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2008 May 07
Problem installing tseries under FC7 x86_64
I have just installed the 64 bit version of R, using yum. The version is: 2.6.2-1.fc7.1.x86_64. I installed zoo without any major problem and the same with quadprog (a few warnings). However, when I came to install tseries I get the following: install.packages() Warning in install.packages() : argument 'lib' is missing: using
2006 Apr 26
MacOSX package install problem: pkgs quadprog & tseries
I upgraded to R-2.2.1 on two PPC G5 computers today. Further I want to work with the tseries package for the first time. As root with R CMD INSTALL tseries_0.10-0.tar.gz I get the following gcc-3.3 -bundle -flat_namespace -undefined suppress -L/usr/local/lib - o arma.o bdstest.o boot.o dsumsl.o garch.o ppsum.o tsutils.o -framework vecLib
2007 Sep 14
segfault in download.file
Hello, I was trying to use get.hist.quote in tseries, and got a segfault: -8<----------------------------------- > library(tseries) Loading required package: quadprog Loading required package: zoo 'tseries' version: 0.10-6 'tseries' is a package for time series analysis and computational finance. See 'library(help="tseries")' for
2008 Jun 17
read.spss {foreign} doesn't work over network?
I'm unable to open an SPSS file over my network. If I copy it to my local C:/ drive I can read it. I saved the command (in a "crib sheet" text file) in order to avoid all the typing, so I'm pretty sure I've done it before. I verified that the file I'm trying to read is OK. This is what happens: > SurveyData <-
2005 Jan 13
how to use solve.QP
At the risk of ridicule for my deficient linear algebra skills, I ask for help using the solve.QP function to do portfolio optimization. I am trying to following a textbook example and need help converting the problem into the format required by solve.QP. Below is my sample code if anyone is willing to go through it. This problem will not solve because it is not set up properly. I hope I
2010 Jun 01
TSA package dependencies
In Ubuntu 10.04, from the R command line install.packages('TSA',dep=TRUE) downloads & installs about 100 packages from CRAN, including some big ones like Zelig. It's only supposed to depend on leaps, locfit, mgcv, & tseries & through them akima, lattice, quadprog, zoo, & stats. Not a big problem of course, but I wondered if anyone else had noticed this behaviour.
2005 Dec 28
FW: R and read.irts
I have never worked with R before so I am sorry if this is a bad question but I've tried and tried ( all day ) and I can't figure this problem out. I have the code below and I included the data file as an attachment. The code works in term of reading in the data correctly but when the graph gets created, the xaxis is really strangely/incorrectly labelled. I have been trying to
2011 Nov 20
install.package tseries
I have not been successfull in downloading tseries package in the R in my macbook air. The message sent is:Error in dyn.load(file, DLLpath = DLLpath, ...) : imposs?vel carregar objeto compartilhado '/Library/Frameworks/ Do you have any clue?
1999 Oct 29
No subject
Dear friends. I just downloaded tseries dated 27.10.99 (from Aalborg, Denmark) and it seems it lacked something, library ts was not available ? What to do ? > library(tseries) Loading required package: ts Warning: There is no package called `ts' > > Best wishes Troels Ring, M.D Department of Nephrology Aalborg, Denmark tring at
2006 Aug 25
Quickie : unload library
Dear list, I know it must be obvious and I did my homework. (In fact I've RSiteSearched with keyword "remove AND library" but got timed out.(why?)....) How do I unload a library? I don't mean getting ride of it permanently but just to unload it for the time being. A related problem : I have some libraries loaded at startup in .First() which I have in .Rprofile. Now, I exited R
2000 Dec 22
TSERIES package dependencies
Hello All: In the package "tseries" I observed a dependency with pacakge "mva". But, I can't find this package on CRAN. Is this package actually required and if so, where can I locate it? ANDREW P.S. I am using R 1.2.0 on linux mandrake 7.1 platform. P.P.S. the info on tseries follows from CRAn below: --------------------------------------------------------------------
2012 Mar 16
quadprog error?
I forgot to attach the problem data, 'quadprog.Rdata' file, in my prior email. I want to report a following error with quadprog. The solve.QP function finds a solution to the problem below that violates the last equality constraint. I tried to solve the same problem using ipop from kernlab package and get the solution in which all equality constraints are enforced. I also tried an old
2009 Feb 16
solve.QP with box and equality constraints
Dear list, I am trying to follow an example that estimates a 2x2 markov transition matrix across several periods from aggregate data using restricted least squares. I seem to be making headway using solve.QP(quadprog) as the unrestricted solution matches the example I am following, and I can specify simple equality and inequality constraints. However, I cannot correctly specify a constraint
2006 Dec 19
Hi! As per Thomas' advice, I upgraded R by using "update.packages()" and got the following warning messages: Warning messages: 1: installation of package 'lmtest' had non-zero exit status in: install.packages(update[, "Package"], instlib, contriburl = contriburl, 2: installation of package 'quadprog' had non-zero exit status in: install.packages(update[,
2005 Nov 29
Constraints in Quadprog
I'm having difficulty figuring out how to implement the following set of constraints in Quadprog: 1). x1+x2+x3+x4=a1 2). x1+x2+x5+x6=a2 3). x1+x3+x5+x7=a3 4). x1+x2=b1 5). x1+x3=b2 6). x1+x5=b3 for the problem: MIN (x1-c1)2+(x2-c2)2+...+(x8-c8)2. As far a I understand, "solve.QP(Dmat, dvec, Amat, bvec, meq=0, factorized=FALSE)" reads contraints using an element-by-element
2004 Mar 31
functions & paths
Hi, I have a couple of quick questions regarding R. 1) I have a ".First" function that automatically loads the quadprog package into the workspace. The .First function resides in R and is only saved if I save the workspace. The exact function is as follows: .First<-function() { library(quadprog) } Is there any way that this function can be saved outside of R? That is, is there
2007 Jul 02
QP for solving Support Vector Regression
Dear R users, I'm trying to run the Support Vector Regression by a general quadratic programming function like ipop ( ) in kernlab or solve.QP ( ) in quadprog packages. Since they are general, their application in Support Vector Regression can lead to misunderstanding, particularly when constructing matrices. Even their examples are general and applied in Support Vector
2010 Dec 04
Quadratic programming with semi-definite matrix
Hello. I'm trying to solve a quadratic programming problem of the form min ||Hx - y||^2 s.t. x >= 0 and x <= t using solve.QP in the quadprog package but I'm having problems with Dmat not being positive definite, which is kinda okay since I expect it to be numerically semi-definite in most cases. As far as I'm aware the problem arises because the Goldfarb and Idnani method first
2006 Apr 24
JGR problem
I just installed JGR version 1.3 and I am having a problem. When I try to load the library RQuantLib I get an error message. The same program runs perfectly well when I just run rgui.exe. I have pasted the screen below. The version of R I am using is 2.2.1. Thanks for any help. FS > rm(list=ls()) > > # Import libraries > library(tseries) Loading required package: quadprog Loading
2012 May 01
Forecast Package for 2.15.0
Anyone else having problems installing this package? Any ideas for fixing? Thanks, Jess -- View this message in context: Sent from the R help mailing list archive at