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2003 Jan 29
[PATCH] features for restricted shell environments
The patch below implements a couple of features which are useful in an environment where users do not have a regular shell login. It allows you to selectively disable certain features on a system-wide level for users with a certain shell; it also allows you to control and audit TCP forwarding in more detail. Our system is an email server with a menu for the login shell; we selectively allow port
2001 Oct 24
disable features
this (uncomplete) patch makes various features compile time options and saves up to 24K in the resulting ssh/sshd binaries. i don't know whether this should be added to the CVS since it makes the code less readable. perhaps WITH_COMPRESSION should be added, since it removes the dependency on libz -m Index: ===================================================================
2013 Aug 08
Issue with OpenSSH remote forwarding of dynamic ports
I recently ran across a problem with remote port forwarding in OpenSSH when trying to use dynamic ports. While it is possible to use OpenSSH to request a dynamic port and the OpenSSH sshd handles it just fine, the OpenSSH client gets confused when multiple ports are opened this way, due to the information passed in the "forwarded-tcpip" SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN message which is sent back to
2000 Aug 23
Protocol 2 remote forwarding patch
Hi ! Here's a patch to add remote port forwarding support (protocol 2) for openssh. I have tried to test that it works like it should but a more thorough testing is needed. This patch adds both client/server support. The patch should be applied to openssh-2.1.1p4 source tree. Also included is a PortForwarding sshd_config option, new ./configure option --disable-forwarding that should
2013 Aug 31
[Bug 2147] New: OpenSSH remote forwarding of dynamic ports doesn't work when you create more than one Bug ID: 2147 Summary: OpenSSH remote forwarding of dynamic ports doesn't work when you create more than one Product: Portable OpenSSH Version: -current Hardware: All OS: All Status: NEW Severity: normal
2020 Jul 07
libssh2 is hanging during a file transfert
I don't see a problem, my MTU is at the default value = 1500, but when I look at the trace from libssh2, packet type 4 received, => SSH_MSG_DEBUG packet type 91 received, => SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN_CONFIRMATION packet type 93 received, => SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_WINDOW_ADJUST packet type 99 received, => SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_SUCCESS packet type 98 received, => SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_REQUEST packet
2013 Jun 19
sshd didn't run after upgrade to FreeBSD 8.4
The version of sshd in FreeBSD 8.4 is not backward compatible with older version from 8.3. OpenSSH_5.4p1 (on FreeBSD 8.3) OpenSSH_6.1p1 (on FreeBSD 8.4) # sshd -t /etc/ssh/sshd_config line 19: Missing argument. On line 19, there is: VersionAddendum It was OK in older versions. It will remove any default text appended to SSH protocol banner (for example
2007 Oct 18
Window computation
I am trying to make sense of the way in which OpenSSH computes window size, so far without much success :-( My understanding is that when a client specifies a window size N at the beginning of a session, it is letting the server know that it (the server) can send, on a given channel, up to N bytes worth of data that consumes window space (essentially the payload of SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_DATA and one
2007 Nov 13
Help with openssh: ssh application writing data > 131071 to socket causing message too long error
Hi, I am facing an issue with openssh-4.5p1. I am not sure whether its an openssh issue or a tcp stack issue since I am using a simulated tcp/ip stack. While copying a file of around 1GB using sftp/scp I am getting a send:Message too long error. I did a bit of debugging and found that ssh code was sending packet of size greater than 131072 bytes from the application level to the socket
2008 Feb 27
remote/reverse port forward, ssh client setting source IPs to what ssh server reports
Note: most but not all of this message is about OpenSSH When I do a remote forward (port on server listens for incoming traffic, traffic gets forwarded to port that is listening on client), the source IPs of all the incoming connections in the server app on the client machine are Using "-v", I can see that sshd passes the IP addresses of what computers connected
2004 Jan 19
Security suggestion concering SSH and port forwarding.
Hi, sorry if it is the wrong approuch to suggest improvments to OpenSSH, but here comes my suggestion: I recently stumbled upon the scponly shell which in it's chroot:ed form is an ideal solution when you want to share some files with people you trust more or less. The problem is, if you use the scponlyc as shell, port forwarding is still allowed. This can of course be dissallowed in
2016 Jan 22
[Bug 2529] New: direct-streamlocal channel open doesn't match PROTOCOL documentation Bug ID: 2529 Summary: direct-streamlocal channel open doesn't match PROTOCOL documentation Product: Portable OpenSSH Version: -current Hardware: All OS: All Status: NEW Severity: normal Priority: P5
2007 Jan 20
Configurable restrictions
Today I modified OpenSSH so that it allows me to configure in a generic way, restrictions on what server functions can be used by system users after they authenticate. The partial implementation of my plans only works for SSH2, but allows me to write entries like the following in sshd_config: ChannelReqDeny shell g restricted ChannelReqDeny exec g restricted ChannelReqDeny x11-req u
2001 Aug 20
Idletimeout patch, third attempt
Here is my third attempt at the idletimeout patch. I tried to address the points which Marcus Friedl brought up. It is actually bigger than the previous patches, but not as intrusive. It is big because it moves some stuff from serverloop.c to packet.c. - I moved all the logic to packet.c. This means that I also had to move the actual select() call, which used to be in serverloop.c to packet.c.
2007 Feb 12
htb: rate bigger then ceil
Hi, we have upgraded a gateway machine for our network and suddenly shaping doesn''t work as it used to. Before the upgrade the traffic was shaped correctly - both OUTPUT and FORWARD packets shared the same class and it just worked. But now only FORWARD packets are shaped, OUTPUT uses whole line bandwidth. This is a piece of output from tc -s class show dev eth1: class htb 1:894 parent
2005 Aug 24
Strange Bug - Dragging a sortable filled with sortable - the bigger one "stays"...
*** don''t know if i''ll be clear... if not, tell me Hi. I don''t know why, but when I drag those sortables (tagged with the handle handle) filled with the sortables (the lists with lorem ipsum) The handled-one "stays" where you dropped them. When you drag the li between the uls that are the big containers,
2006 Nov 21
file_column and resizing only when it's bigger issue
I have limited space in my web design to display the logo of the upcoming event. So I put in code like this. file_column :image, :magick => { :versions => { "250x165" => "250x165"}} I was under the assumption that the image under directory 250x165 will be of this size if the image is bigger than 150x165. But I found out that for an image of size 134x88 the image
2009 Oct 11
change fuse max_read= mount option from 128k to something bigger?
Hi Are there any caveats to changing the max_read fuse mount option that''s hardcoded into xlators/mount/fuse/src/fuse-bridge.c to something other than 128k? On my client test system, cat /proc/mounts shows: fusectl /sys/fs/fuse/connections fusectl rw,relatime 0 0 /storage fuse.glusterfs
2012 Sep 12
cyrus2dovecot script converts mailboxes to bigger sizes
Hello, list. I'm asking question not directly connected with dovecot. I'm planning a migration from cyrus-imapd to dovecot and i'm using cyrus2dovecot script (by Freie Universit?t Berlin) to convert mailboxes of users, but i'm wondering why size of mailbox in Maildir++ is so much bigger than mailbox in cyrus format after conversion: linux-a9qw:~/ # du -sh
2006 Jan 09
NTBACKUP - Can't backup to SAMBA Share files bigger than 4.29GB
Hi List, I have a very strange problem with NTBACKUP writing to a SAMBA share. NTBACKUP won't write files bigger than 4.29GB to a SAMBA share. Here are the specs of the systems: SAMBA Server: Slackware 10.1 SAMBA 3.0.21a (large file support turned on) Kernel 2.6.8 / ReiserFS Windows Server: Windows 2003 Server NTBACKUP (latest version) Data to backup is about 50GB