Btrfs devel - Apr 2011

Saturday April 30 2011
8:42PM 1 Confusing...
2:23PM 10 [PATCH v6 0/8] Balance management
2:24AM 1 Rename a btrfs filesystem?
Friday April 29 2011
11:48PM 5 Premature -ENOSPC on btrfs?
2:46PM 24 abysmal performance
Thursday April 28 2011
3:25PM 1 kernel BUG at fs/btrfs/inode.c:6403
9:18AM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: check return value of btrfs_inc_extent_ref()
9:10AM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: return error to caller if read_one_inode() fails
Wednesday April 27 2011
6:52PM 1 question about percentage utilization...
6:52PM 7 kernel BUG at fs/btrfs/inode.c:2271!
6:43PM 4 btrfs warnings from 2.6.39-rc5
5:20AM 2 btrfs-convert crashes
3:15AM 6 Observed unexpected behavior of BTRFS in d_instantiate
Tuesday April 26 2011
1:52PM 1 [GIT PULL] Btrfs plugging
8:02AM 5 [PATCH v2 0/5] Add user-space support for read-only snapshot creation.
Monday April 25 2011
8:15PM 4 Re: Bug#624131: linux-image-2.6.39-rc4-686-pae: Can somewhat reliably produce kernel panic in btrfs code
8:58AM 0 [PATCH v2 1/7] Btrfs: Remove unused btrfs_block_group_free_space()
8:57AM 10 [PATCH v2 0/7] Btrfs: New inode number allocator
1:24AM 13 Read Only snapshots
Friday April 22 2011
10:12AM 2 [PATCH V6 3/3] btrfs: delay to insert the initial inode
10:12AM 0 [PATCH V6 2/3] btrfs: implement delayed inode items operation
10:12AM 0 [PATCH V6 1/3] btrfs: fix wrong allocating flag when reading page
9:41AM 17 [PATCH 00/12] Cleanups, cruft removal
9:05AM 2 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix missing mutex_unlock in btrfs_del_dir_entries_in_log()
2:35AM 0 [PATCH v2] Btrfs: check return value of kmalloc()
Thursday April 21 2011
7:42PM 24 [PATCH 1/2] fs: add SEEK_HOLE and SEEK_DATA flags
5:17PM 4 How Snapshots Inter-relate?
9:54AM 2 [PATCH] Btrfs: remove trans and root argument from fixup_low_keys()
7:58AM 9 [RFC PATCH] Btrfs: do not flush csum items of unchanged file data during treelog
Wednesday April 20 2011
8:29PM 0 [RFC][PATCH] Btrfs: do io in the task context when fsyncing small files
12:34PM 1 [PATCH 1/1] btrfs: add missing spin_unlock to a rare exit path
10:06AM 4 [PATCH 1/5] Btrfs: fix bh leak on __btrfs_open_devices path
8:37AM 2 [PATCH] Btrfs: Free free_space item properly in btrfs_trim_block_group()
7:47AM 0 GRUB 1.99~rc2 released
6:44AM 1 [PATCH v2 1/2] Btrfs: allocate extent state and check the result properly
Tuesday April 19 2011
7:08PM 9 parent transid troubles
12:17PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: put the right bio if we have an error
11:00AM 0 fs/btrfs/inode.c:6039: warning: ‘bio’ is used uninitialized in this function
5:27AM 5 [PATCH] Btrfs: check return value of kmalloc()
5:05AM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: cleanup error handling in inode.c
3:13AM 4 Fwd: module/kernel crash while trying to delete missing device/balance
Monday April 18 2011
9:49PM 2 writes got stuck
8:25PM 1 [PATCH] Btrfs: free bitmaps properly when evicting the cache
8:04PM 0 [PATCH] fs: push flush and i_mutex lock in fsync down into the filesystems
2:26PM 3 [GIT PULL] Btrfs updates
7:37AM 0 [PATCH 2/2] E2fsprogs: add compress and cow support in chattr, lsattr
7:37AM 4 [PATCH 1/2] E2fsprogs: use the generic inode flags
Saturday April 16 2011
1:07PM 1 btrfs frozen solid with postgresql dbs
Friday April 15 2011
7:09PM 9 [RFC] Add a new file op for fsync to give fs's more control
4:58PM 0 [PATCH][RFC] Btrfs: kill trans_mutex PLEASE TEST
4:32AM 0 Congratulations!!!
3:02AM 4 [PATCH 1/3] fs: remove FS_COW_FL
Thursday April 14 2011
9:48PM 0 Congratulations!
9:20PM 3 [PATCH] xen: cleancache shim to Xen Transcendent Memory
9:19PM 0 [PATCH V8 8/8] ocfs2: add cleancache support
9:19PM 0 [PATCH V8 7/8] ext4: add cleancache support
9:18PM 0 [PATCH V8 6/8] btrfs: add cleancache support
9:18PM 0 [PATCH V8 5/8] ext3: add cleancache support
9:17PM 5 [PATCH V8 4/8] mm/fs: add hooks to support cleancache
9:17PM 0 [PATCH V8 3/8] mm: cleancache core ops functions and config
9:16PM 0 [PATCH V8 2/8] fs: add field to superblock to support cleancache
9:16PM 2 [PATCH V8 1/8] mm/fs: cleancache documentation
9:15PM 0 [PATCH V8 0/8] Cleancache
3:24PM 0 completely revised ioctl for notification of when all space from a snapshot delete is freed and similar
6:31AM 0 [PATCH] mark internal functions static (fixed)
Wednesday April 13 2011
7:17PM 3 [PATCH] Btrfs: if we've already started a trans handle, use that one
6:54PM 4 [PATCH] Btrfs: do not release delalloc space until after we end the transaction
4:55PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: take away the num_items argument from btrfs_join_transaction
4:44PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: make sure to use the delalloc reserve when filling delalloc
4:06PM 2 [PATCH] Btrfs: don't reserve metadata when we're using the delalloc reserve
2:07PM 0 [PATCH] btrfs: separate superblock items out of fs_info
9:12AM 5 [PATCH 0/5] Add user-space support for read-only snapshot creation.
7:42AM 5 [PATCH 0/4] Btrfs: A few small bug fixes
Tuesday April 12 2011
11:03PM 3 Warning when mounting btrfs partition, kernel unaligned access
10:15PM 1 Unable to perform online resize
3:11PM 4 Kernel BUG at fs/btrfs/inode.c:2281 & 4665
12:55PM 1 [PATCH] Btrfs: avoid taking the chunk_mutex in do_chunk_alloc V2
10:42AM 3 [PATCH v2 0/3] btrfs: quasi-round-robin for chunk allocation
8:14AM 4 [PATCH 1/2] Btrfs: allocate extent state and check the result properly
12:30AM 4 [PATCH] Btrfs: avoid taking the chunk_mutex in do_chunk_alloc
Monday April 11 2011
9:52PM 0 [PATCH v4] btrfs: properly handle overlapping areas in memmove_extent_buffer
9:26PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: only drop the trans_mutex in join_transaction if we have to
8:56PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: avoid taking the trans_mutex in btrfs_end_transaction V2
8:22PM 0 Mount btrfs segmentation fault
7:49PM 1 [PATCH] Btrfs: avoid taking the trans_mutex in btrfs_end_transaction
3:56PM 2 [PATCH] fix user annotation in ioctl.c
3:40PM 3 [PATCH] mark internal functions static
3:22PM 0 Error Handling Failed Devices
Sunday April 10 2011
9:16PM 9 [PATCH v5 0/8] Balance management, userspace
9:06PM 14 [PATCH v5 0/8] Balance mangement
8:50PM 0 Required Kernel version to compile git btrfs with DKMS? Problems with Ubuntu 10.10
10:37AM 11 btrfs does not work on usermode linux
8:29AM 5 [2.6.29-rc2] insert_dir_item hitting assertion during log replay
Saturday April 9 2011
11:29AM 0 [PATCH] btrfs scrub - restore bios properly after media errors
11:27AM 0 [PATCH v2] btrfs scrub - make fixups sync, don't reuse fixup bios
6:25AM 16 wrong values in "df" and "btrfs filesystem df"
5:57AM 2 switching "balance" into background
2:30AM 1 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix memory leaks in btrfs_new_inode()
2:23AM 3 [PATCH] Btrfs: cleanup btrfs_alloc_path()'s caller code
Friday April 8 2011
7:01PM 0 O_DIRECT and Btrfs == checksumming nightmare
3:51PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: check for duplicate iov_base's when doing dio reads
12:00PM 1 btrfs-control: no such device
11:56AM 0 scanning cdrom and floppy
Thursday April 7 2011
5:06PM 16 [PATCH v4 0/8] Balance management
4:56PM 0 [PATCH v3 0/8] Balance management
3:42PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: deal with the case that we run out of space in the cache
11:02AM 0 [PATCH] btrfs-progs: cast u64 to long long to avoid printf warnings
9:41AM 4 2.6.39-rc1: btrfs "WARNING: at fs/btrfs/inode.c:2177"
7:57AM 2 [RFC][PATCH] Btrfs: about chunk tree backups
7:21AM 3 2.6.29-rc2 oops and assertion failure...
4:37AM 0 2.6.39-rc2 filesystem balance lock ordering...
Wednesday April 6 2011
7:31PM 0 [patch] trivial: fix 'btrfS' spelling on error
6:56PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: reuse the extent_map we found when calling btrfs_get_extent
6:44PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: do not use async submit for small DIO io's
10:02AM 0 [RFC][PATCH] btrfs: using cached extent_state in set/unlock combinations
9:34AM 1 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix subvolume fake mount problem when default subvolume is set
7:33AM 2 [PATCH V3] Btrfs: fix subvolume mount by name problem when default mount subvolume is set
5:27AM 3 [PATCH V2] Btrfs: fix subvolume mount by name problem when default mount subvolume is set
Tuesday April 5 2011
11:40PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: don't split dio bios if we don't have to
11:25PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: do not call btrfs_update_inode in endio if nothing changed
11:20PM 3 [PATCH] Btrfs: don't kzalloc the ordered extents
11:12PM 1 files on not mounted subvolumes - mysql complains read only
5:38PM 15 BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at (null)
5:02PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: map the inode item when doing fill_inode_item
3:57PM 0 [PATCH] Btrfs: only retry transaction reservation once
8:12AM 0 [GIT PULL] Btrfs pull for 2.6.39-rc2
4:48AM 1 bug report
Monday April 4 2011
7:09PM 3 btrfs subvolume snapshot syntax too "smart"
10:14AM 2 Odd rebalancing behavior
1:09AM 1 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix memory leak in btrfs_ioctl_start_sync()
Sunday April 3 2011
12:31PM 1 [PATCH] Btrfs: fix memory leak in start_transaction()
Saturday April 2 2011
4:45PM 13 minor ID for btrfs-control
9:19AM 14 2.6.39-rc1: kernel BUG at fs/btrfs/extent-tree.c:5479!
Friday April 1 2011
7:47PM 2 another messed-up btrfs
6:33PM 0 On masking access to snapshots thru single path
11:14AM 15 btrfs balancing start - and stop?
6:42AM 18 [RFC PATCH] Trace: use unsigned long long in trace print frames