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2013 Mar 05
[PATCH v2] fuse: Add guestunmount program to handle unmounting (RHBZ#916780)
Since the first patch: - The program is now called 'guestunmount'. - I tested the --fd option and it appears to work. - You can now control retries / quiet. - Revised man pages. - Includes tests. I'm just running through the automated tests now. Rich.
2012 Jul 09
[PATCH 0/4] Provide guestmount --pid-file and document possible race when unmounting FUSE filesystems.
The full description of this bug is here: and the effect it has on OpenStack is described here: Rich.
2012 Mar 28
[PATCH v2] New APIs: mount-local and umount-local using FUSE
This version doesn't crash or cause hung processes or stuck mountpoints, so that's an improvement. Rich.
2012 Mar 29
[PATCH v3] New APIs: mount-local, mount-local-run and umount-local using FUSE
This changes the proposed API slightly. Previously 'mount-local' generating a 'mounted' event when the filesystem was ready, and from the 'mounted' event you had to effectively do a fork. Now, 'mount-local' just initializes the mountpoint and you have to call 'mount-local-run' to enter the FUSE main loop. Between these calls you can do a fork or whatever
2012 Mar 27
[PATCH 0/3] Enable FUSE support in the API via 'mount-local' call.
This patch is just for review. It enables FUSE support in the API via two new calls, 'guestfs_mount_local' and 'guestfs_umount_local'. FUSE turns out to be very easy to deadlock (necessitating that the machine be rebooted). Running the test from the third patch is usually an effective way to demonstrate this. However I have not yet managed to produce a simple reproducer that
2019 Oct 12
[PATCH libnbd] nbdfuse: New tool to present a network block device in a FUSE filesystem.
This program allows you to turn a network block device source into a FUSE filesystem containing a virtual file: $ nbdkit memory 128M $ mkdir mp $ nbdfuse mp/ramdisk nbd://localhost & $ ls -l mp total 0 -rw-rw-rw-. 1 rjones rjones 134217728 Oct 12 15:09 ramdisk $ dd if=/dev/urandom bs=1M count=128 of=mp/ramdisk conv=notrunc,nocreat 128+0 records in
2016 Sep 08
[PATCH 0/3] Use gnulib's getprogname
Hi, this series update libguestfs to a recent gnulib version, so that we can use its new getprogname module, and solve altogether one of the porting issues (the need for 'program_name' by the error module of gnulib), and have a single way to get the name of the current program. A number of changes in tools mostly, although mechanical. Thanks, Pino Toscano (3): Update gnulib to latest
2016 May 19
[PATCH 0/3] misc tests-only changes
Hi, small series with small improvements to the tests. Pino Toscano (3): tests: specify the image format when possible tests: remove remaining relative paths to binaries fish: generate with generator .gitignore | 1 + align/ | 2 +- cat/ | 2 +-
2010 Feb 09
[PATCH] Use mount-options instead of mount to avoid implicit -o sync.
-- Richard Jones, Virtualization Group, Red Hat Read my programming blog: Fedora now supports 80 OCaml packages (the OPEN alternative to F#)
2013 Oct 17
Re: Notes on getting libguestfs to work on Mac OS X
More complete documentation below. Rich. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- libguestfs on Mac OS X (tested with libguestfs-1.23.33): -------------------------------------------------------- prerequisites: -------------- - install osxfuse, download from: - install some dependencies using macports: sudo port install qemu
2015 Feb 05
Patchable build problems on OS X 10.10
Hello, I'm attempting to create a Homebrew formula to get libguestfs to compile on Mac OS X. I've managed to achieve success with several monkey patches, but since Homebrew's policy is to contact maintainers about proper fixes in upstream, I would like to ask if there are any plans to fix these issues. I'm afraid I don't know C well enough to propose decent solutions myself.
2018 Sep 19
[PATCH 0/2] RFC: --key option for tools
Hi, the following series adds a --key option in the majority of tools: this makes it possible to pass LUKS credentials programmatically, avoid the need to manually input them, or unsafely pass them via stdin. Thanks, Pino Toscano (2): mltools: create a cmdline_options struct Introduce a --key option in tools that accept keys builder/ | 2 +-
2013 Oct 17
Notes on getting libguestfs to work on Mac OS X
Supplied by Pene on IRC who got libguestfs to compile and run on Mac OS X 10.9 with qemu 1.6.0. My notes in [] below. Rich. libguestfs on Mac OS X, recipe so far: -------------------------------------- - replace chmod --reference="$output.tmp" "$output" -> chmod `stat -f "%p" "$output.tmp"` "$output" -
2015 Feb 09
[PATCH 1/5] macosx: Add required third parameter for xdrproc_t callbacks
>From Apple's xdr.h: "If your code invokes an xdrproc_t callback, it must be modified to pass a third parameter, which may simply be zero." --- src/proto.c | 10 ++++++++++ 1 file changed, 10 insertions(+) diff --git a/src/proto.c b/src/proto.c index 92ae84d..57f4882 100644 --- a/src/proto.c +++ b/src/proto.c @@ -252,7 +252,12 @@
2015 Nov 23
guestunmount issues
Hello everyone! I'm playing with guestunmount and got the following issues: 1) guestunmount never returns 3 (not mounted) - i guess it's a bug at guestunmount.c:223 2) I don't know whether it's a bug in guestunmount or fusermount, but on my machine while executing > guestmount > guestunmount > guestunmount on second "guestunmount" I get
2016 Jan 04
[PATCH 0/3] podwrapper: Generate consistent WARNING sections (RHBZ#1293527).
Fix for: Note that patches 2/3 and 3/3 are dependent on each other, ie. applying 2/3 on its own will break the build. So I may combine these when applying the series. Rich.
2012 Mar 31
[PATCH (incomplete)] Rewrite virt-sysprep in OCaml.
This patch is incomplete but it illustrates the idea. virt-sysprep is rewritten as a modular tool in OCaml. Only the 'utmp' and 'hostname' operations are implemented at the moment. Rich.
2016 Oct 03
[PATCH v2 0/2] New tool: virt-tail.
Nothing new in the virt-tail command itself, but the second commit includes a simple test. Rich.
2019 Nov 28
[PATCH v2 0/3] options: Describe --key SELECTOR in a single file.
v1 was here: In v2 I just updated the way paths are handled. Note this series requires the following patch to common which adds the common/options/key-option.pod file: Rich.
2016 Oct 01
[PATCH] New tool: virt-tail.
This adds a new tool which does a follow operation (ie. tail -f) on one or more log/text files inside the guest. I've only done limited testing, but it works for me for tailing various long-running builds inside guests which I'm doing at the moment. There are no tests at present. Rich.