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2010 Jan 04
Free FaxForAsterisk ReceiveFAX not working
Hello users, Recently i have installed the free version of FaxForAsterisk and trying to work with it by sending a fax on T38. My version information is as follows i)Asterisk ii)res_fax- iii)res_fax_digium- sip.conf [general] t38pt_udptl=yes extensions.conf [default] exten => _XXXXXXXXXX,1,NoOp(Fax Incoming Call) exten =>
2010 Jul 12
Fax for Asterisk, capable of receiving from website but not from fax machine !!
Hi Guys, i am using the latest version of asterisk 1.4 (, dahdi ( and FFA (Applications: 1.4_1.2.0, Digium FAX Driver: 1.4_1.2.0). the issue i'm having is that i'm able to receive faxes from a website (that offer this service) but not able to receive from a regular fax machine (that is working perfect). [fax-rx] exten => receive,1,NoOp(**** FAX RECEIVE ****) exten
2011 Jun 19
Problem with ReceiveFAX app from FFA
Hi all, I am running to the following problem, when using the below dialplan to receive fax, everything works perfect till this line exten => receive,n,ReceiveFAX(${FAXFILE}): and then the following line cannot be executed, it's like asterisk can't go back to dialplan and continue, the good news is when i check what is received in my fax folder i find that the file is a valid one (not
2018 May 21
Looking for better fax handling
I am having troubles with sending faxes. I hope someone can help me work out a better method. Basically we have a special address that our users can send to. It winds up on our Asterisk server which runs a Python script that parses the message for attachments and the phone number from the recipient address. The attachments are converted to TIFF and stored in a folder with various information
2014 Feb 03
Incoming Fax Issue with Asterisk 11.7 and Digium Fax
Hi, im using a Asterisk Server which is not behind NAT. First i had problems with the fax detection. But this is now solved after adding a wait(2) at the correct place. But i'm still unable to receive a fax due to res_rtp_asterisk.c:3548 ast_rtp_read: RTP Read too short after the Fax session has started. My sip.conf includes [general] allowguest=no alwaysauthreject=yes sendrpid=rpid
2010 Jan 29
Digium fax - sending fax call file vs manager originate
Hello, I have Asterisk with FAX For Asterisk Components: Applications: Digium FAX Driver: (optimized for core2_32) If I use call file with spool -------------------------------------------- Channel: SIP/IP/DEst No MaxRetries: 0 RetryTime: 10 WaitTime: 50 Application:SendFAX
2009 Dec 23
fax problem
Hello, I need to send a tiff via fax with my asterisk I tried in the dialplan [default] exten => _X.,1,SendFax(/root/test.tiff) but I have: salledeconf1*CLI> console dial 111 at default [Dec 23 16:24:22] WARNING[31739]: chan_oss.c:492 setformat: Unable to re-open DSP device /dev/dsp: No such file or directory -- Executing [111 at default:1]
2009 May 15
Fax t38 capability
Dears I installed digium fax and followed the instruction at,And as you can see above that t38 is loaded I am using a call file to send fax1.tif file as fax to the gateway named add The problem that Addpac send always Receive 488 Not acceptable here,and lkindly find my debug attached Please advice. Thanks I
2009 Jul 16
Sending faxes with T.38 problem. Fax for Asterisk (no SpanDSP) -
I am testing Fax for Asterisk. But, I meet a problem. I try to Send a Fax (.tiff) from the first asterisk (Asterisk1) to the second asterisk (Asterisk2). Asterisk1 initiates an INVITE with audio G.711. Asterisk2 accepts this INVITE. Immediately, Asterisk2 sends an re-INVITE with T.38 to Asterisk1. But, Asterisk1 responds with "488 not acceptable here". I double check t38pt_udptl = yes in
2016 Nov 15
iaxmodem errors.
2014 Aug 11
Sending and receiving fax with Digium FFA
Hello. I've been trying to setup Free Fax for Asterisk on a Debian machine with Asterisk 1.8. I have managed to register and installed the Digium modules. Sending and receiving through it have resulted in failure. The output of fax show capabilities is: Registered FAX Technology Modules: Type : DIGIUM Description : Digium FAX Driver Capabilities : SEND
2011 Jan 24
ReceiveFAX issue.
I am testing out inbound faxing using res_fax and My system answers the call but then sets there on the ReseiveFax line then comes back with an error that it exceeded the maximum retries. How would I go about debugging this? Below is my very simple dialplan code I am using, and the fax show version gives the following as well. FAX For Asterisk Components:
2016 Dec 18
Asterisk Fax Receive - how to get the remoteheader?
Hi, thanks for your answer. Unfortunately this is, what I already know. I was wondering, why it is possible to set ID and Header for an outgoing fax (which will then in turn be inserted via asterisk on top of the transferred "image") , while it seems to not be possible to get the Header from a received fax (only the id), although it is present in the faxdocument. The ID is also
2011 Feb 21
Dialplan execution stops on app call even with TryExec (Am I missing something simple?)
We're having an issue where we call ReceiveFax in a context that includes a hangup extension and half the time dialplan execution doesn't continue after the fax is received successfully. Am I missing something simple here? Below is a sample call where this happened: The last log line for this channel/call is: [Feb 21 09:10:53] VERBOSE[13730] res_fax_digium.c: -- Channel
2011 Jun 30
SendFax: not setting the fax header
Hello, after I solved my problem with the fax processing after receiving, I got another problem while sending a fax: the header is not set properly. I use a PHP_Script to upload a PDF file and to generate a call file. A bash script is looking for existent call files in the web directory and moves them the asterisk's outgoing directory. Ok, my call file looks like this: ====== $cf_commands
2016 Dec 17
Asterisk Fax Receive - how to get the remoteheader?
Hi, I am using asterisk 11.8 in combination with spandsp to send and receive T38 Faxes. All works fine, but I do not know how to get the remoteheader from the fax I receive. When I send a fax, there are Faxopts to set the localstationid and the headerinfo, but for receiving, there seems to only exist the Faxopts remotestationid but for sure on any fax I receive there is a remoteheaderinfo
2016 Nov 11
iaxmodem errors.
2015 Feb 18
Res_fax - FAXOPT(faxdetect)
I solved the issue by not answering the call as I assume others have done. -----Original Message----- From: asterisk-users-bounces at [mailto:asterisk-users-bounces at] On Behalf Of Administrator TOOTAI Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2015 12:50 PM To: asterisk-users at Subject: Re: [asterisk-users] Res_fax - FAXOPT(faxdetect) Hello Le
2013 Jun 19
Mailing a fax with mutt does not succeed
Hello everyone, I'm trying to send a received fax with mutt, when I try it from the Linux shel it works, but when trying with Asterisk's System command it doesn't. Successful Linux command: echo | mutt -s "New fax" earohuanca at -a /tmp/faxes/201306191111.tif Unsuccessful Asterisk Command: same => n,System(mutt -s "New fax"
2015 Jun 24
asterisk email to fax