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2005 Mar 09
RMySQL installed but not availalable
I don''t use MySQL but I have seen messages like this before. They often have replies which indicate that you need to follow the instructions more closely. I suggest you search the list for these previous posts as I''m sure there is help there, somewhere! Tom > -----Original Message----- > From: Adriano von Sydow [mailto:pdasilva at] > Sent: Thursday, 10 March
2010 Nov 01
sqldf hanging on macintosh - works on windows
Have a long script that runs fine on windows (32 bit). When I try to run in on two different macs (64 bit), however, it hangs with identical behavior. I start with: library(sqldf) This results in messages: Loading required package: DBI Loading required package: RSQLite Loading required package: RSQLite.extfuns Loading required package: gsubfn Loading required package: proto Loading required
2011 Feb 09
Insert variable in RMySQL-Statement
Dear list, I''m working with a MySQL-Table and would like to extract selected ids that are stored in a vector: Ids <- c(1,2,3) How do I insert this variable in a for loop like this: For (a in values) { Temp <- dbGetQuery(con, "select * from db Where id = <ID>";) } My problem is to split the select-statement and insert the current id. How can I handle this
2006 Nov 07
have I an actual matrix?
Hi all! I do hope question from newcomers are wellcome here! Thanks in advance. Trying to catch up and to acquired the needed background to easily read R documents it is being a bit hard to me to get into the required concepts to deal with data. I am trying to get data from a MySQL database and plotting it with barplot. Here the code... library(RMySQL) con <- dbConnect(dbDriver
2006 Mar 15
"\r" with RSQLite
What am I doing wrong, or is the \r that I''m getting in the example below a bug? > a <- (1:10) > b <- (LETTERS[1:10]) > df <-, b)) > > df a b 1 1 A 2 2 B 3 3 C 4 4 D 5 5 E 6 6 F 7 7 G 8 8 H 9 9 I 10 10 J > library(RSQLite) > drv <- dbDriver("SQLite") > con <- dbConnect(drv, dbname =
2006 Mar 15
"\r" with RSQLite
What am I doing wrong, or is the \r that I''m getting in the example below a bug? > a <- (1:10) > b <- (LETTERS[1:10]) > df <-, b)) > > df a b 1 1 A 2 2 B 3 3 C 4 4 D 5 5 E 6 6 F 7 7 G 8 8 H 9 9 I 10 10 J > library(RSQLite) > drv <- dbDriver("SQLite") > con <- dbConnect(drv, dbname =
2006 Mar 06
Disconnect all MySQL connections
Hi I''ve got the error "cannot allocate a new connection -- maximum of 16 connections already opened" after I tried to create a new connection to a database. However, the reason ist, that i did not disconnect previous connections.... I don''t know the name of this connections. How can I disconnect this "unknown" connections and drivers? if I delete all
2003 Nov 11
Installing and Loading RMySQL on OS X 2.8
Hello, I have trouble installing and loading the RMySQL package on OS X 2.8. The package seems to install from source fine (using R package manager from within the R environment). I have the following error when I try to load the package: loading package: RMySQL Error in dyn.load(x, as.logical(local), as.logical(now)) : unable to load shared library
2007 Dec 14
connecting RMySQL to and external server
Dear list, I learned how to connect R to a local MySQL server, using: drv <- dbDriver("MySQL") con <- dbConnect(drv, user="root", password="mypass", dbname="mydb") Is it possible to connect R in this way to an external server (on a different machine, with a different IP)? I read the documentation on ?dbConnect (and everything I could find on the
2010 Jul 09
Compress string memCompress/Decompress
Hello, I would like to compress a long string (character vector), store the compressed string in the text field of a SQLite database (using RSQLite), and then load the text back into memory and decompress it back into the the original string. My character vector can be compressed considerably using standard gzip/bzip2 compression. In theory it should be much faster for me to
2003 Dec 10
How to start RMySQL
I am a newbie in R and want to use MySQL database. Here is what I have and done. R 1.8.0 mysql 4.0.16 Both running in Windows XP. I download the from the internet and used the Packages installer in the RGui to install RMySQL. I also installed DBI packages. I ran the following and got the error. > mgr<-dbDriver("MySQL") Error in dbDriver("MySQL") :
2003 Jan 24
RMySQL performance over RODBC
R-help list, I ported some R code from MS Windows PC to sun-solaris. Both do queries on the same MySQL database. PC version of R is 1.6.1 and solaris version is 1.6.0. I use RMySQL_0.5-0 (on solaris) and RODBC 1.0-1 on PC to connect to MySQL. The PC version took about 65 mins. to run wheras the Solaris (SunOS 5.7) version took 375 mins. (> 6 hrs). R and RMySQL are resident on the same host
2012 Feb 02
sqldf for Very Large Tab Delimited Files
Hi All, I have a very (very) large tab-delimited text file without headers. There are only 8 columns and millions of rows. I want to make numerous pieces of this file by sub-setting it for individual stations. Station is given as in the first column. I am trying to learn and use sqldf package for this but am stuck in a couple of places. To simulate my requirement, I have taken iris dataset as an
2005 Jan 29
Database Connection Problem with RMySQL package
Folks, I failed to create a connection to the database under MySQL DBMS in the R system via RMySQL''s method dbConnection(...). My setup is as follows: Microsoft Windows XP 5.1.2600 MySQL 4.1.9 R 2.0.1 DBI 0.1-8 RMySQL 0.5-5 Both of DBI and RMySQL packages were downloaded from bell lab: My case in R is as
2010 Mar 08
using sprintf to pass a variable to a RMySQL query
Hello, I am using RmySQL and would like to iterate through a few queries. I would like to use sprintf but I think I''m having problems mixing and matching the sprintf syntax and the SQL regex. I have checked my sqlcmd and it works when I wan to match %MG1% but how do I iterate for i 1-72? Escape characters,? thanks in advance i<-1 sqlcmd_ScaffLen<-sprintf(''SELECT
2008 Apr 11
Hi All, I''ve finally gotten around to database access using R. I''m happily extracting rows from a MySQL database using RMySQL, but am having problems appending rows to an existing table. What I *want* to do is to append rows to the table, allowing the database to automatically generate primary key values. I''ve only managed to add rows by using dbWriteTable(
2010 Jun 23
RJDBC vs RMySQL vs ???
I am running a simple SQL SELECT statement that involvs 50k + data points using R and the RJDBC interface. I am facing very slow response times in both the RGUI and the R console. When running this SQL statement directly in a SQL client I have processing times that are a lot lot faster (which means that the SQL statement itself is not the problem). Did any of you compare RJDBC vs RMySQL or is
2006 Oct 16
Install RMySQL with R 2.4.0
I just installed RMySQL 0.5-9 with R 2.4.0 on Windows XP and got the following error message when trying to run a script with RMySQL: Error in library(RMySQL) : ''RMySQL'' is not a valid package -- installed < 2.0.0? Any ideas? Thanks, Frank
2007 Jun 06
Question: RMySQL bulk load/update one column, dbWriteTable()?
Hi, I have a question reading using RMySQL trying to load one R vector into a table column. To be more specifically, the table is there populated. Now I add a new column and want to populate this. Can some colleagues on this list teach me how to do this? I know how to write one R object/table into MYSQL table using dbWriteTable. But in this situation, I just want to do one column.
2005 Mar 18
Basic questions about RMySQL
Hello, Please forget me if I am asking something that is well documented. I have read documentation but there are points that are not clear for me. I am not expert in R nor Databases, but if someone direct me to a tutorial, I will appreciate it.. 1. In my understanding, I can install and use RMySQL withouth having to install MySQL in my PC, to have access to and to create new tables . Is this