5 kernel BUG at fs/btrfs/inode.c:1163
5:10PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: if we have a lot of pinned space, commit the transaction
5:10PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: seperate out btrfs_block_rsv_check out into 2 different functions
4:45PM 0 [PATCH 2/2][BTRFS-PROGS] add the "--force" switch to the mkfs.btrfs command
4:45PM 2 [PATCH 1/2][BTRFS-PROGS] add the "--force" switch to the mkfs.btrfs command
4:02PM 5 Creation of pseudo items leads to (seemingly) duplicate inodes (BUG inside)
4:01PM 3 Broken DIR_ITEMs on snapshot
1:25PM 11 ls hangs filesystem
10:50AM 1 btrfs defragment: ioctl failed, ret -1 errno 28
Monday October 17 2011
1:07PM 4
Sunday October 16 2011
1:37AM 2 unresolved ref root error
Friday October 14 2011
6:47PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: reserve some space for an orphan item when unlinking
6:41PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: release trans metadata bytes before flushing delayed refs
6:02PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: allow shrink_delalloc flush the needed reclaimed pages
5:57PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: wait for ordered extents if we're in trouble when shrinking delalloc
5:38PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: don't check bytes_pinned to determine if we should commit the transaction
5:34PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix regression in re-setting a large xattr V2
5:33PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: inline checksums into the disk free space cache V3
5:13PM 2 snapshot issues
1:51PM 9 btrfs still looks for not existing devices
7:18AM 1 Re: [PATCH 1/2] writeback: Improve busyloop prevention
Thursday October 13 2011
8:39PM 0 OSD blocked for more than 120 seconds
5:11PM 2 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix regression in re-setting a large xattr
4:14PM 11 is space really freed after deleting large subvolume?
Wednesday October 12 2011
9:21PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: remove dead code block
9:20PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix a bug when opening seed devices
4:51PM 1 Could I create volumes on one device ?
12:34PM 4 btrfs-progs: new integration branch out
Tuesday October 11 2011
6:37PM 2 Re: OSD: no current directory
6:18PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix the amount of space reserved for unlink
5:27PM 0 [GIT PULL] Two small btrfs fixes
7:35AM 2 Test Trim
6:51AM 0 mount via UUID failed
Monday October 10 2011
8:59PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: inline checksums into the disk free space cache V2
3:14PM 0 [PATCH v0] btrfs-progs: add qgroup commands
3:14PM 2 can't snapshot
7:30AM 4 btrfs root + mount subvolid=0 problem
2:14AM 6 Corrupt file in subvolume
Sunday October 9 2011
9:23PM 1 Btrfs High IO-Wait
1:15PM 6 WARNING: at fs/btrfs/inode.c:2114
Saturday October 8 2011
10:17PM 5 defrag makes fragmentation worse
9:09PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs-progs: make btrfs df report profiles for mixed block groups
3:24PM 4 fixing slow sync(2)
9:26AM 3 btrfs corruption after cp --reflink
Friday October 7 2011
11:10PM 0 stat returns wrong block count
4:51PM 11 read error: how to fix?
3:57PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: wait for ordered extents if we didn't reclaim enough
3:21PM 4 Re: A Plumber’s Wish List for Linux
2:55PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: inline checksums into the space cache
Thursday October 6 2011
3:54PM 26 [PATCH v0 00/18] btfs: Subvolume Quota Groups
4:37AM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix return value of btrfs_get_acl()
3:39AM 2 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix recursive auto-defrag
Wednesday October 5 2011
10:33PM 1 should I be concerned?
8:35PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: take overflow into account in reserving space
8:33PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: check the return value of filemap_write_and_wait in the space cache
7:42PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: introduce mount option no_space_cache V2
7:32PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: add a io_ctl struct and helpers for dealing with the space cache
3:24PM 5 too many files open
2:01PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: don't skip writing out a empty block groups cache
10:21AM 8 [GIT PULL] Cleanups for 3.2
10:19AM 0 [PATCH] btrfs: alleviate gfp flags in end_bio_extent_readpage
10:17AM 0 [PATCH] btrfs: rotate mirror selection
Tuesday October 4 2011
10:58PM 0 [PATCH, resend for 3.2] btrfs: add CONFIG_BTRFS_DEBUG option
3:54PM 3 [PATCH] Btrfs: break out of orphan cleanup if we can't make progress V2
3:22AM 68 [patch 00/65] Error handling patchset v3
Monday October 3 2011
6:25PM 0 [GIT PULL] Btrfs fix
6:12PM 2 [PATCH] Btrfs: introduce mount option no_space_cache
4:17PM 0 WARNING: at fs/dcache.c:1256 d_set_d_op+0xaa/0xc0() , nested snapshots
Sunday October 2 2011
2:38PM 3 recursive subvolume delete
10:56AM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: pass the correct root to lookup_free_space_inode()
Saturday October 1 2011
9:43PM 2 Regression in btrfs-next: BUG at fs/btrfs/super.c:984!
6:37PM 1 Errors thrown up by btrfsck