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2017 Mar 20
Re: Guestmount seems not to sync changes
On Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 07:40:18AM +0000, 张强 wrote: > Hi all, > > It seems guestmount always fails to flush changes to the mounted qcow2 snapshot. > > To reproduce this problem: > 1. take an external snapshot for a qcow2 > 2. guestmount the snapshot > 3. do some changes, for example: `echo 123 > /test; cat /test`, right now /test can be seen created and
2013 Mar 04
[PATCH] fuse: Add guestmount-cleanup program to handle unmounting (RHBZ#916780).
* PATCH FOR DISCUSSION ONLY - NOT TO BE APPLIED * Colin suggested something which seems eminently sensible: I've been through a couple of rounds of trying to implement this. I started with adding the option as suggested to the guestmount program, but it tended to make the guestmount program more complex. More importantly, adding
2012 Jul 09
[PATCH 0/4] Provide guestmount --pid-file and document possible race when unmounting FUSE filesystems.
The full description of this bug is here: and the effect it has on OpenStack is described here: Rich.
2013 Mar 05
[PATCH v2] fuse: Add guestunmount program to handle unmounting (RHBZ#916780)
Since the first patch: - The program is now called 'guestunmount'. - I tested the --fd option and it appears to work. - You can now control retries / quiet. - Revised man pages. - Includes tests. I'm just running through the automated tests now. Rich.
2015 Nov 23
guestunmount issues
Hello everyone! I'm playing with guestunmount and got the following issues: 1) guestunmount never returns 3 (not mounted) - i guess it's a bug at guestunmount.c:223 2) I don't know whether it's a bug in guestunmount or fusermount, but on my machine while executing > guestmount > guestunmount > guestunmount on second "guestunmount" I get
2015 Nov 24
Re: guestunmount issues
On 11/23/2015 07:59 PM, Pino Toscano wrote: > Hi, > > On Monday 23 November 2015 18:29:50 Maxim Perevedentsev wrote: >> 1) guestunmount never returns 3 (not mounted) - i guess it's a bug at >> guestunmount.c:223 > Indeed, thanks for the notice -- just send a patch for it. > >> 2) I don't know whether it's a bug in guestunmount or fusermount, but
2012 Mar 28
[PATCH v2] New APIs: mount-local and umount-local using FUSE
This version doesn't crash or cause hung processes or stuck mountpoints, so that's an improvement. Rich.
2012 Dec 16
read-write in LIBGUESTFS 1.20
How can i open a virtual disk in read-write mode ? # guestmount --rw -d winxp -m /dev/sda1 /media/ # rm -f /media/pagefile.sys rm: cannot remove ‘/media/pagefile.sys’: Operation not permitted # cd /media && touch file touch: cannot touch ‘file’: Permission denied # cd && fusermount -u /media I've tried with guestfish also. I have
2012 Mar 29
[PATCH v3] New APIs: mount-local, mount-local-run and umount-local using FUSE
This changes the proposed API slightly. Previously 'mount-local' generating a 'mounted' event when the filesystem was ready, and from the 'mounted' event you had to effectively do a fork. Now, 'mount-local' just initializes the mountpoint and you have to call 'mount-local-run' to enter the FUSE main loop. Between these calls you can do a fork or whatever
2013 Oct 17
Re: Notes on getting libguestfs to work on Mac OS X
More complete documentation below. Rich. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- libguestfs on Mac OS X (tested with libguestfs-1.23.33): -------------------------------------------------------- prerequisites: -------------- - install osxfuse, download from: - install some dependencies using macports: sudo port install qemu
2010 Apr 14
[PATCH] Fix build error in fuse/guestmount.c
guestmount.c: In function 'main': guestmount.c:899: error: implicit declaration of function 'setlocale' [-Wimplicit-function-declaration] guestmount.c wasn't including locale.h. --- fuse/guestmount.c | 1 + 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-) diff --git a/fuse/guestmount.c b/fuse/guestmount.c index b4a917f..27a4cef 100644 ---
2011 Mar 25
guestmount support for acls/xattrs
Hello, I have a vmdk having an LV with an ext3 FS where some files have extended attributes and acls set. These do not appear set while accessing them when mounted using guestmount. I do not know if it is easy or difficult to implement this, so I'd like to take your opinion. what I did was changed the default mount options in daemon/mount.c from "ro" to
2019 Nov 25
RHEL 7 and guestmount of XFS volumes
Hi, I'm experiencing a weird behavior when tried to use guestmount with a XFS formatted volume. I have created a RHEL 8 virtual machine using libvirt. I have retrieved the disk image on a RHEL 7.7 server to mount the image root filesystem and explore it. The command returns an error message: # guestmount -a /disks/jamesdream.qcow2 -m /dev/sda1 /mnt/ libguestfs:
2012 Mar 27
[PATCH 0/3] Enable FUSE support in the API via 'mount-local' call.
This patch is just for review. It enables FUSE support in the API via two new calls, 'guestfs_mount_local' and 'guestfs_umount_local'. FUSE turns out to be very easy to deadlock (necessitating that the machine be rebooted). Running the test from the third patch is usually an effective way to demonstrate this. However I have not yet managed to produce a simple reproducer that
2013 Oct 17
Notes on getting libguestfs to work on Mac OS X
Supplied by Pene on IRC who got libguestfs to compile and run on Mac OS X 10.9 with qemu 1.6.0. My notes in [] below. Rich. libguestfs on Mac OS X, recipe so far: -------------------------------------- - replace chmod --reference="$output.tmp" "$output" -> chmod `stat -f "%p" "$output.tmp"` "$output" -
2016 Oct 14
guestmount issue with change directory (cd)
Hello, I've got a strange behavior with guestmount: I've a root directory with mod/owner = drwx------ root root. I cannot change directory to it as a regular user (as normal), but I can list its content (not normally normal) and I can change directory to a subdirectory in it which is mod drwxr-xr-x. E.g: $ mkdir /tmp/mnt $ guestmount --ro -i -a test.qcow2
2012 Apr 04
[PATCH] fuse: Add missing #include to guestmount.c
Fix compilation failure on F17 --- fuse/guestmount.c | 1 + 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+) diff --git a/fuse/guestmount.c b/fuse/guestmount.c index 7c5e0af..379346f 100644 --- a/fuse/guestmount.c +++ b/fuse/guestmount.c @@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ #include <unistd.h> #include <getopt.h> #include <signal.h> +#include <locale.h> /*
2012 Jan 30
[PATCH] guestmount: use O_ACCMODE instead of hard coding
Change hard code 3 to O_ACCMODE. it'll be more sensible. Signed-off-by: Wanlong Gao <> --- fuse/guestmount.c | 2 +- 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-) diff --git a/fuse/guestmount.c b/fuse/guestmount.c index bd7ba50..a9bf4e3 100644 --- a/fuse/guestmount.c +++ b/fuse/guestmount.c @@ -583,7 +583,7 @@ fg_open
2014 Feb 06
Possible to speed up guestmount?
Hi, Apparently, guestmount -o allow_other -a "/path/to/raw_file" -m /dev/sda1 "/path/to/mountfolder" is much slower than kpartx -av "/path/to/raw_file" mount /dev/mapper/loop0p1 /path/to/mountfolder (Doing lots of read/write inside the image.) I thought guestmount
2017 Jul 31
Re: read/write performance through mount point by guestmount
On Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 06:52:28PM +0800, lampahome wrote: > if I mount through guestfs library in python or guestfish, the same > condition happenes? > > I mean the insane number of layers and the performance No. The layers are only present because guestmount uses FUSE. libguestfs itself performs very well if you are careful to use it in the correct way. The architecture of