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2012 Feb 09
POP3 UIDLs with virtual INBOX and migration from maildir->mdbox
Hi, Considering the scenario, where you have some old account with a different POP3 UIDL format and you migrate them to dovecot. So these old UIDLs would be saved to dovecot-uidlist. At some later time you want to introduce a virtual POP3 INBOX like described on: So you decide to make the new UIDL format "%f" - to make them
2018 Apr 17
Corrupted dbox file around offset= EOF reading msg header
Hello Dovecoters, I am using dovecot-2.2.10-8.el7.x86_64 on RHEL 7.4 When I backup mdboxes (using SIS) using this command doveadm -Dv -o plugin/quota= sync -1f -u user1 at mdbox:/mailbackup/user1 mails get backedup but all m files are not copied. Last file copied is m.4 If I run the command again I get below error I tried with doveadm backup command as well
2017 Nov 03
migrating from maildir to mdbox, preserving pop3 UIDL
Hi, I'm trying to migrate from maildir to mdbox while preserving the pop3 UIDL (and the imap UID). The problem is, for maildir we use (for compatiblity with qpopper): pop3_uidl_format = %f Problem is, as soon as I convert that to mdbox, then whenever a client issues the UIDL command via a POP connection, the connection is closed and this error is displayed in the log: Error: UIDL: File
2018 Apr 20
maildir vs dbox?
I'm facing some issues on mdbox based backups. Backups are failing with dbox corruption messages. SiS is the greatest advantage though. However backups integrity is very important. If SiS/Deduplication is not a requirement stick to Maildir. Regards DP -----Original Message----- From: dovecot [mailto:dovecot-bounces at] On Behalf Of Gedalya Sent: 20 April 2018 08:19 To:
2018 Apr 09
Filesystem level backups?
Hello all, Does doveadm backup - backup the attachments as well when using SIS ? Regards Durga Prasad +919849111010 -----Original Message----- From: dovecot [mailto:dovecot-bounces at] On Behalf Of Marc St?rmer Sent: 09 April 2018 18:05 To: Steve Atkins Cc: dovecot at Subject: {Spam?} Re: Filesystem level backups? Am 2018-04-09 00:55, schrieb Steve Atkins: > Will a
2017 Nov 10
doveadm -A backup
Hello, I am trying to backup all users mails using doveadm -Dv backup -A mdbox:/nasdrive/mailbackupfolder However the script is not doing the backup into individual folders but is trying to overwrite the data in /nasdrive/mailbackupfolder for every user. Logically it should write into /nasdrive/mailbackupfolder/user1 ,
2018 Apr 05
GFS2 writes extremely slow
Hello all, We are facing extremely slow GFS2 issues in Redhat 7 64 bit. Backend is 16 Gbps FC SAN so no issues there. I have scoured the entire (anyways most of the) Internet and arrived at the following settings. mmap_disable = yes mail_fsync = always mail_nfs_storage = yes mail_nfs_index = yes mmap_disable = yes lock_method = fcntl Did a systemctl restart dovecot and did not find any major
2017 Nov 26
doveadm backup or sync Read status
Hello all, I am trying to migrate mail from a dovecot-2.0.13-1_129.el5 maildir to dovecot-2.2.10-8.el7.x86_64 centos 7 mdbox. I am using this command doveadm -v -o mail_fsync=never backup -R -u user at imapc: also tried doveadm -v -o mail_fsync=never sync -1 -R -u user at imapc: Both work flawlessly - Timo is great !!! - My issue is the source folders are all marked as
2017 Nov 27
doveadm backup or sync Read status
Hello All, Sorry for reposting. Earlier I was in digest mode hence could not update the previous post. I am trying to migrate mail from a dovecot-2.0.13-1_129.el5 maildir to dovecot-2.2.10-8.el7.x86_64 centos 7 mdbox. I am using this command doveadm -v -o mail_fsync=never backup -R -u user at imapc: also tried doveadm -v -o mail_fsync=never sync -1 -R -u user at imapc:
2005 Sep 01
qpopper UIDLs and migrating to dovecot/maildir
hi all, I am hoping to convert a 350K user qpopper installation using mbox to dovecot and maildir (pop3 only). many of the users "leave mail on server", and qpopper's UIDL format isn't (yet) supported by dovecot. since the UIDLs have been written by qpoppper to the existing mbox files (and will be preserved when the mboxes are converted to maildir) it would be possible to do
2012 May 24
dsync migration with preserving pop3 uidl
Hi all, I'm trying to migrate messages from icewarp (merak) mailserver to dovecot via dsync, IMAP migration is looking fine, but I'm unable to migrate pop3 uidls from originating server, probably is something wrong with configuration, but I don't know what. The only documentation i found is on the wiki: where is bad writen
2009 Oct 05
dovecot 1.0.15 upgrading to dovecot 1.1.x or 1.2.x, and POP3 UIDL issue
Hi, We're upgrading a cluster of servers from v1.0.15 to v1.1.x or v1.2.x. It appears that the UIDL generation mechanism has changed, and thus we'll be getting POP3 dups with users that leave mail on server (which is a nasty practice, I know). From checking the sources, and performing a number of controlled tests in various scenarios, here is the outcome: upgrade from 1.0.15 to
2011 Jan 05
2 maintaining order of pop3 uidl's
Hi there, I've just been experimenting with the latest script and I notice that it favours keeping pop3 UIDL ordering rather than IMAP UID preservation. There is this comment (line 312): # POP3 clients may want to get POP3 UIDLs in the same order always. # Preserve the order even if it causes IMAP UIDs to change. Does anyone have details as to which
2013 May 27
UIDLs problem on migration to dovecot
Hello list, I'm about to migrate from Courier 4.6 (POP and IMAP) to Dovecot 1.2. I am currently trying to match UIDLs of both servers to avoid redownload of mails but I could not success. I've already configured dovecot POP3 to format UIDLs like this: pop3_uidl_format = UID%u-%v I also executed the script '' to do the migration in a couple of test
2018 Apr 09
SIS and Filesystem level backups (was just Re: Filesystem level backups?)
On 4/9/2018, 11:34:40 AM, Ivan Warren <ivan at> wrote: > Le 4/9/2018 ? 4:56 PM, DurgaPrasad - DatasoftComnet a ?crit?: >> Does doveadm backup backup the attachments as well when using SIS? > As far as I know, it does (it de-shares shared attachments) > > I've used that solution to stop using SIS at one point (it created > more
2006 Feb 12
Problems with POP3 UIDL when migrating from MBOX to Maildir
Hello, I am in the process of migrating a hosting setup from UW-IMAP to Dovecot. The protocols available to mail clients are IMAP and POP3 both before and after migration. I also wanted to change the mail storage format from MBOX to Maildir. However, at this point I hit a major snag with Dovecot and POP3 UIDL (unique identification listing for POP3 mailboxes). Several of the customers connecting
2008 May 08
MBOX to Maildir preserving the UIDL (outlook-tested, no redownloading)
TESTED AND RUNNING, MIGRATING from MBOX to MAILDIR, PRESERVE UID and OUTLOOK sees the email as downloaded. I hope this helps a lot of people out there. Feel free to post this somewhere else too. By: Horn Wijaya (hwijaya at 8th May 2008 I have been searching for weeks for a foolproof method to migrate all my users mbox to maildir/dovecot without having the pain of
2012 Aug 03
dsync and pop3 migration plugin fails for large inbox due to idle timeout
Timo, There is a problem with the dsync POP3 migration plugin when syncing a large INBOX. What happens is dsync establishes a connection to the POP3 server at the beginning of the sync, but then it sits there idle until it's used to sync the UIDLs. On a very large inbox with many thousands of messages it will be idle for longer than a POP3 server's idle timeout setting. When the UIDL
2011 Feb 08
pop3 index virtual question
Hi @ll, Timo, on 2.0.9 i have a user reporting pop3 leaving mails on the server does not work as desired i have namespace default { # type = private separator = / prefix = "" list = yes # hidden = no subscriptions = yes } namespace virtual { # type = private prefix = "virtual/" separator = / location =
2018 Apr 01
domain email autoconfiguration
Hello, If anyone has autoconfiguration going with their email domain please email me privately. I'd like to ask you some questions about your setup. What do you use? Thanks. Dave.