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2002 Mar 06
Loading tcltk package fails on WinMe/Cygwin but works with Rgui
I am investigating how well R/tcltk is supported on different system and I ran into the same problem as Christian Schulz reported on February 7, 2002. I am using [R] v1.4.1 on WinMe and ActiveTcl 8.3.2. Loading tcltk within Rgui works just fine and both demo(tkdensity) and demo(tkttest) works as expected. However, when I start R from my Cygwin terminal dyn.load() fails to load the library: %
2006 Oct 29
Rgui.exe fix for "console not found" buffer overflow problem
I'm using R on Windows XP Professional SP2. I figured out the fix for my buffer overflow problem that did not allow me to use Rgui.exe for about two weeks. I would keep getting "console not found" and even when I uninstalled and re-installed got the same problem. Here's how the problem started. In Rgui.exe, I attempted to get more visible output in the buffer (I wanted
2012 Dec 21
Rterm does not load personal library
Greetings, I am trying to run a short script from a shell: c:\projects\hell>Rscript --default-packages=mypack X:/4Stephen/commit/curve.R > X:/4Stephen/commit/run1.out Loading required package: utils Warning message: package 'RODBC' was built under R version 2.12.2 Error: could not find function "normalize" Execution halted Warning message:
2011 Nov 14
unable to get "R CMD" to work as expected on a 64 bit windows machine
Hi, I've just downloaded and installed R 2.14.0 using the windows binary on a 64bit windows machine running windows 7. Rterm / RGui work as expected, as does R CMD --help and R CMD BATCH --help however R CMD check --help returns no information and I seem to be unable to check a package. Various other options also seem to not be working as expected, i.e. R CMD REMOVE aa (where
2003 Mar 03
Use Rterm in rxvt for Cygwin?
Dear R users, Does anyone notice that Rterm.exe does not work well with rxvt.exe, an xterm emulator for Cygwin? It produces an error message window with the following message: This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor It also prints "Signal 127" in rxvt window. Rterm --ess, however, works.
2020 Oct 23
vanilla session in R Gui or RStudio
As Jeff says, it might be that you have a ~/.Rprofile file with instructions to load packages when R starts. It could also be that you have a .RData file, which is saved if you answer yes to: > Save workspace image? [y/n/c]: y when you quit R. If this file exists, then R loads it and all the objects you had when you saved it. If there are objects associated with packages, then
2002 Mar 28
how to run .r batch file
I am completely new to R, but have some bg in cs and stat. since R has an interactive programming environment, I thought I could write my command in a file and run it in batch mode in the Rgui. but it didnt work. I checked the doc. it said Rcmd BATCH inputfile. it didnt work either. Can someone help? thank you. thank you. also if you can shed some light on passing command line arguements (like
2005 Feb 07
RODBC working in Rgui but not Rterm
Hello Users: I'm using R version 2.0.1, and having problems with RODBC. Everything works fine when I use Rgui, but when I try to use Rterm and issue the commands library(RODBC) con <- odbcConnect("MySQL", "test") I get the following error: Error in sqlQuery(con, str) : first argument is not an open RODBC channel In addition: Warning messages:
2010 Jun 11
Rgui crashed on Windows XP Home
Hi there, I just installed R 2.11.1 on my PC, which runs a Windows XP Home. The installation is successful, however, when I double click on the R icon, I get the following error message: R for Windows GUI front-end has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Error signature is: AppName: rgui.exe AppVer: 2.111.52157.0 ModName: msvcrt.dll ModVer:
2009 Jul 04
Hello everyone, This is my first post on this forum and I hope I communicate my problem correctly. I have been using R for sometime and have always used RGUI to send commands to R. However recently I had to work on large data sets and memory was an issue. I have started using R terminal and the speed of operations has improved considerably . Is this always the case ? Should one follow as an
2001 Oct 12
RGui innards questions
Hi, i would like to find out more on how Rgui works. Is there any documentation that details how RGui interfaces with the R language & environment. So, i would like to know things such as: - What language is RGui built in (source available?) - What language is RTerm built in? - how does the output of an R command get directed to the terminal window in RGui? It seems to me that RGui is RTerm
2017 Sep 16
R_LIBS_USER not in libPaths
I have a computer where R_LIBS_USER is not found in libPaths. This is for Windows (x64). I ran R from the command line, RGui and RStudio and I get the same results. I also ran R --vanilla and I still get the discrepancy. The only thing I found interesting was that I also ran SET from the command line and the "R related variables" (e.g., R_HOME; R_LIBS_USER) are not there. Therefore
2011 May 02
Problems with Rterm 2.13.0 - but not RGui
Hi all, I have just installed R 2.13.0 and I am experiencing problems with the terminal, but not the with the GUI interface. I am Windows 7. When running "R" or "Rterm" from a commandline I receive the following: Warning message: In normalizePath(path.expand(path), winslash, mustWork) : path[3]="C:/Programmer/R/R-2.13.0/library": Adgang n?gtet R
2020 Oct 23
vanilla session in R Gui or RStudio
Can you be more specific about what conditions cause R to automatically load a package when a .RData file is loaded? My experience has actually been the opposite. On October 22, 2020 6:13:11 PM PDT, Henrik Bengtsson <henrik.bengtsson at> wrote: >As Jeff says, it might be that you have a ~/.Rprofile file with >instructions to load packages when R starts. It could also be
2000 Jul 13
Is this a bug?
I am new to R (and S) and I hope someone on the list can help me out. I find the following behaviour surprising, is it a bug or a feature? (looks like a bug to me) R Version 1.1.0, Windows (x86, Win32) June 15, 2000 OS Windows 95 cat.test <- function(){ summary(c(1:20)) cat("test\n") } summary produces no output, just "test" appears on RGUI's
2012 May 09
Compiling R on Windows XP - Rgui crashes yet Rterm works
Hello. I am trying to build R on Windows. It appears that my build passes the various "make checks" (unless I missed some error) and running Rterm seems to work fine whereas Rgui has an immediate error stating " AppName: rgui.exe AppVer: 2.150.58871.0 ModName: rzlib.dll ModVer: Offset: 0000a9e5 The taskbar still works, but the console window has nothing in it, and
2009 Apr 15
Creating a graphics window (in Windows, with RGui) that is not constrained to the RGui Window
Hi, all, Using RGui, is it possible to create a graphics window that can be moved outside of the RGui window? (This can be done--in fact must be done--using Rterm, but I wish to use RGui.) My interest for this is to use two monitors: in "my private monitor" I wish to execute R code in the Rgui window; in "the public monitor" I want the audience to see the results in the
2004 Jun 04
Error() term in glm model formula
Hello, My data are numbers of trees in plots sampled in a number of forest stands. Some stands were subjected to a treatment, others not. Several plots were sampled per stand to get a better idea of what the stand means were, but replication is really at the stand level. Therefore I think this is a split-plot design. I would like to know whether the treatment affected the number of trees, so:
2000 Sep 05
rterm 1.1.1 under windows 2000
Hello, I am experiencing trouble with r-term 1.1.1 for windows 2000. When I start rterm, and I get a prompt, it seems to freeze after any assignment statement (so, if I type x_rnorm(1000), I don't get another prompt). Statements that don't involve assignment statements (like "plot(rnorm(1000))") seem to work, and I get a new prompt. The Rgui seems to work fine, and if I *can*
2013 Jan 30
Mac v Windows Mystery
Dear All, I'm trying to track down a problem with my quantreg package reported by a user doing censored quantile regression. When he runs the test4.R file attached below (which reads the csv file also attached) on his windows machine he gets an error like this: > Error in dimnames(B) <- list(c("tau", dimnames(x)[[2]], "Qhat"), NULL) : > length of