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2005 Sep 28
Headline - Linux misses Windows of opportunity
Dear CentOS, Ken wants you to know about this story on Personal Message: How much did MS pay for the article? Linux misses Windows of opportunity September 27, 2005 URL: The online edition of The Age brings you updated local and world news, sports results,
2005 Mar 24
Yum problem CentOS 3.3?
I''m still using CentOS 3.3 as our install mechanism, then adding some packages from a tarball of RPMs we need. Then I run # yum update yum which sometimes takes a while. Yesterday it took many hours. I like to run these from behind a firewall in our office before taking the server to the datacenter, but the delay meant a whole day''s delay in our trip to the datacenter
2005 Nov 07
Reducing the deleterious effects of ego related issues on the list: growing up individually.
Folks, I *suggest* that little or no reply to this is warranted. It's just the statements of an old fart trying to make a (slightly) better environment for all of us. These thoughts are offered for consideration and use as you see fit. For some, "Hey, that'll work for me too" is the hoped for result. No discussion is intended or warranted, IMO. If you recognize yourself in
2002 Apr 08
The best topologi for TC
Sir, Please help me to decide where is the best place/topologi to put TC with the best network performance. My problem is, I want to manage/limited bandwith for C1,C2 & C3 to internet (ONLY their access to internet, but NOT to X, Y, & Z). NOTE: VSAT = Sattelite connection X = Mail Server Y = www server Z = Proxy Server Q = WaveLAN router C1, C2, & C3 = WaveLAN client Any
2012 Jan 13
Troubles with stemming (tm + Snowball packages) under MacOS
Dear all, I have some troubles using the stemming algorithm provided by the tm (text mining) + Snowball packages. Here is my config: MacOS 10.5 R 2.12.0 / R 2.13.1 / R 2.14.1 (I have tried several versions) I have installed all the needed packages (tm, rJava, rWeka, Snowball) + dependencies. I have desactivated AWT (like written in
2005 Jan 13
samba PDC and Windows NT4 PDC
Dear all I have 2 server: samba server on fedora core 2 and windows NT 4 server. Each server have different ip address 1.samba PDC server on fedora with ip: NT 4 PDC server with ip: I want to all user in samba server can sharing file and browse network share in NT4 server , and all user in NT4 server can sharing file and browse network share in
2005 Jul 27
Full T38 sip Faxing now Available
Hello everybody, for all of you that have searched for a real fax solution, look no further. We now have T38 faxing. Please contact me for more information. Thanks Michael D. Schelin ShellTel 626-814-2354
2004 Jan 27
AU mirror
All, Are my eyes deceiving me, or is the Australian mirror site ( linked-to from, out of date? The main page has the release of Samba-3.0.0 RC3, dated Sep 8 2003, as the first news item. Regards Peter ********************************************************************************* The information contained in