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2005 Dec 17
[rails|fcgi bug] Rails app not responding
Hello, I really can't say if it's rails or fastcgi related, but sometimes rails is not responding. See some output from ./script/process/reaper: ./script/process/reaper Restarting [22804] /usr/local/bin/ruby18 /usr/home/www/public/dispatch.fcgi Restarting [22806] /usr/local/bin/ruby18
2005 Sep 15
(newbie) rails app not working after subversion integration?
hello, if anybody could please help, I''m very late with this project and have been wasting a lot of time (days and days) getting past the learning curve to get the infrastructure up (fcgi, rmagick... and now svn integration). i come from dirty-php-scripting and am a newbie at all of this :P I have a rails app that I''ve been developing locally on os x. originally I
2006 Jul 16
Problem installing on Mac OSX
I tried the instruction tutorial on and in the middle of trying to install fixrbconfig I got an error: usr/lib/ruby/1.8/powerpc-darwin8.0/ruby.h does not exist. This probably means you haven''t yet installed Xcode from the Tiger DVD. You won''t be able to compile Ruby extensions without
2005 May 14
HELP!! Serious memory leak in my rails app!!
I''m having a huge memory leak problem with a rails application I''m developing! I first noticed that when running under webrick (via script/server) there was a fast memory leak.. several users using the app for a few hours would use 2 gig of memory!!! I searched the archives and found that some users found that it could be avoided by saying --daemon when launching
2006 Apr 19
Shared host (Dreamhost)
I am unable to install gems on my dreamhost server since it''s just shared hosting. I tried unpacking the ferret gem into vendor/ferret, but to no avail. Also how would I recompile the C extensions for the new platform? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Simon -- Posted via
2006 Jun 08
Rails App, Going Live
I built my rails app locally, and just today put it all online. Getting a "Application error (Rails)" when trying to submit some form parameters to the db. What needs to be done with going from local development to live? I''m not sure if/where I need to set my app to "production" status. Also, is there any way to debug "Application error (Rails)"??
2010 Mar 21
Deploying my rails app to GoDaddy
So I''ve written my first real-world RoR app and I''m now getting ready to deploy it. Unfortunately, my client decided to use GoDaddy as the hosting provider and based on what I''ve seen so far from the web, it''s not really the smoothest or ideal hosting for RoR apps. There were several posts here that I tried to follow but they were kinda old (2008, 2007). Most of
2006 Feb 16
Multiple Rails app on the same server?
I have a rails app on a debian server running lighttpd and I''m trying to set up typo so that it also works (with a different url). I have 4 URLs running -- let''s call them,, and I am starting lighttpd by going into the directory where my app is and typing either ruby script/server or script/server -e production --
2006 Feb 23
lighttpd on mac for local development
I''m having trouble installing lighttpd for local development on Mac OS X Tiger. Here are the commands I''ve run: sudo port install fcgi sudo port install lighttpd Here''s a snippet from running "port installed" with several ports removed for brevity: fcgi @2.4.0_1 (active) lighttpd @1.4.9_0 (active) rb-rubygems @0.8.11_0 (active) readline @5.0.005_0+darwin_8
2006 Jun 09
WEBrick won''t start
without going into actual source code yet, here is the general scenario: i''ve pulled down a project from svn that a friend has been developing on a linux box... i''m on a windows box. if i run "ruby script/server", i get one line of output: => Booting WEBrick... then it dies and goes back to command prompt with no error messages. ...however, if i pull down
2006 Apr 19
Apache, Rails, FastCGI, Ruby, slow
I''m running Windows XP Pro on a not-so-new machine, Pentium 4 2.4GHz with 512 RAM. I''ve got Apache 2 installed and I''m using FastCGI to run Typo in development mode while I design a theme for it. But it''s slow, very slow. Inconsistently slow. If I reload a page, sometimes it happens pretty quickly. Sometimes it takes more than a minute. Sometimes it
2006 Mar 30
Rails 1.1 and Ruby 1.8.3
I''ve seen that Rails 1.1 is not reliable with Ruby 1.8.2 so you should upgrade to 1.8.4 I''m running ruby 1.8.3. What''s the story with it? Do I need to upgrade before I try Rails 1.1? Thanks Greg -- Greg Freemyer The Norcross Group Forensics for the 21st Century
2006 May 23
back-porting 1.1.1 app to 1.0 rails server
I''ve been developing new application on local machine in rails 1.1.1. Hosting provider (godaddy) is at rails 1.0.0 and not upgrading any time soon I''m told. I set "RAILS_GEM_VERSION = ''1.0.0''" in my environment.rb file to get past inital errors, but now I''m getting the following error:
2005 Aug 11
Need just a little help to start a rails app
I''m very new to Ruby and RoR, have been trying to get it working with no success. I''m on Ubuntu, installed Rails correctly, run scripts for model, controller and scaffold no problem, installed fcgi which now appear in apache header. When I point browser to http://localhost/tada/public/category I get: Not Found The requested URL
2005 Dec 28
Rails app lags after inactivity
Hi all. I have two Rails applications. Each is on its own VPS hosted by Pipespring (excellent service btw). My app runs lightning quick - AFTER the first load. If I visit my site after a period of inactivity (i.e. no visitors to my site), it takes up to 10 seconds to load that first time. After that I can hop around with no problems. Has anyone run into this before? Ideas? - Rabbit
2015 Jan 21
Re: [PATCH] fish: remove extra "prompt" checks
On Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 04:28:40PM +0100, Pino Toscano wrote: > The code is already within a "if (prompt) {...}" block, so checking for > "prompt" again is redundant. > --- > fish/fish.c | 4 ++-- > 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-) > > diff --git a/fish/fish.c b/fish/fish.c > index 8b74c7b..71db83a 100644 > ---
2006 Jul 10
Rails app in a subdirectory via Mongrel
I''m trying to make Mongrel the default web server for Typo, but I''m running into a problem. Is there an easy way to run a Rails app in a subdirectory ( http://foo/blog instead of http://foo/) with Mongrel? For most apps, I''d just change routes.rb to include the prefix that I wanted, but that won''t really work with Typo--I''d
2011 Feb 13
CLI prompt function/library
I'm looking to get something of a generic CLI prompt function/libarary into Syslinux for use in a COM32. I'm looking for the following: 1) Line Editing with proper wrapping. Currently, gPXE and HDT both have provisions in place for line editing however they both can not handle line wrapping appropriately. 2) Tab completion. Tab completion of filenames would be a goal but not a
2015 Jan 20
[PATCH] daemon: readdir: fix invalid memory access on error
If "strdup (d->d_name)" fails with "i" > 0, then both "p" and "ret->guestfs_int_dirent_list_val" are non-null pointers, but the latter is no more valid (since "p" is the new realloc'ed buffer). Hence, trying to free both will access to invalid memory. Make sure to free only one of them, "p" if not null or
2006 Jul 29
PHP in Rails app running on WEBRick
Hi all, I''ve got a Rails app, and I''ve been asked to include some PHP pages in the site. They don''t need to interact with the Rails app itself (I''d treat them much like GIF files), but I''d still like to be able to access them at development time using WEBRick. What do I need to add to ./script/server to support PHP pages? Cheers, Douglas