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2011 Aug 18
zfs-discuss Digest, Vol 70, Issue 37
Please check whether you have latest '' MPT '' patch installed on your server ? If not , please install MPT patch . It will fix the issue . Regards, Gowrisankar . On Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 5:30 PM, <zfs-discuss-request at>wrote: > Send zfs-discuss mailing list submissions to > zfs-discuss at > > To subscribe or unsubscribe
2007 Oct 27
X4500 device disconnect problem persists
After applying 125205-07 on two X4500 machines running Sol10U4 and removing "set sata:sata_func_enable = 0x5" from /etc/system to re-enable NCQ, I am again observing drive disconnect error messages. This in spite of the patch description which claims multiple fixes in this area: 6587133 repeated DMA command timeouts and device resets on x4500 6538627 x4500 message logs contain
2008 Aug 12
ZFS, SATA, LSI and stability
After having massive problems with a supermicro X7DBE box using AOC-SAT2-MV8 Marvell controllers and opensolaris snv79 (same as described here: we just start over using new hardware and opensolaris 2008.05 upgraded to snv94. We used again a supermicro X7DBE but now with two LSI SAS3081E SAS controllers. And guess
2008 Dec 04
help diagnosing system hang
Hi all, First, I''ll say my intent is not to spam a bunch of lists, but after posting to opensolaris-discuss I had someone communicate with me offline that these lists would possibly be a better place to start. So here we are. For those on all three lists, sorry for the repetition. Second, this message is meant to solicit help in diagnosing the issue described below. Any hints on
2007 Oct 09
ZFS 60 second pause times to read 1K
Every day we see pause times of sometime 60 seconds to read 1K of a file for local reads as well as NFS in a test setup. We have a x4500 setup as a single 4*( raid2z 9 + 2)+2 spare pool and have the files system mounted over v5 krb5 NFS and accessed directly. The pool is a 20TB pool and is using . There are three filesystems, backup, test and home. Test has about 20 million files and uses 4TB.
2010 Aug 24
SCSI write retry errors on ZIL SSD drives...
I posted a thread on this once long ago[1] -- but we''re still fighting with this problem and I wanted to throw it out here again. All of our hardware is from Silicon Mechanics (SuperMicro chassis and motherboards). Up until now, all of the hardware has had a single 24-disk expander / backplane -- but we recently got one of the new SC847-based models with 24 disks up front and 12 in
2009 Jul 13
OpenSolaris 2008.11 - resilver still restarting
Just look at this. I thought all the restarting resilver bugs were fixed, but it looks like something odd is still happening at the start: Status immediately after starting resilver: # zpool status pool: rc-pool state: DEGRADED status: One or more devices has experienced an unrecoverable error. An attempt was made to correct the error. Applications are unaffected. action: Determine
2008 Aug 02
are these errors dangerous
Hi everyone, I''ve been running a zfs fileserver for about a month now (on snv_91) and it''s all working really well. I''m scrubbing once a week and nothing has come up as a problem yet. I''m a little worried as I''ve just noticed these messages in /var/adm/message and I don''t know if they''re bad or just informational: Aug
2008 Jul 08
Disks errors not shown by zpool?
Ok, this is not a OpenSolaris question, but it is a Solaris and ZFS question. I have a pool with three mirrored vdevs. I just got an error message from FMD that read failed from one on the disks,(c1t6d0). All with instructions on how to handle the problem and replace the devices, so far everything is good. But the zpool still thinks everything is fine. Shouldn''t zpool also show
2010 Jun 18
WD caviar/mpt issues
I know that this has been well-discussed already, but it''s been a few months - WD caviars with mpt/mpt_sas generating lots of retryable read errors, spitting out lots of beloved " Log info 31080000 received for target" messages, and just generally not working right. (SM 836EL1 and 836TQ chassis - though I have several variations on theme depending on date of purchase:
2009 Jul 07
[perf-discuss] help diagnosing system hang
Interresting... I wonder what differs between your system and mine. With my dirt-simple stress-test: server1# zpool create X25E c1t15d0 server1# zfs set sharenfs=rw X25E server1# chmod a+w /X25E server2# cd /net/server1/X25E server2# gtar zxf /var/tmp/emacs-22.3.tar.gz and a fully patched X42420 running Solaris 10 U7 I still see these errors: Jul 7 22:35:04 merope
2007 Dec 03
Help replacing dual identity disk in ZFS raidz and SVM mirror
Hi, We have a number of 4200''s setup using a combination of an SVM 4 way mirror and a ZFS raidz stripe. Each disk (of 4) is divided up like this / 6GB UFS s0 Swap 8GB s1 /var 6GB UFS s3 Metadb 50MB UFS s4 /data 48GB ZFS s5 For SVM we do a 4 way mirror on /,swap, and /var So we have 3 SVM mirrors d0=root (sub mirrors d10, d20, d30, d40) d1=swap (sub
2008 Jan 17
ATA UDMA data parity error
Hey all, I''m not sure if this is a ZFS bug or a hardware issue I''m having - any pointers would be great! Following contents include: - high-level info about my system - my first thought to debugging this - stack trace - format output - zpool status output - dmesg output High-Level Info About My System --------------------------------------------- - fresh
2008 Feb 08
List of supported multipath drivers
Where can I find a list of supported multipath drivers for ZFS? Keith McAndrew Senior Systems Engineer Northern California SUN Microsystems - Data Management Group <mailto:Keith.McAndrew at> Keith.McAndrew at 916 715 8352 Cell CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE The information contained in this transmission may contain privileged and confidential information of SUN
2012 Apr 06
Seagate Constellation vs. Hitachi Ultrastar
Happy Friday, List! I''m spec''ing out a Thumper-esque solution and having trouble finding my favorite Hitachi Ultrastar 2TB drives at a reasonable post-flood price. The Seagate Constellations seem pretty reasonable given the market circumstances but I don''t have any experience with them. Anybody using these in their ZFS systems and have you had good luck? Also, if
2010 Aug 17
Narrow escape with FAULTED disks
Nothing like a "heart in mouth moment" to shave tears from your life. I rebooted a snv_132 box in perfect heath, and it came back up with two FAULTED disks in the same vdisk group. Everything an hour on Google I found basically said "your data is gone". All 45Tb of it. A postmortem of fmadm showed a single disk failed with smart predictive failure. No indication why the
2009 Jul 29
I''m curious about if there are any potential problems with using LVM metadevices as ZFS zpool targets. I have a couple of situations where using a device directly by ZFS causes errors on the console about "Bus and lots of "stalled" I/O. But as soon as I wrap that device inside an LVM metadevice and then use it in the ZFS zpool things work perfectly fine and smoothly
2010 Aug 20
Load at 5, no CPU I/O or swap in use
We are currently running CentOS 5 update 4 on a Dell R910 server 16 cores/32 hyperthreaded with 64GB of memory. It is our main Oracle 11g DB server for one of our customers and is attached to an MD 3000 storage array. We are having a load averaging around 5 but see no swap in use, CPUs are pretty much idle and no I/O wait. We have Oracle dataguard turned on in transactional mode.
2008 Aug 08
Audio CD problem on laptop VGN-SZ61MN
Is there anyone out there who has installed FreeBSD on the above Sony laptop ? Both ''''cat filename > /dev/dsp0.0'''' or ''''vlc cdda:///dev/acd0@1 are OK. If I run ''''cdcontrol -f /dev/acd0 play'''', there is no sound. But the output of ''''cdcontrol -f
2007 Apr 03
Corrupt inodes on shared disk...
I am having problems when using a Dell PowerVault MD3000 with multipath from a Dell PowerEdge 1950. I have 2 cables connected and mount the partition on the DAS Array. I am using RHEL 4.4 with RHCS and a two node cluster. Only one node is "Active" at a time, it creates a mount to the partition, and if there is an issue RHCS will fence the device and then the other node will mount the