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2003 Nov 13
E-Business 11i.9 and RAC
Hi, I am currently involved in a project with E-Business 11i.9. For the production enviroment, ct. wants to implement Load Balance and Fail Over - both middle tier and database tier, the last with RAC. As E11i creates lots of tablespaces, the best way seems to be OCFS. We installed & configured OCFS partitions. The next step was to install E11i multi tier, single instance - already
2007 Oct 01
[ win32utils-Bugs-14360 ] Bad interaction between win32-file-stat and FileUtils
Bugs item #14360, was opened at 2007-10-01 15:00 You can respond by visiting: Category: win32-file-stat Group: Code Status: Open Resolution: None Priority: 3 Submitted By: Daniel Berger (djberg96) Assigned to: Nobody (None) Summary: Bad interaction between win32-file-stat and FileUtils Initial
2007 Mar 28
attachment_fu & update_attributes... bug?
It seems that attachment_fu is a pretty popular plugin (it''s great), but I''ve been having a terrible time trying to figure out an issue when using "update_attributes". I''m storing files on the file system rather than in a database. It seems that when "update_attributes" is called with a new file, upload_data= tries to copy a file that
2006 Dec 03
File Upload Unix Only?
I tried the upload feature in merb 0.0.7 using http://localhost:4000/files I get the following: Permission denied - D:/Temp/Merb.5172.0 or E:/Dev/Ruby/merb-0.0.7/examples/sample_app/dist/public/files/foobar.jpg - (Errno::EACCES) C:/Ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/fileutils.rb:501:in `rename''
2011 Jan 13
10.04 Ubuntu
Hi, Chauk-Mean and all - I have just ported everything to 10.04 ubuntu, and I am pleased to note that I was able to use prepackaged stuff almost everywhere. Yes, it was painful before I figured it out. :) I used apt-get to install ruby-1.8.7, all the wx libraries (including the dev header packages) I uninstalled the debian rubygems package completely and installed rubygems-1.4.1 from the
2006 Jun 05
file_column permissions
this is getting frustrating... i installed file_column without a hitch for the first time to just play around with. using the exact same steps as before, i try to use it with one of my actual applications, and i get "permission denied" errors. i figure there might be some conflict with my application so just for kicks i do the exact same thing i did the first time to test
2004 Jul 16
OCFS Database too slow
Hi All, we are using Red Hat 2.1 Kernel e38 along with MSA 1000. ocfs version being used is $ rpm -qa | grep ocfs ocfs-tools-1.0.10-1 ocfs-2.4.9-e-enterprise-1.0.12-1 ocfs-support-1.0.10-1 Database Version is However we find that the performance of the database on OCFS is too slow. even a select count(1) from all_tables takes like a while to complete. We initially assumed RAC is
2011 Dec 05
Spec'ing a block
Hi folks How would you spec something like this: as_user username do FileUtils.chmod_R 0755, "#{directory}/*" end Where as_user fires off a new process (and set uid to username). It seems that this won''t catch FileUtils.chmod_R: FileUtils.should_receive(:chmod_R).with(0755, "#{}/*") I guess that is because it is passed in
2008 Jan 30
Not all mongrel starting (Errno:EEXIST)
I''m playing with the mongrel clustering, and am having a problem getting 2 mongrels to start up reliably. This should be a pretty simple cluster, with just 2 instances running. My mongrel config (mongrel_cluster.yml) looks like: cwd: /deployment/installed/myapp/current log_file: log/mongrel.log port: "8000" environment: production address:
2005 Nov 10
[ win32utils-Feature Requests-2811 ] Add UNC support to file / dir
Feature Requests item #2811, was opened at 2005-11-10 15:17 You can respond by visiting: Category: None Group: None Status: Open Resolution: None Priority: 3 Submitted By: graham foster (fosterg2) Assigned to: Nobody (None) Summary: Add UNC support to file / dir Initial Comment: I''d
2003 Feb 24
-bash: /bin/rm: Argument list too long
Folks: Is there a limit to the number of arguments that can be passed to fileutils programs such as mv or rm ? If yes, is it filesystem dependant/kernel config dependant/fileutils version dependant? Can this maximum limit be tuned/controlled ? I googled on it a bit, but couldn't find anything much more relevant than a message in the OS-X forum.
2005 Aug 10
fileutil & tar utility RPMs on RHAS3.0
Hi, Please advice how to download utility for 'tar', 'cp' supporting RHAS3.0 RPMs listed in note 237997.1 are used for RHAS2.1 * Patch 2883583: fileutils-4.1-4.2.i386.rpm * Patch 2913284: tar-1.13.25-9.i386.rpm Best regards, Huy. == Nguyen Quang Huy Sr. Technical Sales Consultant Oracle Vietnam 53 Quang Trung St, Hanoi Email: Phone: +84 4 943 2595
2001 Aug 28
df not showing ext3 partition
Is there an updated version of the fileutils df that will show mounted ext3 partitions? I'm using fileutils-4.1. -- Curtis Hogg [] ---------------------------------------------- T-shirt Of The Day: I'm the person your mother warned you about. ---------------------------------------------- Email 1 - Email 2 - WWW -
2003 May 30
How to remove a complete dataframe column
I am using dataframes and I and I want to delete (remove) a specific column by name ... the data frame has 14 columns with several names and only need some. I tried to overwrite the columns with a single value but that in not very clean as I need to export the data to file. The rm command gives me a warning message stating : < remove: variable "rtu$Ri." was not found > or there is
2009 Feb 25
Disabling specific port-forwarding
Hi all, I have a server where I allow some people to do SSH port forwarding for SVN, GIT, since I need to do that to access these services in certain locations. I can't access SVN ports in some work locations. Thing is, I also give specific access to some user accounts, mainly git and svn user, to some people I don't fully trust to have access to my VNC server, which is without password
2013 Jul 24
package compilation on OSX 10.8 -- error compiling Fortran library for architecture i386
I am developing a package for analysis of seismic data that relies on a Fortran library. Package compilation works fine on Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise but fails for R 2.15.3 on Mac OSX 10.8.4. I've included the entire dump below but the relevant error message seems to be: ld: warning: ignoring file libmseed/libmseed.a, file was built for archive > which is not the architecture
2017 Jul 06
MSP430 code generation from LLVM IR
On Thu, Jul 6, 2017 at 2:19 AM, Tim Northover <t.p.northover at> wrote: > On 5 July 2017 at 17:51, Luís Marques via llvm-dev > <llvm-dev at> wrote: > > Cool. When I did that on macOS, LDC generated a lot of complaints, > possibly > > because it is assuming mach-o files. I tried changing from > -mtriple=msp430 > > to
2010 Mar 13
Testing file upload (Sinatra, RSpec, Rack-Test)
Hi. I have a simple application and I want to add a file upload functionality. How can I write a spec? Here''s my try. # directory structure app: - controller.rb - controller.spec.rb - files: [] - fixtures: [test_file.png] # controller.spec.rb require ''rack/test'' require ''controller'' module MyHelpers def app Sinatra::Application end end
2004 Mar 10
copy error + control file corruption in ocfs 1.1 0
Hi Bharat/Philip, I haven't tested it yet. My systems are running RHAS 2.1. I'll come back to let you now the outcome. Regards, Robert. -----Original Message----- From: To: Sent: 3/10/2004 7:09 PM Subject: RE: [Ocfs-users] copy error + control file corruption in ocfs 1.10 Hi Robert, Have you had a chance to retest this
2010 Jul 30
Problem with installing Rails 2.3.8 on Ubuntu 10.04
hi, I installed the ruby-full package. After downloading the rubygems 1.3.7, I installed it without any problem. I guess it should have installed relative gems by default, such as activesupport. Any help is appreciated. Mars root@mars-laptop:~# uname -a Linux mars-laptop 2.6.32-21-generic #32-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 16 08:10:02 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux root@mars-laptop:~# ruby -v ruby 1.8.7