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2007 Feb 16
negate the regexp in validates_format_of
Railsters: ActiveRecord''s validation system puts other database systems to shame. However, the newbies might not know how to write a regexp that excludes a match, instead of tests for it. Understand - I''m just asking this question to help them. I have been using Regexps since ''grep'' on Xenix! But the newbies here might not know how to do this:
2008 Jun 07
DRY validates_format_of?
In a model I have following validates_format_of. Is there an easy way to DRY this up? It seems to be rather repetitive. validates_format_of :expiration_date, :with => /^[0-9]{4}[-][0-9]{2}[-][0-9]{2}$/ validates_format_of :activation_date, :with => /^[0-9]{4}[-][0-9]{2}[-][0-9]{2}$/ validates_format_of :some_other_date, :with =>
2015 Apr 30
búsqueda y sustitución masiva
Hola a tod en s, explico lo que estoy intentando hacer... Tengo un listado de url comprimidas de twitter, entre las cuales hay muchas repetidas, por lo que el número de registros llega a más de 15K. Por otro lado tengo otra lista de esas url únicas con su equivalente ya descomprimido llegando a un registro de 900. El problema que tengo es que estoy intentando hacer un loop para hacer la
2008 Feb 24
validates_format_of no dots allowed
I need a validates_format_of that disallow dots. In the api there is nothing to find about how validates_format_of exatly works. Is there a better documentation or is there something that can tell me howto disallow dots. -- Posted via --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~ You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google
2006 Sep 10
validates_format_of :something, :with => /REGEX/
Hi all, I''m hoping to stir the Rails pot a little bit here, so please go easy with me ;-) Regular Expressions is the most densely inhumane language construct ever invented in any ''civilisation'', and the fact that we still have to dirty our minds with this in Rails is something that (sh/c)ould ideally be corrected in Rails (preferably before the release of
2006 Apr 05
validates_format_of ?
Hi all, I''ve got a form which accepts a "price" field and I''m attempting to validate it and allow some flexibility in the way the user enters it. It''s a numeric field but I want the user to be able to enter dollar signs and commas naturally in the data entry. I''m trying to understand how to use validates_format_of, and I''m not sure what
2012 Aug 14
validates_format_of :message not working, validates_length_of :message is working
I''m using validates_format_of and the validation I want to do works, but I can''t get an error message to be displayed if the data is invalid: validates_format_of :mobile, :with => /\A[\+0-9]+\Z/, :message => " - Wrong" I have another validation some where else that does display the error message: " - Name is too long" validates_length_of
2006 Jan 20
validates_format_of > Invalid regular expression with simple pattern
Hello, I try this : validates_format_of :name , :with => /^[A-z0-9_.- ]*$/ , :message => "bad characters" for accept any name with chars "A" to "z" , "0" to "9" , with "_" "." "-" and " " The pattern is really simple but I have this error : SyntaxError in Login#register
2006 Jun 14
file column validates_format_of
Been manually testing file column with success except it seems to upload the file before validating it. Also .pdf files (which shouldn''t even validate) crash WEBrick. What am I missing to solve these problems? (apart from a brain!) validates_presence_of :title, :file validates_format_of :file, :with => %r{.(gif|jpg|png)$}i, :message => "File must end with .jpg, .gif or
2007 Oct 18
validates_format_of date
Can someone tell me why this returns ''dob is invalid'' when dob is ''01/01/1969''? validates_format_of :dob, :with => /[0-9]{2}.[0-9]{2}.[0-9] {4}/, :message => ''is invalid'' I''m trying to validate a date entred into a form. I suppose there are different ways to accomplish this, and because it doesn''t
2010 Jan 18
validates_format_of :phone,
validates_format_of :phone, :with => /\A\s*(?:(?:\+?(?:\d{1,3}(?:\s*|[\-.])))?\(?\d{3}[\-\/)]?\s*) (?:[2-9][0-9 \-.]{6,})\s*\z/, i pit it on my reuriments but error whlie entering 666.111.9999 i want it should be ok any one help me please -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Ruby on Rails: Talk" group. To post to this group,
2006 Mar 17
validates_format_of before type_cast?
Often I need to do a one-off validation before Rails has had a chance to convert. For example, a date. Is there a general mechanism to cause validations to run on the raw input or do I have to resort to: private def validate unless attributes_before_type_cast[''date_of_loss''] =~ /^(\d+(-|\/)){2}\d{4}/ errors.add(''date_of_loss'',
2006 Feb 22
validates_format_of datetime?
What''s the best way to check a field to ensure it is a valid datetime? I could validates_format_of :with a regular expression for "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss", but I''m wondering if there is a more direct way to do this. -- Posted via
2006 Feb 27
Help on validates_format_of
Hello, i''m quite new with Ruby and i''ve been headbreaking quite a while on the following question. So I hope somebody can help this Noob on Rails. I want to use validates_format_of on the password a user enters for his or her account. I want it to check on the following: 1.. The password has to have a minimum of 2 non-capitalized characters. with the characters i mean: a
2006 Apr 12
Inverting validates_format_of
I''ve got a regex validation on one of the inputs to my application, a file path. Now these only ever come from trusted users (administrators), but it would still be good to catch the most obvious attempts at directory traversal, etc. I''ve already got a regex that only allows \w then -, . and /. However, I want to stop two dots in a row, so I was wondering how to make
2005 Aug 10
validates_format_of on an optional field using :if
Hi there, I''ve got the following in my model: validates_format_of :postcode, :with => /^([a-zA-Z]{1,2}[0-9]{1,2} [0-9]{1}[a-zA-Z]{2})$/, :message => "is not valid", :if => :postcode ... but it''s not working - it always insists on validation, even if postcode is empty. Basically, the postcode field is optional, but if it''s filled in, I
2009 Feb 28
be_valid (validates_format_of ..., :on => :create)
Greetings, How to write Example which will check if model''s variable''s format is valid using :on => :create, like this: class User < ActiveRecord::Base ... validates_format_of :email, :with => /.../, :on => :create ... Using following code is not right: it "should ..." do @user = users(:example_user) =
2020 Jun 17
Duplicate value used in disconnect reason definitons
I could not find anything in the mailing list archive or bug tracker. In ssh2.h, the value (4) is re-used 148 #define SSH2_DISCONNECT_KEY_EXCHANGE_FAILED 3 149 #define SSH2_DISCONNECT_HOST_AUTHENTICATION_FAILED 4 150 #define SSH2_DISCONNECT_RESERVED 4 151 #define SSH2_DISCONNECT_MAC_ERROR 5 Is this intentional? Thanks, Noah Zalev
2003 Apr 30
Bad packet length issue
Hello, I am porting the Openssh3.4 code to a proprietary operating system. I am running into the issue of ssh client disconnecting with a message - Disconnecting: Bad packet length 2782384553. This happens only when there is a large (~100k) output of some command executed on the remote system. If the output is not large then it doesn't happen. I tried with different encryption algorithm
2006 Apr 11
url_for - results inconsistency ??
Hi all, I recently noticed something really weird in url_for results let''s say that we have something like this somewhere in code <pre> URL1:<%=url_for( {:action=>''foobar''}.merge({''action''=>''ohmy''}) )%> URL2:<%=url_for(